How to Maximize Your Roster

Hi guys, quite new and not far into the game.

Would like to ask which of these 4* heroes to fully ascend for my first level 70 team (I currently just have one set of ascension materials each color):

  • Purple - Rigard or Sabina, Cyprian
  • Yellow - Chao or Wu Kong, Gretel
  • Blue - Boril or Grimm, Kiril
  • Green - Gadeirus or Caedmon, Kashhrek

Should I go ahead and ascend Team 1, or I should I conserve mats and level up another team? The rest would have to wait then, but will level everyone eventually.

(Ex: Rigard, Wu Kong, Kiril, Caedmon)

Current priority for my 1st level 70 roster:

  • To finish last chapter of Season 1 and be able to defeat the final boss.
  • To fare better on titans, rare quests, epic events, etc.
  • To avoid regrets later on wasting mats

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

Nailed it.

I think this is your best utility team for a bit of everything.

Except perhaps Grimm - he’s excellent and close to inclusion as you have a healer. You already have gormek for Def debuff, but Grimm is loads better.

Sabina is good but Rigard had a rarer skill. Caedmon already does your dispel.

Boril and Kash are good tanks but less widely useful.

Chao is ok as a sniper but not a game changer

Gretel is also ok and had a good skill but Wu wins every time for titans

Gad is a bit of a Swiss army knife, and I like him more than most, but he’s a bit of a luxury at this stage.

Boldtusk is also a great 4* when you have mats.


Wow, pretty much covers everything.

Been thinking it through, but just want confirmation.

Maybe Grimm over Kiril for now.

And yeah Boldtusk will def be next.

Just what I needed. Thanks @JonahTheBard!


I was gonna say Grimm over K just to give you a little more fire power. Kiril is def a must-have… as is BT… so really it’s just a timing thing.

I’d imagine you’re on lower level titans atm… so I’m actually wondering if miki would be better over Wu. Both are pretty titan specific… and eventually Wu will be replaced. I know miki can hold his own at 3/70 on 10/11s… stats at 2/60? Could he be usable on 5/6s??


Think you answered your own question and well too

I do agree with @Math4lyfe that should go grimm > kiril though

Would level the others first, and see if you get wilbur this coming atlantis which would put kiril ahead of grimm in my opinion

Yea miki at 2/60 could be decent, though i think people at that stage still use wu in raids and wars as a tool to punch above their weight so would probly get more use from wu in short term


What @JonahTheBard said.

I’d suggest Grim if you didn’t already have Gormek +4, but at the moment I think Kiril brings more to the table than the incremental improvement from Gormek to Grimm. Once you have the materials to max Boldtusk you will hopefully be ready to come back around to Grimm. They will slot right in where Kiril and Gormek were in your defense.


I remember Grimm is also Barbarian, so he may not be much emblemed. Kiril and BT def must-haves, so I won’t leave them out.

Yeah I’m on the 5/6s now, but Miki really looks promising. Would be next after these 4*s lol

It’s really just a toss up bet Grimm and Kiril for my team, so might as well get them both to 3/60 and see which one I’ll need more by then

Been hoping to get a Wilbur too. Will keep that in mind.
And for now Wu, then Miki.

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Hi guys, I have my first 4* roster for a while and would like to build my 2nd and 3rd roster.

Would like to ask which of these 4* heroes to fully ascend or 5* heroes to 3/70 (I currently have two sets of ascension materials each color):

  • Purple - Tiburtus, Merlin, Quintus, Sabina
  • Yellow - Gretel, Mist, Liu Xiu, Chao
  • Blue - Grimm, Miki, Richard, Mireweave
  • Green - Hansel, Telluria, Melendor, Gadeirus
  • Red - Wilbur, Marjana, Elena, Scarlett

Since leveling takes time, I’d like to know which heroes to prioritize for Team 2 and Team 3. So order is also important.

