2 tc11 or 1 tc13?

That is why i still plan on using swords and backpacks with tc 1 and 2.
Thank you for the math. Lol.
Double check tc3 i think 720 in 24 h is, maybe, a little high. Other wise I’m using it first and 4ever. Lol

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I meant to add: the best data known from about 1000 player runs of TC20 indicate the percentages run thus:

5* = 5%
4* = 20%
3* = 75%

These aren’t exact but seem to bear true at about 100-ish runs. (My 4* percentage is still 16% at 99).

So there will be plenty of opportunity to get more 3* at TC20, but the good news is you can definitely get the 4/5* as well. :slight_smile:

Agreed, TC 11 is great for feeders and as a bank. I have over 200 feeders plus the Ham in there. When I need hero’s and have a stock of backpacks or swords, I withdraw from TC11 and put them in TC 1 or 3, even 2 if my special is already maxed.

Thank you
Read a few of your post on other treads,found alot of info, so thank you again,back to my tread now.
That what i assumed, considering my roaster,l’d like to concentrate on what i have,i believe some of my heroes are quite highly
Rated.i will get to level 20 some day, but i need a few good teams on the way there.
Thank you for all the info in general, i, amongst others, look forward for more.
One more point every day after doing my game rounds ( 1 am 1 pm) i usually have somewhere between 75 to 85 or more recruits to train so it would not be an issue to keep 2 tc11 humming happily for days.
Swords and backpacks are,let say, under RnG control more then mine.

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To Rook
I apologize, the cat math is right about tc3. i thought there was a mistake but 2 m is quite fast.
I just checked tc 3. Wish i knew about it earlier, i don’t recall seeing any thing on the forum, because it could be very handy for new players while working on the firsts 3 stars, in conjunction with tc 4 for a bank, you could speed up the process quite a bit.
I might consider using it for starter on new heroes ( going through the first 40/50 levels, one stars do increase their stats ok then switch to 2and up). Or on 4 that talent has maxed but don’t have mats to ascent them.
With new heroes i normally wait until I’m 1/2 through the 2th ascention before experiencing with them on farming runs
Thank you for the info.

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There is a really great leveling guide for a 4* rainbow team and it mentions TC3 :slight_smile: I adapted it for me until I was at TC 19, and now with TC 19 I’m always out of food (2000 recruits stored in TC11, about 2000 rugged clothes…hmm and now, burn it - but where should all the feeders go? Big problem, hehe).
That’s something for the future: if you go to TC19 and have a good amount of recruits and rugged clothes, having the farms at level 12 is not the best decision :frowning:

Maybe it’s useful for you, too…

Ithank you,
I will read it asap.
As far as the farms it is only temporary. They will be upgraded as needed, I’m bringing the storage to 15, the same as SH currently, I’m upgrading the forges, and some of the heroes before resuming the climb.
I just built the barrack but having only 1 4* troop i don’t think it will see much action, 3* are few also.
Thanks again and will read tonight.


I read the link thank you.
I’m probably 2 or 3 weeks at the earliest to SH 20, so I’m got to modify it to what i can do, only have 3 Tc’s.
I like the concept, so i will put it in practice.
Thanks for the link.

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OP question

Sounds like your play style would benefit most from running Extra low cost training ( RT11 ).

Personally, I only used Low Cost training ( RT04 ), Extra low cost ( RT11 ), Elite ( RT13 ), Extra fast ( RT19 ) and Legendary ( RT20 ) but I have a unique play style and do not care for Hero XP lost in most trainings.

But regardless of your play style, Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) is a great place to store recruits ( see Notes ).

Food, and finished hero, hoards

Click for hoarding

I have a very unique play style. I stored food in Elite training for many reasons ( testing purposes, forging battle items, etc. ).

Since I already have 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams, the number one reason is Off color, 1 day, power leveling of the following heroes ( you lose 16% of the Hero XP and the special skill is sometimes stuck at 7/8 4* 3.60 ).

Wu Kong- OP has
Rigard- OP has
Boldtusk- OP has

Watchtower and VIP pass

If you ever get monthly VIP Pass, with two builders you often need more food.

Gryphonkit, my wife, always advises keeping your Watchtower the save level as your Stronghold. Since Watchtower and mines require food to level up, you may need to start hoarding food in Elite training ( RT13 ) for leveling your Watchtower and mines if you ever get the VIP Pass.


Click for roster

With your screenshots I would likely put together a rainbow 3* 3.50 team

Belith 3* 3.50
Hawkmoon 3* 3.50 - done
Bane 3* 3.50 - done
Tyrum 3* 3.50 - done
Valen 3* 3.50

Then a rainbow 4* 3.60 team

Wu Kong - Because Wu Kong
Rigard- Cleric Quest
Boldtusk- Fighter Quest & Healer+ Revive

Then a rainbow 4* 3.60 team

Sabina- Sorcerer Quest & Healer + Zero Damage dispel + Delay
Jackal - yellow 5* HotM grave damage ( tile damage when dead )
Skittleskull- Sorcerer Quest

See notes for why a rainbow 3* 3.50 team, a rainbow 4* 3.60 team and a second rainbow 4* 3.60 team work well as your first fifteen heroes.


Click for Notes


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Bench full of good heroes?

