Please help me with training camp strategy!

Oh. It will be. It will be. I just hit a wall that I’m jyst going to run my 2x TC20 and only run 2 tc13s to let my ham catch up.

S2-15-8 hard is good.

But if you don’t have hard mode unlocked there then S2-15-9 normal is also very good for recruits according to Barry’s favourite farming.

I haven’t experienced that yes, but if you say it, I believe it. The game seems to go in stages being constrained by one resource or another. I guess I’ll have a reason to level my ham mills past the mid-teens, eventually!

Oh and one more question for you all on the topic of farming enough recruits to keep your training camps running - do you end up having to farm levels while still waiting for a monster chest to recharge or reach the end of its wait period? I usually accelerate the chest with gems so the monsters I kill are filling it, but now that I’m more focused on maximizing recruits, I’m finding myself having WE to use but a chest that’s recharging and has a wait time before I can even accelerate with gems. It feels like a waste of monsters, but I guess as long as I’ll reach full WE before I can fill the chest again, it isn’t really.

Depends on my gem goals as to whether I accelerate chests or not. If I don’t want to accelerate them then I’m farming away while timer runs down. I still usually do 2 a day

Upgrade your ham. You will need it.

Personally I almost never accelerate the monster chest. Instead I do the raid chest because it gives better rewards (for platinum and diamond). And filling the monster chest is not an ideal way to spend my world energy, I’d rather be working on season 2 and season 2 hard or doing quests. Raiding is also good practice for wars and raiding and constructing defense teams.

The only time I will ever accelerate the monster chest is if it’s a couple hours away and I wanna go to bed I’ll fast forward and do it before bed.

I wonder what is the point of running TC1 if you can run TC3?

both cost 5 recruits, and 1 wooden sword.

TC1 cost 1.6k ham and TC3 cost 5k ham
TC3 is 5 times faster.

At certain point of the game, the more ham you spend, the better. So TC3 eventually becomes much better than TC1 from all perspectives.

Ham depleted by TC19 i assumn

I am also a C2P player. All Training Camps are at maximum level. One is queued doing TC20 training for over 229 days, while the other two are queued for over 207 days each doing TC11 training. The last TC is regularly switched doing TC2, TC11, and TC19 training, depending on the available materials. For the longest time, I have only been farming in 1-5-8 and sometimes farm in 1-8-7. But for a few months already, I have been doing 6 consecutive farms in 1-7-4, either through loot tickets or by actual grinding on auto-play, whenever the monster chest needs to be filled, completing it with an unchartered stage or mode in Atlantis Season 2 or a rare (Gems, Recruits II, etc.), special, event or class (I have been receiving 3 star trainer heroes recently whenever I finish the class quest) quest is available.

For getting the most number of recruits per world energy consumption, 1-8-7 is unparalleled. The first stage of rare quest Recruits I and all stages of rare quest Recruits II (for the possible epic troop token) may also be worth the world energy flags.

End game if you’re levelling a lot of heroes tc3 is not sustainable. You will run out of ham.

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I almost never run out of ham, unfortunately, even while leveling 3-4 legendaries at once and running one TC2/3/19, 2 TC11 and one TC20.

I wish spending ham was so easy. I need to farm S2-15-8 Hard consistently to get enough recruits, backpacks, swords and rugged clothes, and other resources to produce various mana potions just to spend the ham.
I have no problem with iron though, it’s always maxed and I don’t care.

Maxed ham though makes TC maintaining very, very hard. Sometimes I just press “reroll” on the raid screen just to spend it, 2K at once reroll, and it’s still spending too slow.

I usually use TC1 when I’m at work since I can’t consistently check my phone but only when I have 3+ heroes of each color that need skill ups. If I’m just marathoning them to ascension cap, I alternate TC11 and TC2 to get 2*, depending on backpack levels.

I usually burn ham through TC19 or troop leveling since I still have an enormous stash of Rugged Clothes from my pre-SH20 days. I imagine once I’ve gone through those I’ll use the ham on battle items and stockpiling into TC20 depending on circumstances, but I’m not there yet.

