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Hello folks,

I could use some advice on next steps for development. The current plan is to Max out team 1 at their current Ascension levels. After that, move on to Wilbur for Titans and Zeline for general purpose. I only have 3rd tier yellow and blue materials at the moment.

Any thoughts?

The crew:

I know every part of you wants to power up those 5* hero’s, but your best bet is put them on the back burner… Lvl up at least 2 rainbow teams of 4* hero’s 2 3/60 minimum preferably 4/70. Many reasons for doing this… The main ones being a 4* hero is stronger than a 5* hero when it’s 4/70 vs 3/70 or even 3/60 vs 2/60, ignore the pts. A 5 * hero is squishy until they reach last ascension… Part 3 of the reason is, you will not have the items to ascend a 5* to 4th tier or have the City capable of lvling up a 5* for months


Hi Dragon,

Thanks for the info. I can get behind that - ascension materials are hard to get at this point and leveling heroes beyond 4/50 is really slow. I’ll just put a few levels on the 5*'s and use them for AW fodder for now.

For the second 4* team, from what I’ve read Grimm is a definite for blue.

It sounds Wilbur is great for titan hits, but that leaves me without an offensive red 4* hero. Would Scarlett or Kelile be a better choice?

I’ve already got a start on Gretel, so she’s in unless you see something much better in the list.

Kashhrek has a small start, but is only good for defense. Gaderius looks interesting.

Proteus looks interesting too on the purple team, as does Ameonna. Sabina too, but Rigard’s got the purple healing duty.

Thanks again for any thoughts,


Ice definitely grimm
Fire I’d finish boldtusk then Wilbur, and scarlet is a great hitter just a bit squishy
Holy gretel is a great hero, (works great with hanzel) I like Chao but heard good things about danza!
Dark proteus is a really great hero, good tile damage and his special is great! Stops 3 enemies from gaining mana for 3 turns, so you can just chuck all the bad tiles at them to clear a bad board
Nature your right about kash being def only, great tank in a 4* team, gadeirus is another hero that I hate facing again solid def…
A lot will depend on your current game aims, most say priorities hitters (off) first for titans, raiding and war


Thanks for taking the time to chat. I appreciate your help.


I would level Proteus and then Sabina. While Rigard is a great healer he isn’t going to help you against heros that can buff like Sabina can. So, if the enemy has Colen or Azlar you bring Rigard to dispel the fire. If the enemy has Boril/Cyp, Kiril, Boldtusk, Kash, Wu Kong…you can bring Sabina. Personally, I think the debuff has more uses.

Howdy ItsaDragon,

Thanks for the thoughts. I love healers, so that sounds like a great plan to me :wink:


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