Red Heroes

Hi all, sorry for my english, but I´m learning and … i´ve been playing this game for almost 3 months.

I´ve some doubts about red heroes 4*. In my hero roster I have Boldtusk 2/50, Marjana 2/60, Colen 3/60, Gormek and Wilbur acquired a few days ago. I also have 8 “hidden blade” for the ascension of these, but i haven´t the mystic rings.

Is Marjana 3/70 better than Colen 4/70?
Is it better to ascend to Gormek, Boldtusk or Wilbur?

In my team i have to Kiril 4/20, Rigard 4/01 and Melendor 3/60.

Thank you for your help.


Your English is great :slightly_smiling_face:

Generally a fully levelled 4* is stronger than a 5* at 3^70

Do you have any mystic rings?

Gormek, Boldtusk and Wilbur are all good.

If you have Kiril, Boldtusk is quite similar. Wilbur is great on offense and Titans so he’s my pick for you.


Thanks Jonah!
I´ve two mystic rings and i read that it took a long time to appear.

You say it´s better ascend to Gormek and Wilbur? In that order or the other way?


I would definitely do Wilbur first, then Boldtusk!


If you have Wilbur there is no need for Gormek. Wilbur plus Boldtusk equals devastation. It’s a great combo!
So do Wilbur first, then BT if that wasn’t clear!


It’s all I needed to read, thanks for the help people!


Confirming the picks here are BT and Wilbur. Colen and Marj can wait

I maxed Gormek fairly early but Wilbur makes him obsolete. If I had my time over I probably wouldn’t max him

Only thing I would say is if you don’t have a maxed four star healer do BT first, he was my first four star healer and definitely boosts your progress


I’ll put in a 3rd! :rofl:
Definatly Wilbur and Boldtusk, they are killer on green titans, Colen is deadly when he fires ( feel the burn ) but dies easy. Majana is killer at 4/80
Rigard is a tough healer and removes the burn lol
Kiril is like a dragon banner with healing
Hope your enjoying the game :blush:

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I just re read your post, as you already have a bunch of ascended four star healers, Wilbur first seems best. Probably need more offence

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oh I run that combo now and its devastating against green titans. You won’t regret on that pair


You are right, I will ascend to Wilbur.

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