How to evolve with my Roster?

Hi guys,
I would ask you for advices about the direction to get with my roster.
The areas I want to focus on are Titans and both offensive/defensive raiding.
My current defense team is the following one, from left to right on the board:

Thorne 60/2 – Skill 6
Gormek 56/4 – Skill Maxed
Kashrek 56/4 – Skill Maxed
Rigard - Maxed
Hu Tao 60/3 – Skill 6

My Roster, by color and considering only 4* and 5* heroes is the following:

BLU – Kiril, Grimm, Sonya
RED – Marjana, Elena, Khagan, Kelile
GREEN – Melendor, Hansel, Skittleskull
YELLOW – Wu Kong (maxed), Li Xiu, Chao
PURPLE – Tiburtus, Sabina

Apart from Wu Kong (maxed) and Skittleskull on tier 3, all these heroes are on 1st tier, some of them around level 25 (Grimm – Li Xiu – Tiburtus).
Considering I am not planning to shop a lot (only once in a while) and that I have two level 11 camps and one level 16 camp….which heroes should I focus on levelling due the huge lack of ascension materials the game is based on?

May as well finish up Gormeck and Kashrek since they’re so close. Then I’d suggest Grimm, Hansel, and Chao. Take them each to 3/60 at least. Then I’d personally work on Kiril, Melendor. I’d forget about any 5* until you have mats to fully ascend them, AND have a nice stable of max 4*.

Early on, you want to build a roster that can beat all 5 levels of the rare quests that come along once every week or so, like the current Morlovia quest. Those last two levels are a great source of free ascension mats!


Hi Havok.
So, focusing on the heroes you suggest, I could be competitive with the rare quests you are referring to?

Grimm, Chao, and Hansel should certainly help. How far can you get in the rare quests with your current lineup?

Also, Sonya and Kelile are good fast mana attackers.

I arrived to the end of the last two rare quests…even with the help of some axes and mana potions :wink:

Yes, use healing, mana, axes…whatever it takes to finish these rare quests and get the awesome ascension mats.

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A suggestion for your Thorne: his special skill should stay at 6/8.

Titans: :ok: = maxed :1st_place_medal:=1st to max :2nd_place_medal:=2nd to max :3rd_place_medal:=3rd to max :poop:=don’t level him

  • Purple
    • :ok: Rigard
    • :1st_place_medal: Tiburtus
    • :2nd_place_medal: Sabina
  • Yellow
    • :ok: Wu Kong
    • :1st_place_medal: Chao
    • :poop: Hu Tao
    • :poop: Li Xiu
  • Blue
    • :1st_place_medal: Kiril
    • :2nd_place_medal: Grimm
    • :3rd_place_medal: Sonya
    • :poop: Thorne
  • Green
    • :1st_place_medal: Melendor
    • :2nd_place_medal: Hansel
    • :3rd_place_medal: Skittleskull
    • :poop: Kashhrek
  • Red
    • :1st_place_medal: Gormek
    • :2nd_place_medal: Marjana
    • :3rd_place_medal: Elena
    • :poop: Khagan
    • :poop: Kelile

For raid defense:
Sabina - Marjana - Kiril - Hansel - Chao


FraVit wow !!!
What for a detailed answer…thank you so much.


FraVit, which heroes should I put first in “first step”, which ones in seocnd and so on?
I mean, for instance, between Tiburtus, Chao, Kiril, Melendor which order of levelling should I follow?
And for the second step?

Level this heroes at once: Kiril, Tiburtus, Melendor, Chao
The best you can have on titans are heroes who decrease defense (Tiburtus) and heroes who increase your attack (Kiril). High attack (Melendor, and he also heal) and utility heroes (Chao) follow.

Then I suggest you to level Grimm, Sabina, Hansel, Marjana

Your suggestion for the raid defense team leaves me a little bit confused. You would keep Rigard maxed apart?
And as far as Hansel is concerned, isn’t he better for attack rather than defense?

  • Kiril

    • From what I know attackers don’t use many DoT heroes as they are to slow and Kiril clear both defense and attack debuff by empowering your heroes with the opposite effect.
  • Sabina

    • clear the attacker’s buff, present on the most used attacking healers (Boldtusk and Kiril)
  • Hansel

    • He have a good attack, is fast and can neutralize attackers: he can also hit foe’s healer and make your attackers die early
  • Chao

    • Along with Hansel it will keep foe’s mana at bay
  • Marjana

    • She attack, one enemy die. Pretty brutal :smiley:

Ok then… :smiley:

What do you think about following Defense Team?

Marjana, Thorne, Elena, Rigard, Grimm

Since the absolute difficulty to max both Elena and Marjana and the lack of ascension material for Thorne…could that “ideal team” be replaced by something like following?:

Sabina, Marjana, Kiril, Rigard, Grimm

Id rather avoid to double color with the tank, it makes it easier for attackers to kill it.

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So, even having Elena as Tank and Marjana on the left margin would not be suggestable in your opinion?

Exactly: it is a thing that really helps attackers.

Yes. If you double the color of the tank, when your opponent doubles the strong color against the tank, they are strong against two of your heroes instead of just one.

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Sorry for the hijack. For some reason I can only respond to posts. I can’t make a new post. Looking for input as to who to focus and and best place to place them for raids and defense.

Thanks for any help you can give!

The rest of my roster.

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