How do you keep 4 TCs busy

I have 2 TC20, 1 TC11 and 1 TC4 that’s used for TC1 and TC2 and TC3 . Only used TC19 for maybe 300 runs. That included burning maybe 8 WE flasks for TC19 and loading up 2 TC20 after that.

I can’t seem to accumulate enough recruits to keep them all busy? Am I expecting the impossible?

I have been farming 8-7 almost exclusively, and deviation to others like 12-9, 15-9 etc and especially Season 2 just makes my recruit shortage worse.

I’m down to 1d 12h in TC20, 1 idle TC20, 1d 8h TC11, 8h TC2 and no recruits.

What am I doing wrong?

Please share your TC usage strategies.


You are way more organised than me I have 3 TCs total 1 runs 1* and 2* cheap all the time 1 just runs fire 30 min the last nothing

My goal is building heroes not looking for them

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Yes, still searching for heroes, I have been Cheap to play, need more heroes.

Maybe you aren’t doing anything wrong.

What are your food storage reserves and houses like?

For a time I focused on only levelling 1 hero at a time to max and I took my time, so that means I wasn’t in a hurry to train hundreds of heroes to feed my hero.

I put all my excess resources in my lone TC20 until it reached about 100 days. For 2 other TCs I used slow but cheap training as, like you, I found it hard to get recruits.

The spare TC was left to train the same coloured heroes for the 1 hero I was levelling.

Then when I built my second TC20, I transferred half of the 100 days of the first TC20 to that one.

I’ve just finished my third TC20 and am transferring resources to that one too.

I’m F2P - have only drawn 1 5* so far from TC20.

Eventually plan to use all four TC20 to farm 5* and juggle days.

Hope that makes sense.

In short, if you are patient, you can use slow but cheap training while you build up your reserves.

EDIT: This also means that when you need to go all out to level a 5* that you finally draw, you can use the reserves you’ve built up at TC20 to level up the 5* by clicking on the minus button on TC20 to take back the resources…but you need to have large food and house reserves or be good at juggling.

EDIT 2: I also use 8-7 and 13-6 to farm during Monster chests. If the chest isn’t available I use 23-9 to level up experience to increase World Energy.


I haven’t used tc 1 and 3 since I got 19.
I use tc 2 when I have backpacks and then switch to tc 11 training to keep it going 24/7.
When I have extra supplies of ham and recruits I train in tc 19 for 1* feeders.

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I think part of my problem is thinking I can sit back and run with those 4 camps as is. As you are describing, if I continue building my other camps towards TC20 those camps will be unavailable to use recruits and I will quickly have excess recruits, but also less immediate feeder heroes.

I’m running out of recruits because I’m not building 1 camp at all times.

Julia, are all your camps to TC20?

What I typically do is all 4 are running TC11, when I get enough recruits I stop one of my TCs at level 20 and have it run TC19 for a few hours. But 3 are always running TC11. Hope it helps!

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Yes that’s right, I forgot about that.

If you are constantly levelling up 1 TC at a time, you will naturally get excess recruits assuming you use slow but cheap training for at least 1 of your three other TCs, and assuming one of your TCs is TC20.

Then you hog all of it in your lone TC 20 and cash it out later.


The TC4 is your problem. Bring it to TC11, and you’ll be able to run them around the clock.

I’m currently running two TC20s and two TC11s (although depending on whether I need fodder or hopefuls, I might to three to one). And then for a few minutes each day, I switch one of those TC11s to TC19 and/or TC3, to make use of the accumulated recruits.

Just a few minutes. An hour, tops. I couldn’t possibly run any fast tracks around the clock.


You’re probably stretching your resources too thinly across the TC20s. If you switch to 4 TC11s and build up a stock pile of recruits you will probably feel not so rushed. Then switch one camp to TC2, TC 19 or TC20 as needed to use up the backpacks, clothes, etc. to feed the training camp.

Here’s what you can reasonably expect to harvest without flasking or buying WE refills.

144 WE flags per day. 24 hours * 6 flags per hour.
If you farmed 8-7 exclusively and without missing a flag due to trivialities like sleep your farming would yield 3 * 144 = 432 recruits per day. This assumes you only farm 8-7 and ignore all quests and/or season 2 provinces.