2 TC 11 and 2 vary on 1/2/3/19 to burn swords, backies and ruggies…
Every surplus of recruits goes into 11 to build extremely long queues to store ham and recruits.

13 and 20 only when you have a fully leveled bench or less than say 30 to 40 unique good epics and legends.

Rares doesn’t really matter, since they are usual TC trash drops. Keep the good and feed the rest.

Thank you for all the info,
To Gryphonknight:
I did get the vip pass, and the watchtower is always at or just below Sh currently at 15.
I’m trying to build 2 3* teams plus healers, Hawkmoon is maxed and levelling Belith then Valen for blue replacement of Karil.
The 4* being levelled primarily are: Gormek, G. Jackal, Sonya, Rigard, Boril, Caedmon.
The others like Wu Kon,Li Xiu, Boldtusk, Kiril, Sabina and others are next up to 360, beyond that will depend on Mats.
To Olmor:
Hello and thank you, I noticed in most of your post you don’t care much for 3*.
My plan right now is to run 1 Tc 11 with only 10 to 12 recruits, the second one with all the rest, and withdraw from it for tc 1, 2, or 3
The reason being I’m still levelling the Tc’s so i can always run with only the 2 remaining.
I’ve keep all the storages up to date , and the farms a little behind to minimize possible glut. Currently levelling mainly the forges to match the Sh. The houses and barrack will do later as I’m aware how long it will take from 15 to 20.

Hello @Wolf9, I’m at SH16 to SH17 and also using VIP (for 2nd builder), Watchtower is at lvl15, waiting Food Storage (upgrading). So that I can match the WT with SH as suggested (I’m being late to know this).

I don’t understand how you handle the food without TC13.
I always burn food to TC13, and for needing upgrade WT or Mines, I just swap from TC13.

I’m currently 2d from my SH20. My first Tc20 should come in next week.
My food storage are all at lvl15, as it gives the required amount for the research from Tc20. If you want Tc20 asap, i would recommend to focus on getting your iron storage to lvl18, and your house to lvl9, just enough to have over 100 possible recruits.
Then, get Sh to 20 and 1 Tc with your 2 builder.
Focus on the forge, barracks and other building after you have 1 Tc 20 running or tc19, if you need feeders.
As for your original question, you have some great heroes already, don’t think tc13 could provide something more to your bench. Level these heroes using tc2, tc3 and tc11

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I believe there is almost no benefit of running TC13 (unless you’re a f2p) other than using it as a food bank. The percentage of getting 4* from TC13 is just too low. Not worth it. However, the journey to SH20 and eventual TC20 is long. There will be excess of food, and you will be forced to use TC13 as a food bank. I had stored almost 8 million ham in TC13 until I built TC20.

Been stock pilling the small vials of heath, mana, antidotes ( 150+ of each ) using some ham, there over 100 recruits in my tc 11, and constantly levelling heroes using up to 30 feeders a day. Also i keep the 7 farms at level 12 until i need more food, the mines are also at 15.
To tell you the truth I’m surprised that i haven’t needed to raise the farms.
At the end of everything, i still have up to 8oo k left over.
I go through a lot of hams, but between the farms,the farming, and everything else i seem to balance out.
Thank you for reading my post.

Tc 13 give one heroe every 2 days i believe.
Running 2 tc 11+ 1 tc 1/2/3 you can easily raise 20 to 30 feeders, a day, thus allowing for the levelling of your heroes, making the need for a food bank less dire.
Thanks for posting. :smiley:

Oh well, thats why you are balance like that… okay, my farms all at level 15 and also mines all at level 15.

I had to raise all my supplies to 200 units each!! And used up a lot of hams with the super antidotes. ( about 500ks)
Just finished my monsters run netted 58 recruits,plus this morning mats run,plus 1 stage at province 19 who gave me another 45 recruits i just maxed Berden only had to go 2.5 levels ( 3/47+ to 3/50).
I expect when I’m done later to have used about 30 1 and 2 stars. 10 from the 2 tc 11, 9 from the tc2 that i set up before work and 11 from tc 3 running now.
I have a WE flask ready to go for more mats, hopefully.
I am keeping records and be posting them on a regular basis, a least for the next 10 days.
Hope you will be interested.
Thank you, and have a nice day,evening.

Update 8.30 pm EST (US)
Made a run looking for mats, no luck! :tired_face:
45 recruits, 10 to tc11A the rest to tc11B.

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You need to get SH to 20. That means getting SH18 followed by all iron storage to 18, and then SH to 20. These are all heavy iron projects. With 2 builders you don’t have enough iron yet. Make sure you do iron quest when it appears, and spend food raiding to get better iron chances. Once you get to SH20 a lot of iron pressure will be off, but watch it closely. WT15 is already great (15 is the last big level advancement). I have SH20 and 3x TC20, and WT still at 15 since it’s still a better return on investment to increase all farms to 17 before advancing the WT again. The research for TC20 requires enough food storage for you to get WT to 18, but to go beyond that you need to invest builder time in food storage too. So your farms should all get to 20 before your WT goes to 19. Jumps in WT build time are also larger than for farms. Just check build times before you build.

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Thank you for the info,
I plan to stay at 15 in order to bring all the storages to 15 then make the run to 20. I know it is time consuming not mentioning iron heavy, i think i should be able to upgrade
while waiting for the sh to go thru the building cycle.
Thank again.