Fastest way to level heroes?

What is the fastest way I should go about leveling heroes. I do not care much about efficiency just want to get multiple heroes maxed out and ready for war. What are your tc set up? What level should my farms be to keep up with it?

Also, I’m sure this has been asked but I could not find it, but if you could direct me to where I could get this question answered or offer me your advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Run at least one TC11 and at least one TC20. Two TC19s can be helpful. Let trained heroes build up in the training camps for months until you have a hero to hone leveling on and use every 1*, 2*, and 3* pulled from the camps to use for leveling the hero. You may need to pull trainings from TC20 and pour the recruits into TC11 to get more food net gained back.

It’s good to have all four Food Storages completely maxed. With two of those maxed Advanced storages and at least all maxed farmed with two converted advanced. I like having enough room for 200 recruits in the Houses because one TC20 uses 100.

This could give you preview of how to do it on a smaller scale. I power-leveled Telluria all through 4th Tier Ascension to emblems. I ran two TC11s, one TC20, and a Nature Common/Uncommon training because I was geared on Telluria. Here’s my vid…


What should I do if I have a bunch of heroes that I want to level up but I don’t have feeders stored up in any of my TCs? I am currently running 2 TC11, 1 blue common/uncommon and 1 tc2 and am just feeding them to my heroes as they come out. I try to color feed them but I don’t have the hero capacity for that, so I am mainly focusing on my blue and red heroes, then gonna go work on my yellow heroes after, but I have a few more blue and reds so I might be running like this for awhile.

Thanks for the video btw cool songs :slight_smile: minus that one ad haha

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You could try to upgrade to three TC19s. That would pump Common heroes out VERY fast. Keeping enough food and recruits could be a challenge for as fast as these trainings are done, though.

Can’t do that, can’t even keep up with 1. I already ran tc19 earlier today and blew through most of my ham, saving some to get my other tc going. Was probably gonna leave everything as is and wait for my ham to fill up again and then do tc19, takes 3 days or so to fill back up.

Yeah, then there really is no other way. Most top players reserve trainings for that next major project. Some will save trainings for months until they land that hero that perfectly complements their defense and throw every trainee they have into that hero. That’s how people go from a brand new Lady of the Lake to max ascension with 20 emblems in less than 24 hours.

During Atlantis Rises I run only 2-1-2 N on autofarm, burning through at least 30 WE flasks that I gather during the month (barely spend them elsewhere).

It allows me to farm ~2000 backpacks. It’s over 20 days worth of training in two camps on Uncommon Training (lvl 2). One of these gets all the backpacks I then gather during the month, which basically allows it to run long enough to last until next Atlantis. The other two camps are on TC11, queued for hundreds of days already (if you run two TC2, you have problem with excess of recruits).

Then whenever I pull any hero that’s worth maxing fast, I can take out hundreds of heroes from the camps, half of which are 2 star feeders, 2.5x more effective than 1 stars. The only issue for maxing then is ham, because this way you do not have a food bank, but it’s definitely quicker to gather ham afterwards than to forge feeders.

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Yeah, I’ve heard of that method, I just never done it because I always been constantly trying to level up heroes as I get them, also was never trying to build so many heroes at once but last atlantis pull I got a lot of decent 4* so working on them, there’s like 6 of them and got a few from tc20 as well, so kinda bottlenecked here haha but thanks for your advice, I will use it in the future for sure when I catch up, thanks again.

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You get 30 WE flask a month? Do you buy them? I get 10 a month if I am lucky lol

I currently have a little more than 2000 backpacks, so that should be enough to run 2 tc then like you say, so I may do that for now, thanks.

@Suicide_Bunny ‘s method works really well. Eventually you will have more feeders stored than you can use. But if you want someone really fast, do one at a time feed all… less efficient, I know

While you say you don’t care about efficiency, right now you can’t sustain your efforts, so improving efficiency will help.

For efficiency, you want to ideally level one of each color at the same time, and do so in batches of 10 feeders on color, unless you are leveling a hero up to just below where they tick over to the next level, then you can feed however many that takes. It will save you food in the short and long run.

First, stop training specific color, it’s honestly less efficient. With your backpack supply, I’d run 2 TC 2 and let them pump out feeders. Do you have any TC at 19 or 20 yet?

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I am kind of doing that. I want to say about 85% to my blue hero and the rest to my red hero.

I am running color specific because I couldn’t max ascend one of my blue heroes, I am leveling two blue heroes which one is just now done, but I still need blue heroes to get him to 8/8 by 3/70.

Yeah, I have tc19 and 20.

Do you not have heroes of every color you want to level? If that’s the case, it’s sort of okay to use color-specific, but I’d really try to feed on color for 1 of each color. I have rarely had issues with any non-3* not getting to 8/8 by end of third ascension.

I’m working on 4* heroes atm and I do have every color for 4* but can’t level them all so am just working on the two colored heroes I need most.

Some of these are purchased, yes, there are quite a few regular and not so expensive offers through the month now, around Atlantis, events etc that do include WE flasks.

From what I understand now, you are still in situation where you constantly have heroes to work on. My method works in case where you only land few heroes that you care to max during the month. Back when I was maxing several heroes (one per each color) I had the same issues like you. I still believe it is best to run 2 TC2 and 2TC11, the whenever the 2nd Backpack training finishes, turn it to TC1 on the excess of swords. Of course feed with matching color feeders. This is most efficient to max a solid roster quickly, but it still will be weeks. You can sacrifice efficiency to speed up maxing of more limited number of heroes to use them quicker. But can’t really do much if you are not prepared up front, other than spend thousands of gems on summoning.


I am following your method and running 2 tc2, but I am trying to run a third and the last tc is a tc11 for banking. If it goes correctly and my ham can reach my max capacity, then I will turn one of my tc2 to a tc19 and run the ham down and convert it back to tc2. Will see how it goes, thanks for the tips.

Why not 15-9? isnt 15-9 N the most efficient for recruits per WE?

For Recruits only. Not necessarily. 8-7 produces about 18-20 recruits out of 6 WE. 15-9 produces the same number of recruits but through 7 WE. Where 15-9 benefits is the Total Package–Recruits, Iron, Ham, and Experience Points as well as Practice Swords & Adventure Kits for the amount of World Energy provided a strong balance of items that are pretty useful.

During AR, 15-9 is only 4 WE. At that time, it should be most efficient for recruits in the game. @Suicide_Bunny was talking about farming S2 1-2N during AR.

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