Team 2: Tiburtus, Gretel, Grimm, Hansel, Wilbur
Team 3: Merlin, Mist, Miki, Telluria, Marjana

Current priority for my next 2 rosters:

  • To finish Season 2 final boss, and onto Season 3.
  • Versatility on titans, wars, quests, events, etc.
  • To conserve resources and avoid wasting mats

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

Lemme first say that looking at your roster is sooo dreamy. Everyone is at an appropriate stopping point. Lol. Nice for my OCD eyes to see…

I think with your first team maxed, you can now think about your specific style of play. Do you want to stack colors or keep things rainbow? That would be an important question to answer before deciding who to max, and in what order.

I would still hold off on the 5s for a bit. That way you can get some depth to your roster faster and much cheaper.

Plenty of options, but I think I’d go:
Tibs… and his costume
Wilbur… titan asset
Hansel… will help with mana control
Grimm… again titan asset. Too squishy at 3/60 to last. Definitely better maxed (and emblemed)
Mist… fast yellow with a nice special (disclaimer: I don’t have mist, but would max her if I did…)

Other heroes to note:
Gretel is a fun hero and you’ll get the family bonus if you pair her with Hansel. I put mist over gretel due to speed.
Gadeirus will help your blue titan scores until you outgrow him
Mel is squishy but if you get his costume, he’d be worth the max imo. Mana troops at lvl5 make him viable for war for a long while. Of course, telluria is a rockstar… but don’t rush things.
Until you get to 10-12* titans, miki can do just fine at 3/70. So no rush for him either.

Hope that helps!! Interested to see what others have to say too. :slight_smile:


Didn’t see Scarlett in your pictures… but noticed you mentioned her… she’s a max as well. Would put her after wilbur. Another glass canon but wilbur will help her survive on titans.


Haha I get OCD in arranging heroes!

So generally are 4* maxed heroes still better than 5* at 3/70, like Miki and Telluria? Interesting

Yes I do have Scarlett, and Kelile, Colen, Grazul too if it matters. Rudolph and Squire Wabbit also sitting in the bench if I get the chance.

I still normally do rainbow, but I do stacking on titans, wars, and events. Maxing rainbow teams so I can cycle them as needed.

Yeah I think I’ll go max these ones first. In that order too. Then I’ll see how it goes.

There’s been a lot of hype on Telluria as tank and Miki for Titans. So yeah I’ll consider.

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Depends on what you’re using them for. Miki is a key hero for titans… you want him for his special, to make your other heroes look good. So if his stats aren’t stellar, that’s not a big deal. You can control his mana on titans. Just need him strong enough to take a hit. 3/70 should be fine for now.

Telluria’s main purpose will be raids and defense… so you’ll want her maxed for optimal benefit. Her stats at 3/70 aren’t too shabby if you need to use her offensively.

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Thanks @Math4lyfe for taking time!
Very helpful advice.

Would like to hear from others too.
Maybe @JonahTheBard @Rigs @phoshop as well if they have time. :smile:

A lot has been going on in this game and forum.



After that:


After that:

Li xiu

You should have more 4s by then.

I’m not a fan of taking 5s to 3/70 unless you’re close to having 4* mats to go all the way but even then if you’re sitting at less than 25ish maxed 4*, 5s still shouldn’t be priority in my opinion and i would probably go as far as maxing 30 4s before working on 5s(EXCEPTIONS being heroes that help on titans such as miki/tarlak/evelyn/panther/frida)

@RyanJunior hope that helps


Solid advice. I’ve read this before, but I’m really getting to understand the importance of 4* s over 5* s.


Will do these:

  • Blue - Miki then Grimm
  • Yellow - Mist then Gretel
  • Red - Wilbur then Scarlett

I’m quite curious on these order choices:

  • Purple - Merlin then Sabina over Tiburtus
  • Green - Melendor then Hansel

Are healers(+buff dispel) more important to max first, considering that I have Rigard, Boldtusk, and Kiril?


As far as your purple and green options go, I think Merlin and Hansel are the choices here. Sabina and Melendor are both good, and Mel is really excellent with his costume/bonueses, but mana control as powerful as Merlin and Hansel’s is harder to come by.

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Thank you for the advice. I was only concentrating on the 5*
It make sense :blush: time to change gameplay


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