Anzogh any good?

I read in one of the posts that the next HOTM Anzogh isn’t great at all.
Has anyone anymore information on him? I know he may change before Monday.
I’ll still be happy to get him in any case.

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Only 5 more days and we will see. It doesnt look bad, but not that great either.
Wizard, slow mana, protection from cold, damage to all, his mana cant be blocked, heals, nullifies critics.
It looks like it does a lot of stuff but wont be top notch in a particular field.

He is bad, really.

I don’t give him rings over Elena or Azlar, that’s for sure.

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Somebody mentioned his special damage got buffed up a bit? He does look very mediocre though. I don’t understand why devs don’t make slow heros more terrifying, since the speed is such a huge factor in this game.

We will have to see what is released. Certainly his last visit to beta testing didn’t inspire even one summons-worth of desire for him. I’m hoping I pull Posidon this month so I can simply treat April as a no-spend month. “I’m giving up spending for AnzoghLent.”


He received a little buff in the end of beta but in my opinion I couldn’t find any place for him…

Beta Note: 3/10

Thanks for the response guys. I’m in need of a good red 5* so i was hoping to spend some accumulated gems hoping to get him, but he doesn’t seem worthwhile as is. I have khagan sitting at 3.70, maybe i should just level him instead?

Khagan’s recent buff was a meaningful improvement, though still not awe-inspiring. If you don’t do a lot of summoning, then, sure, have fun with the cards you’ve been dealt. He’s certainly not in the top-half of red 5* heroes, but he’s no longer at the bottom.


Yeah, he actually became a candidate for mats, that’s for sure, had him sitting at 2.60 until the 20 version. I promise not to take anything from beta for granted and will wait for april to see if summoning for anzogh makes sense. Do you think khagan is better than anz in his current form?

Yes. :white_check_mark:

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Hahah thank you! :slight_smile:

A quick PSA for this thread: the latest beta version of Anzogh is now Average speed instead of Slow, with a corresponding drop in his AoE hit percentage.

That’s a very notable change, and is likely to make him more desirable/useful…but unfortunately doesn’t provide a lot of time to play with him in beta before release to provide a ton of insight.


Better, but not so much better.
His heal is linked to the damage dealt. Less damage, less cure.

The punchline is that he is more likely to shoot, but less effective.


My math says about 400 damage per target on defense, pre-troops. That is very healthy.

I’m really excited to try out the new version.


If you need a red tank for your alliance?

As he used to be? Doubtful. As he is now? Seems credible at first blush.

You have better choices… Santa Claus, Gravemaker are better then him…

But I have to tell that he got a buff today in Beta

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I think the option woud be more for people who don’t have Santa or GM. They’re not exactly common, despite how often you see them in the top few thousand places.


The source is the same… Anzogh is a HOTM like Gravemaker and has the same % as Santa in the event

The difference of course being that there is literally no way to draw for GM right now, and Santa won’t come around again for another 9 months. Anzogh will be available in 5 days.

ETA: Santa is also splitting his draw probability with Mother North


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