Need some help with defence team

Hello all,

My name in game is SirHello,. First of all my apologies for my English, it’s not my native language. I’m playing for a while now and i’m stuck right now. I’m looking for an good rainbow team with the heros that i have. I want to focus on my defence team first. I have some 4 star heros but i don’t know who to upgrade and how to put my team together.

Could you guys give me some advice about my team? Suggestions for an new team are also welcome. My heros are:

I would love some advice :slight_smile: Thanks in forward!

Welcome to the forum. Some general basics on defense team as quoted from Coppersky’s Compendium:


One team must be marked defence. The team marked defence is what gets attacked when you are raided. The positioning of your heroes matters in your defense team. When first starting out put your strongest dead centre & weakest at the edges. (New players - put your Bane front and center on your defense team! He’s the best you have for taking the hits!) When you are being raided, the centre gets hit most in attacks, the far sides are hardest to hit. When you get a stronger team you’ll probably put strongest dead centre & heavy hitters far sides with healers or weaker heroes in the other 2 spots. On your defense team choose your strongest heroes/best combination of special skills. Your defense team does not depend on gem matches to hurt opponents, so you do not have to worry about having one of each colour."

That said, I would focus on 4-stars for defense. 3-stars will die very quickly vs 4-stars, and 5-stars will take forever to level - forever and a day if you have no mats yet. Given ypur current roster i would set up your defense team as follows (focus on levelling them):

Left Wing: Caedmon - dispels attacker buffs before any of your heroes fire. Replace with Sonya if you get her so no hero will be the same color as Buddy.

Left Flank: Rigard - your healer and cleanser.

Tank: Buddy - probably the best 4-star tank IMHO. Tough, debuffs attackers, and generates minions.

Right Flank: Hu Tao - slow speed, but is tough and should be able to fire in Flank position. Does AOE damage and adds another opppnent debuff. However if you get Li Xiu I would run her here instead.

Right Wing: Kelile fast sniper.


Thank you for your answer, very usefull. I just got Grimm, how about replacing Caedmon for Grimm?

Grimm is certainly useful; he brings a higher potential damage to your defense than Caedmon. You can put him into Left Flank and move Rigard into Wing if you replace Caedmon. Cons are:

  1. With no dispeller, you are more vulnerable to Attackers using riposte, Wilbur, or other buffers.

  2. His primary use (defense down) is already present with Buddy.

  3. He is slower and easier to kill than Caedmon.

I am on the fence with Grimm replacing Caedmon. You can try both, as Grimm is a must-level for offense anyway.

Personally I would keep Caedmon and straight up replace Hu Tao with Grimm until you get Li Xiu. I know it’s still not Rainbow, but Grimm brings speed, focused damage, and color synergy to the spot when compared to Hu.


All great points, I wouldn’t put Grimm in there.

The other con to the proposed swap is of course that putting Rigard in the wing makes him less likely to fire in time, it’s no good.

I like your proposed “eventually” defence… But I’m not sure about Kelile - I like her, but with Sumitomo already most of the way there, I think I’d finish him first and then move onto a more different hero (currently Colen, if BT pulls first then BT).


Rainbow feeding in long term works best… And there’s enough “across the board” work to do that it’d be sensible to do it.
The blue to work on is probably Kiril before Grimm - the flexibility of an extra healer/buffer is worth its weight in gold and you’ve got defence drop from buddy already (who should definitely be your tank project - I’d probably park Caed where he is and max Buddy first).

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Sumi is average mana though, and IMHO would be a poor fit at Wing. Colen would be worse, as he is slow mana.

Also, not really a fan of having two healers on defense, even if one is a Kiril or BT. I prefer a more active, punishing, defense. Though for general purpose, yes I would pick Kiril over Grimm, since Buddy can also be used on offense.

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I’m talking general bench depth, though… Sumi isn’t ideal at wing but he’s nearly there.

Raid defence shouldn’t dictate how you build your bench - everything else on your proposed defence makes perfect sense because it fits a defence whilst raising the most useful all-round hero’s.

The question mark I have is whether (all round) it’s worth parking Sumi nearly done to start again with Kelile… I wouldn’t, myself.

Hi Gregor I need your help , I want to choose the best defense team from the hero’s I got .

But I’m having I hard time

I want to empty Sonya emblem and give it to cyprian and then trying to level up another blue 4star hero (grim-valeria-boril-) and also I have triton max 3+ .

I’m leveling melendor 3-60 going to 4

And for the yellow I have (chao-hu Tao-wu Kung) max 4 and li xiu

Marjana and cyprian and seshat are the main one , but I’m not sure about the best defense team


If anyone else can help me also I will be thankful.

Not seeing the entirety of your roster I would recommend:

Sonya - Gaderius - Marjana - Seshat - Chao

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This is the others


Because I’m new so I can send one image I will send one more image

And also this one

You can upload multiple photos to a single post.

My advice on the defence is the same. Rest of your heroes aren’t strong enough to hold-up on defence (yet).

What team would you suggest? I understand both your opinions

Thank you for your help :+1:t3:

Still I can’t upload more then one image in a post I tried but because I’m a new member I can’t upload

You think the first team that you suggested to me is the best in my casr?

I’m thinking of
From left to right
Melendor - seshat - kashherk - cyprian - marjana

Start with what you’ve got…

Build a bench that will help you in events, maps and raid attacks… Put up the best defence you can from where that puts you.

I wouldn’t make decisions on which hero’s to raise with defence as the primary consideration.


You have a point. However OP’s context was the creation of a defense team.

Moreover, Sumi isnt nearly done IMHO. He stil needs blades, which can be limited early on. I don’t find Sumi useful at all, whether on attack or defense, and will not recommend ascending him further. He’s already at 3-60 and that’s as far as he should go. Levelling Kelile, a much more useful hero, to the same point will just take ham and iron and can be done in a week even with no stored feeders.

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Yes, but I would level Grimm rather than Hu for the Right Flank. Grimm is all around useful. Hu is a “level since I have nothing better at the moment” hero. This is purely for defense team purposes.

As BubblesUK stated, Kiril could arguably be prioritized over Grimm. Kiril is more useful to you at this point, though I prefer Grimm only for defense team purposes. Frankly you can’t go wrong with either.

For Sumitomo, I don’t think he’s worth the hidden blade mats to fully ascend. He’ll be fine where he is and you can always use him in War later on.

I’d pick the same heroes as @Guvnor though I would switch the positions of Gadeirus and Marjana. Not really a fan of slow heroes at Flank.

You can try swapping Kashrek with Gadeirus at Tank and see who gives better results.

IMHO keep the emblems on Sonya. She’s useful in many more situation than Cyprian. Plus Cyprian’s riposte works just fine even if unemblemed in that 2/3rds if its effectiveness depends on the adjacent heroes.

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