One question about using Wilbur

Is Wilbur to be used at any time on your defensive team I had a friend set my team up for me the other day and he put Wilbur in there on my defensive Squad well since then I’ve dropped about 150 cups never really did have a real strong defensive team anyway but just wondering if Wilbur is really worth using on defense

It all depends on your heroes and their level

Wilbur is really useful on offense, but on defense he can be a real liability if the enemy brings the right team against him. I’d generally only recommend him for offense.

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I’d suggest you read this thread, which has a lot of good ideas on how best to use Wilbur:

Personally I don’t like him on defense—which is to say, I love finding him on defense. I can set up a jujitsu move to turn the special against the other side (e.g. cast any Ramming Pulverizer) or even my own Wilbur, carefully timed.

Timing on Wilbur is everything, which means he’s mostly best on offense.


I’m probably Wilbur’s biggest fan and I’d never use him in my defense team. I feel he works best with the “human touch”


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