If you were to keep all 4 camps on TC11, you would only need 96 recruits to keep them all fed for a day (4 camps * 2 recruits * 12 production runs per camp). Combine with the above and you’d slowly accumulate 300+ recruits per day beyond what your TC11s need to stay busy.

This should be your baseline production for all your feeders. Those 96 recruits will take an average of 11 runs through 8-7 per day. Anything you farm above and beyond that will start piling up in your inventory. Every other day or so, you look over your inventory and adjust your queues.


That’s becoming clear, I’m going to get that TC4 built up.

Thanks all, but please continue sharing Training strategies.

On my main account I don’t run TC20; frankly, I buy heroes through summons and get more than I could level. I need feeders. On that account, 3 TCs are permanently at 11. The fourth swings between 19 (when I have a recruit & food backlog), 2 (when I get enough backpacks; thank you, Season 2), or defaulting to 11.

On my alt, I used to run two 20, one 11, and one swing. I’m now backlogged on good heroes, so I’ve shifted to one 20, two 11s and one swing.


@Wad No I am not F2P and like Kerridoc I need more feeders than new heroes. I have 1 tc 20, 1 tc19 and 2 lower leveled. I only use tc 20 occasionally but often have more recruits for tc 11 when I do.

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Using tc20 as a bank, no…NO!

What do you propose instead @Bud?

Being a F2P, I enjoy being passive and checking daily to see if a 5* pops up.

There’s no issue with re-configuring if I need to power level.

If you hit your stated objective of four tc20 with balanced amounts, it will not matter if they are staggered as you will be spending mode time juggling than leveling.

Lots of good advice and strategies in this thread.

I have 3 x TC20 and 1 x TC19; not planning to take the last one to 20, unless I somehow stop needing feeder heroes, which I don’t see happening.

At one point my biggest need for meaningful growth was to get more 5*, and I’m very C2P and so the TC20s are my primary source for 5*. Had a fairly long (month or 2?) 5* dry spell running 2 TC20 besides getting a duplicate Magni that I had no materials for, and so I ramped up to running 3 TC20s. Not long after that the RNG pendulum swung the other way, and I got Sartana, Obakan, Kadilen and Marjana within probably a week or 2.

So then, the need suddenly had shifted to feeder heroes, having multiple 5* to level up; I ramped down to a single TC20 (still need a yellow 5* especially, so I don’t want to go down to none), which is where I still am.

The 3 non-20 camps, I am switching once or twice a day typically, between 11 and 2. I do also like 19 a lot, which was in the mix periodically for a while, in short bursts, until I finally ran out of my stockpile of rugged clothes.

In this process I’ve also realized that currently all the heroes I’m working on leveling up, have maxed specials - or even when they weren’t, the 5* do not need coddling with special feeding techniques of 1* etc. to get their special to 8/8 easily enough by 3/70, usually a lot earlier even. So for that reason, I’m now purposely avoiding 1, 3 and 19, so that if I need to work on a fresh 3* or 4* again, I will have the materials on hand to train a lot of 1* quickly, just for the purpose of maximizing their chance of getting the special to 8/8 as early as possible.

By the way while 1 and 3 are inferior to 19 in pretty much every way, I find myself sometimes still using them when out of rugged clothes for 19… 19 is just so very, very fast!

On farming… ever since I started the TC20s, it’s been 8-7 the vast majority of the time. While some of the Season 2 stages give a lot of recruits, backpacks and rugged clothes, the energy cost makes it too high. So 8-7 it still is…


There is juggling, but I disagree that the juggling will take up more time.

Assuming all 4 TCs are TC20:

Once I pull a 5*, the most I’ll wait is a maximum of two days, because I’ll leave 2 x TC20 at 2 days.

Once the 2 days are up, I’ll allocate one to TC19 power levelling, and the other for juggling.

Given that this is an absolutely free way to farm 5*, I have no complaints.

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And if you farmed one tc13, assuming f2p, what do you lose? Your tc20s would be running one training seesion each.

If a 4* drops, I have to assume a f2p player will treat it just like a 5* by leveling it immediately. With only a single session in queue, the first tc20 to finish goes to tc19 until rugged clothes run out. Then it swings down to run ad kits and swords.

No muss/fuss. If a 5% chance at one more tc20 is too much for you to losr, good luck.

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