Taking too long to level up

Cheers to all. As the title suggests, its taking too long for me to level up my heroes. As of the moment i am leveling up magni at 3/50ish, caedmon at 4/40ish and sabina at 4/40ish.

Im also trying to push to sh20, i just started to upgrade to sh19 (takes 6more days).

I have tc14, tc15, and tc11.
For now ive banked all my extra troops at tc11
The tc14 is training advanced (tc13)
The tc15 is training between tc2 and tc3.

So basically im getting hero food from 1 tc only. I was thinking of letting go of the advamced trainings so i can have 2 tc spawning hero food. If so, which tc level would i get the best food/time/xp ratio?

Personally, I never used TC13. Really, the drop rate for 4* is so low, you should only use it if you still need a good amount of 3* heroes.

Best value for feeders? I’d say that is TC2, hands down. Ideally, I run 2 TC 2s, a TC 11 and a TC 20.

If you don’t need 3* heroes, I would agree that forgetting about TC13 and leveling up what you have for now is your best option. You definitely wanna push for SH20 so you can get another TC and access to TC20.


I was thinking of doing this also with the tcs.

Another question, would you recommend color feeding to each (magni, caedmon, sabina) or rainbow feeding to 1 at a time?

I always recommend feeding on color. You get +20% experience that way. One way to look at it; if you feed off color, every 5 months you lose a full month worth of feeding. In the short term, yeah, you can get 1 hero maxed faster, but one hero by themselves isn’t gonna make a huge difference. I have a team set aside that is each hero I’m working on. Always one of each color.

Once you reach the end game and wanna power level a hero, it’s different. But earlier? No, on color is most efficient.


I am doing the same. One team set for working projects …and it is rainbow. 1x tc20 … 3x tc11 . When i have many bags i am switching on 1x tc2 … until finished… and so on.

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So I’ve been pondering this set up also, but didn’t think I’d be able to manage enough backpacks for 2 camps. Are you able to do it and, if so, is your strategy to just farm only for backpacks during AR? And what do you do with the swords then, just let them build up? I currently have one TC running perpetually at 20, one TC running perpetually at 11, and one TC running perpetually at 2. The fourth rotates among 11, 1, and 19. I’d be happier with it at 2, at least most of the time, if I could manage it. Leveling w/ 1 stars just takes too long.


I pretty much always have one TC20 running(has been running non stop since I completed the research in early January) and one TC11 for cheap recruit storage. The other 2? They tend to fluctuate depending on my needs and available resources. Ideally, 2 TC2s, because that gives a good income of heroes without completely destroying your food stock(like TC19 does, for example).

Sometimes I will just use a lot of swords or run TC19. It depends on what you can manage. Two TC 2s running 24/7 is 96 backpacks a day. Even with Atlantis rises you would be hard pressed to manage that all month. I haven’t run it in awhile, so I currently have a backlog of backpacks stored up. That said, I wouldn’t feel like I need to commit to constantly doing one thing. It is okay to change strategies depending on your current needs. Right now? Sounds like you have some heroes you really wanna get leveled. You could consider hoarding food and recruits and going crazy on TC19(when you get there). Or using a ton of swords. If you want a constant income that is not too draining on food, TC2 is best. That’s why I farm for only backpacks during AR.


I cannot keep 1xtc2 too long … in generaly 2 3 weeks i am 3 xtc11 …and after that 4 5 days 1xtc2 until i consume all bags …

From what i ve read if you play pools u keep only one tc20 if not you need 2xtc20 1 tc11 and 1 fir tc2 so depends.

I am playing time to time atlantis so i keep only 1 tc20


Thanks for the feedback! I am just a heartbeat away from my first 5* rainbow team, so I still have a number of good heroes to work on and the materials to ascend them (including a handful of 4 and 3 stars I haven’t gotten to yet). So, yeah, right now leveling heroes is still a priority, but I can imagine that need slowing down at some point as you hit the AM bottleneck and/or have simply already leveled most of the heroes that interest you. Agree on TC 19 and now that I think about it I haven’t used it in some time for that reason. When tourneys first started, I used it more to speed level good heroes who I planned to level at some point but hadn’t made a priority in advance of an event. But now that my bench is deeper I don’t do that anymore (well, except for the 2 star tourney lol)

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TC 19 is a weird one. On the one hand, you get a ton of feeders. On the other, you burn a ton of food and then need a ton more to level up a high rarity hero with nothing but 1* feeders. I use it sparingly.

If you wanna post your roster, you can get more in depth feedback(I’ll try and help, but you can also hear from people who know a lot more than I do).

I made a lot of mistakes early on. I pulled Lianna within my first week and she was my only green until I finally maxed her… big mistake. Yeah, she is amazing, but I wasn’t ready for her. I had a lot of partially leveled heroes. I would start one, get a few levels, pull something else, and move on. Rinse and repeat. Not good. Coming to the forums was the biggest help. I didn’t even know about color stacking.


Yeah, i feel the same way with my magni. Pulled him the 1st week and jave been scrambling to level him up ever since. I also have fallen into the partial-leveling-of-heroes-until-a-new-one-comes-along-and-repeat. So while i do feel like i have a decent rainbow defense team, i am kinda struggling at the alliance wars since i could not field a good team beyond probably the first 2 teams.

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If I were you, I would pick a hero in each color and take them as far as you intend to. Maxed 4* are a lot more valuable than partially leveled 5*'s

By the way, I’m jealous of Magni. One of four 5*s from TC20 I don’t have yet.

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I actually plan to do that soon, especially as I am reaching a blue hero quandary – none of the choices are great, but none of them seem horrible either

What are your options?

Personally if it is a hero that I really want or is a very BIG game changer (ex Proteus) then I just power level. Other than that, it normally is on color feeding. I run two TC 11s atm because I am still leveling up a bunch of heroes. My dark bench is almost done. Levelling up Ameonna atm then after her it is Chochin. If I get into the the final 10 to 20 levels in the final ascension on 4 stars and 5s, then I exclusively put in all the two stars I can then mop up with 1s. Because on color feeding with two stars will put a greater dent in the xp bar than on color 1s at that point.

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I have Magni already leveled & use him all the time. I have Isarnia, Thorne, and Miki all at 3.70. I use Miki all the time on Titans and he’s strong enough at this level to be good enough for the 8 star Titans we’re currently facing. But could I get more use out of him if I took him all the way? I know everyone hates Thorne, but he doesn’t seem that bad to me - he hits hard. I know people love Isarnia, but I don’t love her yet- she’s slow and dies easily. So, you see my dilemma. My other relevant blues are Grimm +18, Triton +10, and Kiril +3. I think Titan damage is my primary goal, followed by tournaments, raids, and wars. I mostly just try to finish events using minimal materials—not trying to place. What are your thoughts? I could also hold out for something better, of course, but who knows how long that could take

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I love Miki. I also have him at 3/70 for 8* titans. He’s an amazing hero. That said, I don’t know if I’d max him. He really is only good for titans. I’ve seen him on a few raid defenses and he’s very underwhelming. Since he’s good at only one aspect of the game, I wouldn’t make him a priority.

Do you have 6 scopes?

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I love him too-but you’re right, so far he is perfectly serviceable at this level. I have 9 scopes - been saving them while I try to decide what to do. Here’s the current blue team, not that it contains any additional info not in the other post.

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I use TC19 to get a fast start on heroes I’m just starting, or for the new 3* when I get them. The first 25-30 levels in each tier are manageable with 1* feeders.


Yeah, but I have a tendency to burn every bit of food I have on the trains themselves. I need to manage it better :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t done TC19 in awhile. Maybe I will next month for the new 3*

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