A few questions about Cup-dropping and Raiding

Cup dropping

I am a relatively new player, started in August. Thank you in advance for your advice :slight_smile: (I did search around prior to making this thread, but I hope it is okay, that I proceed with this in a new thread, since I found nothing of recent date posted.)

So, cup-dropping. Is that the right term even? That act of intentionally losing in raids?

I have discovered, that, with my 3* team, when I raid, I am landing somewhere comfortably around 1000 cups. Going further means a lot of defeats. Going lower means easier wins. Naturally.

Very rarely am I able to stay in Gold (which is 1200 cups and above, right?)

So I have been pondering if it would be the most efficient, to just aim to remain in Silver? Or do you just give it all you got, and take the defeats that come your way? It sometimes means, it takes me an entire day worth of raid Energy to fill the Hero Chest. Maybe due to how matchmaking is slightly flawed as well, of course.

Is that an optimal way to do it, or? I do find it way more entertaining to go in with a ‘winner mentality’ and just give it all I got with the tools at my disposal, of course.

Somewhere I read, that being matched in Alliance Wars depends on your cups too, is that correct? The last thing I want to do is cripple my Alliance more than it already is, with over half of them not participating. Is that another reason to remain around 600 cups instead, until I establish a stronger team of 4* heroes?

Is cup-dropping also the reason, that some players chose to just have a single Hero as part of their Defense team? I have not for one moment understood, what is the reason for that yet!
Or do they hope that we will chose to reroll for another opponent, and not ‘waste’ a raid energy flag to gain just one kill of one hero with the victory?

Thank you again for being such a great, informative and helpful community, and happy gaming to all :slight_smile:


Yes. Remain in silver. Make sure you are in gold the moment you open your hero chest. Higher arena means chance to better loot…though you won’t feel a difference between silver and gold.
That’s simply it.

You will start to feel the difference once you reach Platinum 1800 or diamond 2400.

Yes and no. Most players don’t attack single hero defences…you wanna fill your chests quickly. 1 hero for 1 raid flag is a waste.

Hope this helps. :wink:


Woah… You have a lot of questions, and your enthusiasm for the game is obvious. @Vikingblood80 has answered cup droppers, so…

No. The number of cups adds to your alliance’s ranking, but has no bearing in war match ups. @Rook has compiled lots of threads that would be handy for you to peruse.

Me neither :woman_shrugging: and I’ve been playing nearly two years. GL in your E&P journey :blush:.


Welcome! Gold is indeed 1200 cups.

I think it’s for the reason you mentioned, though I have no idea how successful a strategy it is to avoid being raided. I know that when I come across them, if I’m hunting resources rather than filling a raid chest and they have a lot of iron and food on offer, I’ll raid them for sure.

Is your primary goal to maximise raid chest filling? If yes, then cup dropping and raiding back up with easier opponents is probably the most efficient way of doing it to complete raid chests in the fewest flags possible. More so when you’re at a point in the game where you might not be able to afford food for rerolls to search for softer opponents.

I would say however that if you enjoy the challenge of raiding, and find it more entertaining to just give it everything win or lose, then I’d do that. This game is a long haul and the grind can be real if you want it to be, so I’d always recommend you play in which ever way you enjoy playing the most. That’s what makes it fun, and will keep you interested.


Plenty of fun to be had with the “don’t reroll” approach and just test your mettle. However, because of the dreaded cup droppers, you’re garunteed to encounter huge defences that you’ll have almost 0 chance of winning, not without a God board anyway.

At your level, I’d suggest rerolling the obvious culprits (massive defences in silver/gold tier or the single hero traps) and tackle players that will offer a challenge, but still afford a decent shot of beating.

Good luck!


It’s been a long time since I partook in this strategy.

But when I did, it was purely for opening chests sooner. I wanted 6 raid flags to equal 30 dead heroes. And during tournaments… I wanted to open 3 raid chest daily!

So by putting your worst foot forward (a terrible defense) you’ll be able to knock yourself down to this boring/farm zone.

Grind up some resources from those chests and develop your base faster!
Concentrate on farms and mines.

So that when the time comes, and you have a roster worth showing off, you will also have the ability to develop it.


Slightly off topic…I never understood why it took 40 heros to fill a raid chest, when at best, you can gain 30 from a full set of Raid Energy.

Given that a huge number of players can fill the monster chest easily enough in one set of WE, why are they prohibited from filling the raid chest without resorting to flasks/gems or plain old waiting.


Clearly it is to prevent you from doing it all at once without flasking. They want you to have to come back later, and spend more time in the game, to have it on your mind.

It is because the game is designed by psychologists not gamers


I feel that you should be happy with the silver arena, but still give it all and take the defeats that come in your way. Losing is rhe only way you can find out if your team is working or not.


Yes yes and more yes.

But I have an easy solution for this: simply spend 3 gems to skip the chest 2 hours in advance and you can pretend you filled the chest with just one full set of raid energy. Certainly much much cheaper than using a flask and should be sustainable if you watch at least 2 mystics visions a day.