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Thought I’d revive a dead thread rather than start a new one (and then get merged)…

I was running 2 TC20s and 2 TC11s for a long time, with very meager results from the TC20s. But thanks to a few fortuitous pulls, I now have 8 5-star heroes waiting for leveling up and ascension, plus a variety of 4-stars. I don’t have the mats for final ascension of any of the 5-stars, so I’m not in a hurry.

Running TC19 burns through food like crazy, so I’ve switched to running 1 TC20, 2 TC2s, and 1 TC11. As a result, I generate 108 1 and 2-star feeders every 24 hours, which lets me level up my upgraders at a reasonable pace, while allowing me to still increase my banked food and recruits - at least that’s what it seems like to me.

Is this an efficient, sustainable strategy or can anyone recommend a better configuration? TIA.

EDIT: Thanks to @Steve9999 for pointing out that my strategy is only sustainable until I run out of Adventurer’s Kits, which is bound to happen sooner or later if I’m running 2 TC2s non-stop. I have a 6-day queue on both right now, but will let one of them run out and then switch back to TC20. 3-stars and dupe 4-stars make good food, too.

Are you trying to run those 2 TC2 constantly, so they never finish? Thats an awful lot of backpacks - 96 per day. Can you sustain that? Did you farm enough in AR to do that?

I like to run 1 TC2 constantly, 1 TC11 constantly (recruit bank) and 1 TC20 constantly (Food bank). The final TC flexes to my needs, but is usually a second TC11 (I will use it as a TC19 when I am starting to level a new hero in first and second ascension)

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That’s a good point. Yes, I’ve been running them constantly for the last week or so. I have 739 backpacks right now. Not sure how many I had when I started the dual-TC2 training strategy.

If I start running low, I’ll probably switch one of the TC2s back to TC1 or just leave it idle like you do.

Personally my training camp setup is:
1x TC2
2x TC11
1x floating TC11, 2 or 19 (item/ resource dependent)

Advice for New Players (SH 19 or below)
1x TC13
2x TC11

Advice for C2P players (SH 20+)
1x TC20
2x TC11
1x TC2 (switch to 11 and 19 if you run out of backpacks)

Advice for F2P or VC2P players
2x TC20
1x TC2 (use TC19 and 11 when backpacks run out)
1x TC11


Thx for the reminder - I was running 2 TC 20 in hope of some blue 5*, but now I have enough to do and can switch back to 2x TC 11…tomorrow…when the training has finished.

I use the setup/switch between 19, 2 and 11 like descibed in How To Level A Full 4* Rainbow Team In 20 Days

So I run ~30-60 minutes TC19 a day (more 30, because of a lack of rugged clothes) and the rest is TC 2 atm. AR helped me a lot for rugged clothes, but I don’t need to use them up at once, too ham intensive :slight_smile:

I wrote a guide… and welcome any suggestions on improvements.

The real key is recruit farming during AR. After a couple months hitting S2:15-9 a lot, I had plenty of recruits and could focus on farming other things (like backpacks; got to 900 yesterday, so I may be able to run TC2 24/7 finally).

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Please take a look in there:

This one here won’t solve your problem.

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Take advantage of Atlantis rising. Prov 9 os S2 has the most XP/flag. I can take all the ham and recuites from framing that pan occasionally Hard Prov 1 and 6 to balance the practice swords and backpacks. doing this i can squirrel away to TC@11 with 30 days each for feeder production and 15+days and 2 TC’s and 5-9 for 15 day. This places my TC’s on auto-pilot once Atlantis sinks allowing ham to go through the roof. once my ham as built up in a few days, I can flip the ham and recruits to another TC so the one TC that is at 20 can function at that level.

Again Im building ham so in the two days I have 3M ham. When i get that 3* feeder, I have 320 recruits and nearly 3M ham. I turn on the that TC 20 to functions at 19 and get200 feeders which i have the ham to level the world. That TC goes back to functioning at 20. And the beat goes on.

I really look a Barry farms work so I get the most bang for my flags

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