2nd wilbur

Did anyone level a 2nd Wilbur for wars?

I hv 4* bold, falcon, Wilbur, scarlet maxed
Kelile and gormek 3/60
Colen 1/1

5* only anzogh at 2/60

Wilbur is so useful I’m tempted to lvl a 2nd one

I did. Wilbur is awesome, his only problem is the Average mana speed :frowning:

YES . even trying to make a 3rd one

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I don’t think you can have too many defense debuffers, and Wilbur is arguably the best of them.

I’ve maxed my 2 Wilburs and I’ve maxed my second BT just because of how well they work together.

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Wilbur is the only hero i maxed twice. He’s just so good

I’m planning it, have 3 of them :slight_smile:

I was thinking about keeping my 3rd but changed my mind just because he needs special handling with whom he’s paired. It would require maxing more heroes who work well with him and that’s too high maintenance for me.

Proteus, no problem, I’m keeping 3 of him.


Tks! Gna start doing him

Necroing because I have a second Wilbur from last Atlantis and pulled a third this morning.

My primary Wilbur is +20, but I barely see any use out of him because, like Princess1 said, he just requires special handling. His power is awesome, but you have to be tactical about how you use it. Even blowing it on map stages can be dicey if he ends up causing a board wipe because of a tile cascade, leaving my heroes unprepared for the boss match.

Would you level and retain multiple Wilburs or is one enough?

  • Yes max more than one!
  • One is enough…

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It depends. I have my mighty red stack with Boldie, Wilbur, Falcon, Anzogh and Kelile/Scarlett. I want to copy it at least one time, I have a second and a third Boldie and 4 Falcons or something like that (yeah thank you Guardians, no Panther, Jackal etc. but 3 more Falcons…). Now I have a third Wilbur again (fed number 3, 4, 5 before) and think about: why not 3 red stacks? :smiley: but that will take a while.

But if you think you won’t need him (would be only for war), then feed him away.

One wilbur is enough imo

Double wilbur in a team is not efficient, but for war depth, I think it is good if we have 2 falcon and 2 boldtusk.

PS: I already have 2nd BT maxed, but no 2nd Falcon, with 7 wilbur sit at 1.1. But I will plan to max 2nd wilbur if I can get 2nd falcon, like @AngelOfDark666 said.

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You can have one Falcon from me :roll_eyes: SEVEN Wilbur? Uhh :slight_smile: would be too much for me :smiley:

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One is enough for now. If we ever see green war tanks, you will want additional Wilburs. Honestly, war is the only reason you would want more than one as you would never have 2 on the same team.

I have one maxed with emblems and a second unleveled on my bench. So far I have never been in a situation where I wish I had a second.

It’s pretty much only for war depth. As I said, I already have a +20 Wilbur for general use. I also have a max+0 Gormek that I never use, lol…

This. Wilbur is not automatically awesome in all war pairings. That being said, the best counter to an opponent’s Wilbur is your own Wilbur, Aegir, or similar. I have 2 and will level a third whenever it becomes convenient. Same with Proteus.

Doesn’t hurt having another maxed Wilbur for wars. I say do it.


Wilbur pairs well with many other heroes. If you tend to go 3-2 or 4-1 in raid stacks, a 2nd one will serve you well.

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