4 stars team...which one should I fully ascend first?

Hi everyone^^
I am new to this forum and I hope that I am not asking a stupid question… XD
I have a full 4* team constitued by wu kong / kiril (I also have Grimm) /caedmon /rigard /gormek (I also have Boldtusk).
All of them are at 3/1 …which one should I fully ascend first, considering I am mainly focused on titans/PVE?

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I would take them all to 3/60 for sure.

The reevaluate your ascension mats when you get there.

That is a solid team and I don’t think there is a wrong answer.

That is pretty close to my team as well. I took BT out and doubled yellows (Joon, Wu) but have Grimm Caed Rigard maxed. They are awesome!

Thank you very much for your response…betwenn kiril and grimm…and gormek and boldtusk…which one would you choose first?

That is where I was struggling. Both with WU are nice.

I would say BT over Gormek and Grimm over Kiril. I had good luck with both of them.

Even though BT’s heal is small you will have Rigard (who will save you quite a bit with his cleanse). BT’s attack buff and fact he can be used as a tank is nice. That is where I had him until I switched him out.

As @King_Nothing said: bring them all to 3/60 and then you can decide whom to ascend based on available materials.

Kiril + gormek is a bit better combination than Boldtusk + Grimm since Kiril adds both attack and defense while Boldtusk adds only attack. This is about a rainbow team.
However, depending on a color of a Titan you might want to use Kiril+Grimm against Red titans or Boldtusk + Gormek against Green.

I’m a huge believer in same color feeding, especially for new players. I’d work on all 5 at the same time and ascend them to 4th as you get the mats. If compasses and fine gloves are the limitting factor I’d ascend Wu first for titans, the Kiril, Gormek, Rigard, Caedmon, Grimm.

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Well, better for defense. I prefer the Boldtusk/Grimm combo myself. BT does +48% attack while Kiril does “only” +30%. Grimm hits much harder to begin with, but is like a truck when boosted by BT. Dead enemies do no damage!

Wu, Grimm, Boldtusk, Rigard, Cademon is a good titan team. Lots of tile damage in there. swapping in Kiril/Gormek will lower the damage output. Maybe they’ll live a bit longer, but…


Extra defense against a Titan is also a plus, since titans strike back hard. Of course you can use turtle banners but it’s good to have “all in one” and save slots for another useful battle items.

Think you for all your suggestione…at this point I think I will bring them at 3/60 and then decide who ascend…i wa nt to have the maximum damage output so maybe grimm/boldtusk is the best choice?

It depends on a color of a Titan. Rainbow team is universal and thus one that you should build first, but not the most efficient. It is recommended to have a team where a hero of a weak color is replaced with another hero of a strong color. Say, if you fight Green titan then a weak color is blue, and using Grimm is not good, instead you need another red hero because Red color is strong against green. And visa versa, if Titan is red you need two blue heroes and don’t need green one. So in a long turn you need at least two strong heroes of each color. And this is a long way to go.

Suuri’s spot on regarding having at least 2 of each color.

That said, we’re talking about alternate blues and alternate reds. Grimm has a higher attack than kiril, and BT has a higher attack than Gormek, so BT/Grimm will always have a higher damage potential than Kiril/Gormek.

BT/Gormek against Greens, and Kiril/Grimm against reds will be even better tho!


What do u think about sonya? Since the best way to go is having two heroes for color, which one (4*) would you suggest?
For example:
Red: Gormek/Boldtusk
Blue: Grimm/Kiril (Sonya?)
Green: Caedmon/Melandor
Yellow:Wu kong/ ??

pick 5 and get them to 60 at least fisrt. Leveling to many gets you nowhere in the end.

BT, Grimm, Caedmon, Rigard, Wu. I would get them all to 60 then take a look at what you have afterwards. Having 1 strong team will help with events, raids, titans and give you the chance of getting more ascension materials.

Doing more than one of each color at a time will just slow everything down. I learned the hard way but have since been able to improve everything.

It all takes time that is all.

My idea was to start with 5 of course :blush:
I was wondering which are the best two 4* heroes for color…

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I had a lot of success with a team of Joon Grimm BT Rigard Caedmon. You can put Wu in for Joon and it’ll work imo.

Kiril, Gormek, Tiburtus, green, yellow for a second team. Do you have anything besides Mel and what else do you have in yellow?

I like her even more than Grimm. Even though Grimm has higher attack stats, he is often get killed in raids before charging special. While Sonya has much higher defense and is fast thus happens to be more useful and durable.

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If you don’t have a second 4* yellow, Guardians is the next event and Jackal is great. If you don’t have the gems for a pull, Chao is a decent option for attack and Li Xiu is decent for defense.

I’d say Boldtusk first…

Then Grimm, Wu Kong, Caedmon (so you have a green), Rigard (so you have a purple) then Kiril then Gormek…

Those are all pretty decent heroes though.

You can’t have 3 healers on your team… it makes you weak in attack and an easy target
That said, your only purple is Rigard? OK one healer confirmed!
From your options I’d say your tank will be red. So BT or Gormek.
The ideal balanced team has a good healer, a attack buffer, a defense debuffer, and two power hitters preferably fast mana.
Healer = rigard = great!
Hitters = you only have Caedmon and Grimm! Gormek hits weak. And Grimm has the bonus of defense debuffer. Use both!
Yellow you just have wukong and he is great but no so much on raids. He doesn’t fit on any roll but he’s your yellow.
And the tank. I would choose Boldtusk as he will help healing and give an ENORMOUS attack buff. +48% IS a big deal and makes difference even on titans.
I would have your team fully leveled this way:
Caedmon - Grimm - Boldtusk - Rigard - Wukong.

Opposite colors must be put near. Whoever throws yellow tiles on rigard will activate mana for Wukong with low damage and vice versa. Same for Grimm. Who throws green at him will fill BT mana.

This is my suggestion and will be a balanced team for defense and offense on early game


I agree with the others, bring them all to 3^60 then decide… but I’d titans are your focus, Wu Kong is your best bet.

I have been playing for over a year. I have about 20 maxed 5* heroes, but Wu is ALWAYS on my titan team. His attack bounds is in matched.

Trophy raids or AW, all are useful.

IMHO, but I bet the rest of the forum will agree

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