How To Level A Full 4* Rainbow Team In 20 Days

During my time in E&P one thing that has frustrated me is the amount of time I’ve spent levelling heroes in a very inefficient manner.

I’ve wasted time farming maps specifically for recruits only to then need to farm for swords or then realising I don’t have enough food.

In short, my TC’s have often been sitting idle because of no real feeding/levelling strategy.

After a few discussions in various threads and reading through Censure’s levelling guide I decided to try and come up with a method that needed as little input from me as possible while still allowing me to level heroes up at a reasonable pace… All without having to spend gems in any way!

The end results is that in 20 days I have levelled a full 4* rainbow team to maximum in 20 days… And I also think that can actually be done quicker.

Hopefully this will help anyone else having levelling woes like me.

AndyBSG’s Levelling Guide


Had a couple of questions on my map farming that i’ll cover here.

I didn’t really farm efficiently in any way, I think there are plenty of threads out there on best recruit, sword, backpack, rugged clothes zones per flag.

For me I just spent my time doing quests, trials, events, etc and even a few Atlantis hard modes to try and get that cleared.

Other than that I pretty much used any remaining flags I had on S2 province 9.10(normal, not hard) which was more to give me midnight roots than actually facilitate my levelling and training camp requirements.

Very solid work; thank you.

I’m curious why you run some TC3 instead of all TC19? A shortage of rugged clothes, or just not having built three TC that far?

Your approach may burn too much food to be sustainable when feeding 5* heroes. I’m also surprised that you can collect enough recruits to sustain this approach; i find when we have events and quests that burn lots of WE that my recruit take suffers.

Interesting that you mention recruits as i’ve found it’s the food that that is the real stumbling block for me rather than the recruits when it comes to trying to use this method for a 5* run.

Basically, I run all 4 camps at TC11 but 3 of them I only stock up with 22 hours worth of recruits.

Then, each morning I use those 3 ‘daily’ camps to just burn off whatever swords and rugged clothes I have farmed that day which usually only takes an hour at most before I can then stock them back up with another 22 hours worth of recruits each(I generally run 1 at TC19 and 2 at TC3).

The end result is that each day i’m getting 40 heroes out of my TC11’s then I get anywhere between 30 and 70 feeders from the quick TC3/TC19 feeds.

If you then add in any feeders given as rewards from map quests that generally adds up to just over 100 feeders a day.

As you mention though, there’s a definite drop in the amount of swords/clothes on event and trial days.

With Farholme Pass up today I doubt i’ll get more than 20 feeders from the TC19/TC3 feed tomorrow and you can probably look at the daily levelling results and see which days had events on… Day 16 for example was quite a slow one :slight_smile:

Your comments on the 5* are definitely true though.

I finished this yesterday and decided to run a full 5* today and found that I couldn’t afford to feed all my heroes due to lack of food.

I think the daily TC3 training will have to go to support a full 5* run but realistically I think I will simply limit mine to just one or two 5*'s with the rest of the slots filled by 4*'s… I’ll never have enough mats to ascend a full 5* team anyway!

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And then there are those troops to feed… optimal training really is threading the balance between food, recruits and items. Your method doesn’t use TC2 at all, which is one of my favorites. I would adapt your approach as follows: whenever you have at least 44 adventurer kits, replace one of the TC11s with a TC2 22-hour run.

This! Exactly my problem. Hope Something get changed in the future. They added more Quests, Season 2 and everything, now we could need more recruits :grin:

*Recruits from raiding: SG made a good decision there but we need more recruits #greedy

At least we get recruits from raiding now, as well as food. Good thing we don’t have recruits stolen by successful raiders!

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There are a couple of notes about TC2 in the guide.

Just below the chart showing daily progress I mention that on day 10 I actually switched all 3 camps over to a 24 hour TC2 blitz as I had been stockpiling so much food.

In the conclusion section at the end I also say that if i’m going to do another 4* only levelling I would probably switch one camp to a 24 hour TC2 feed every couple of days as my surplus builds up.

Not sure how many 24 hour TC2’s I could fit in without burning too much food or recruits but i’d guess around one every 3 days.

There’s definitely room for producing more feeders on the 4* front but on the 5* front I think it will actually produce less as the feeding costs are so much higher so you’ll have less resources for the TC19/TC3 daily blitz.

At 4* only level my daily TC19/TC3 blitz was only limited by how many swords/clothes i’d farmed in the previous 24 hours but since sticking 5*'s in i’ve found it’s the food stopping me there.

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Probably worth mentioning I do raid at least a dozen times a day with around an 80% win ratio and take down 9* titans almost every day as well as filling monster/raid chests at least once a day.

Not checked the numbers but thats also quite a lot of boosts to my food which I guess add up quite a bit so not sure how a more casual player would notice that lower resource income.

Wow! That’s good stuff right there thank you for sharing!

No prob. 4 tc, 3 @11, 1 @19.
You’ll only need the mats for 4th tier.

3 @11 work well for non full levld players.

Always 2 of the 3 long queue, 1 flexible.

Idle only to upgrade and you’re done.

Fantastic Guide and Execution A Very Well Done Sir :trophy:

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