My roster... And now what ?!?

Hi guys,

here is my actual roster, on which i’ve worked the past few weeks :

As you can see, I have eight 4* heroes at 3^60, some good 5* and 4* heroes i’ve picked recently waiting to be upped (MotherNorth, Evelyn, Kiril…), some 4* heroes which I don’t know if they really deserve to invest on them (Tiburtus, Scarlett, Colen…), and to be honest, I’m kind of stuck.

My defense team : Caedmon | Rigard | Wilbur | Buddy | Triton
My main attack/Titan team (the “go for all” one) : Wu Kong | Rigard | Wilbur | Grimm | Caedmon

The question is : what to do now ? I’m pretty much stuck around 1700 trophies with those around 3000 points teams, i’d like to progress but i don’t know where to begin. I only have 3 compasses, which means i can only complete 3 heroes for now, but which ones are the best to complete ? Evelyn and MotherNorth seams to be 2 very good 5* characters, but do they worth all the materials i should put in them ? Should i change my teams ? In a few words : if you had this roster, and only 3 compasses to up some 3*60 characters, what would you do/change ?

Thanks a lot !

would definitely start on mother north and evelyn at least get them to 2 to 60 as this costs no ascension items and they will give you lots of utility especially mother norths rez.

I would finish Rigard, Wilbur, Grimm to start. But all of the 4 stars you listed are worth maxing.

Tiburtus, Kiril, and Scarlett both should be leveled as well. Colen is a pain early on but later on he becomes a non threat. Mine hasn’t gone past 60 and probably won’t.

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Finish Rigard, Wilbur and Grimm before upping MotherNorth and Evelyn ?

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