How do I raid someone around my own power level?

My question is on the normal raid…(I’ve not seen the tournament yet) but how do I get to challenge someone that’s not so much more powerful than myself?

Do you mean, how to find someone who is of your power level, or, how to approach a fight with someone of your power level?

If former, then just use reroll

If latter, colour stacking works wonders, usually 3-2. Use three heroes who are strong against the middle hero colour, and 2 strong against one of the more annoying of the flank heroes, the ones beside the middle hero.

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You could also look at cup dropping. It’s not without its detractors but it’s still a legitimate strategy for some players.

I like to modestly drop my cups so I can fight opponents around 3500 power.

There are lots of threads discussing it. Here is one to start you off.

Thanks I’m new and not buying packages as of yet. I’ve rerolled but dang it eats up all my food quickly. I was just wondering if there was better way. Thanks again

Even though I enjoy cup dropping, I really don’t like to recommend it for newer players. If you don’t learn to challenge yourself, or learn about some of those heroes you’ll be facing in wars and quests, you’ll only be hurting your own skill development.

I think a better place for you to start is with this raiding guide. Its really helped me become a better player.


@Rosey Great question. Most people try for a little while then come on here all mad and say it is unfair.

When you are new, raiding is tough. Stick with it as it is the basic premise of this game. You will get better and it will get way more fun.

The guide above is a great start. Learn “ghosting” tiles.

What does your team look like.

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One other tip I will offer, especially for new players still working on their first team of heroes, is this. Don’t waste ham rerolling. When you draw an opponent, fight them. Thoughtfully. Think about what your heroes can do and how best to use them. Think about what your opponents heroes can do and how to counter or avoid it. See if they have any obvious weaknesses, such as a seriously underleveled hero. If they have a hero that you haven’t seen, long press on them to see what their stats are and what their special does. Then pick one hero to target first. That should be either the biggest threat, the tank, or the weakest link. Aim all your specials at that hero until they are dead.
Don’t sweat wins/losses early on. Every hero you kill, win or lose, counts for your raid chest. If you win you gain hams and iron, which actually help you. You gain trophies too, but they aren’t important. If you lose, you only lose trophies, not resources, and trophies don’t matter.

I’ll say that again. **Trophies don’t matter. **

Since raid matches are based on your trophy count, when you win, you’ll draw progressively stronger opponents until you start losing. When you lose, you’ll draw slightly weaker opponents.

The best way to look at trophies is as a measure of 2 separate things. The highest trophy count you attain is a measure of how strong you are at attacking, which combines the strength and synergy of your heroes with your skill at playing the board. The trophy count you maintain when you’re offline is a measure of how strong your defense team is. This is purely based on the strength and synergy of your defense team, since you have no active role in defense. Generally players will be able to achieve a higher trophy count than they can sustain, because the attacker has so many advantages in raids. If you’re punching above your weight on attack, those losses will being your trophies down to a more sustainable level for your current heroes.


And worth repeating again!

@NPNKY is too modest to recommend another excellent thread

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