Well yeah, that’s an option, but it wouldn’t work for everyone. The key resource is time, not gems

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Since you find it hard to stay in Gold, you will end up staying in Silver whether you want to or not, for now.

Since you enjoy trying to win, do that. First, you should look at your revenge options first daily to see who you think you can beat. There are people who have said that revenging is purely an ego thing, but in reality, it’s about finding people you can beat, and revenge options don’t cost food for reroll. One other thing to manage with you revenge list, is to realize that players fall off at the bottom, so use lower revenge targets first, if they are plausible. Sometimes defense teams change, so don’t forget to check back if you passed on them before.

If you find a cup droppe who now has a defense team that is way out of your league, don’t fight them - either reroll or simply don’t do revenge.

Finding people with 1 hero defense teams in your revenge options is very useful when your primary raids have left you in a spot where your flasks multiplied by 5 are more than the number of defeated heroes you need.


Here is my personal raid strategy: I raid solely for the purpose of filling 1 hero chest per day. So this means 40 heroes in 12 raid flags. More than 1 chest per day would require gems for reset, or raid flasks, and I don’t really want to do either on a regular basis.

I’ve always set my defense so that I could complete a chest for the highest tier I could comfortably get in those 12 flags. In the lower tiers +/- 300 cups can be a huge difference in power, so I cup dropped enough that I could just barely eke out the chest in the tier I was aiming for.

I’ve always rerolled a bit, with a goal of at least breaking even on food (counting both food from the individual battles and from the finished chest). If you’re spending more food in rerolls than you’re gainingback, you’re probably in too high of a tier.

I only do revenges I think I have a good chance to win, and I save them for the last raids of the day. This is when my trophies are highest so random opponents would be stronger.

People raid for lots of reasons. I raid for loot and don’t really care what my trophy score is or whether I can defeat a particular opponent. Decide what makes it fun for you and do that.


Wow, thank you so much for all your helpful input, everyone :slight_smile:

@Vikingblood80 - Thank you, that makes great sense. I momentarily saw a glimpse of a Gold chest, but it appeared underwhelming indeed.

Aha, yes, I was tempted to reroll when facing just that sole hero as well! Thanks again :slight_smile:

@Sarah2 - Heh, thank you for noticing :blush: And for clarifying and the helpful link, I´ll make sure to read that. :slight_smile:

Good to hear it´s not just me who didn´t understood :woman_shrugging: :smile:

@Harlikwen Thank you! Right, that was my thought too; I imagine when one is up in the Platinium range, that you see less of these one-hero-defense teams.

Yes, indeed, I just want to fill the Hero Chest, that´s it. I´ll try to find a balance, I think, thank you for your input :slight_smile:

@Dr-Zoidberg Right, so because others cup-drop - that is the reason that I sometimes am up against teams with a 500+ stronger group than my heroes. Thank you, I shall do my best :slight_smile:

@Pompitous Yes - I´ve tried a bit of each. I sometimes beat 4 heroes out of 5, and then flee instead of winning, to see if that would help. Facing those teams with a much stronger hero selection than my own often results in zero kills. Wow, 3 raid chests daily? How?! Colour me impressed :slight_smile: I shall, thank you!


@Dr-Zoidberg Off topic perhaps - but I also wonder that- It would be nice with the ability to fill the Hero Chest with the max amount of Raid Energy flags at our disposal for sure.

@Infinite That is so spot on. And a bit frightening, even. I know many game developers lean on psychologists when developing these kinds of games. :neutral_face:

@Vixx I imagine, as you progress through the game, that things end up taking longer and longer too, with so much that can be done throughout the day - I can easily see where you are coming from, for sure. :slight_smile:

@Kairhe Thank you, that is a very good point. I have had a few “Oh…Right, that´s why it didn´t work” moments, and most gained from losing indeed, thank you :slight_smile:

@rho I feel slightly embarrased; I do not quite understand how you mean :sweat_smile: Skip the chest 2 hours in advance and I can pretend I filled the chest with just one full set of raid energy, sorry? :slight_smile:

@Zteev Ah, yes of course, I didn´t think of that. Will check that revenge option out more frequently in the future, thank you :slight_smile:

@Tess_01 That´s precisely what I do too; just to fill the Hero Chest indeed. I do not have many raid flasks lying about, so I usually also just manage one Hero Chest a day and that´s it. Oooh, clever thinking, to save revenge fights near the end, thank you for the tip :slight_smile:


I think what @rho is referring to, is the use of gems to “short cut” the wait timer on the chest, after filling it, or purchasing RE from the store?

Otherwise I’m stumped too, as using gems to actually fill the thing is a new one on me.

Did you know about the use of gems to short the timer? A handy trick if you’re looking to fill multiple chests in one day…simply press the chest on your base screen (when it’s greyed out and has the timer on it) and you can then use gems to stop the timer and start filling it again! Apologies if you knew that already :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s worse than that. The team is led / guided by behavioural psychologists, when they talk about have built out the “back end” of the software they mean they have all of your behaviours recorded and analysed. I kid you not.

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24 possible kills from regular raid flags, so technically 3 chests is possible just there (you have to skip with gems though). 24 in a row is not common however so the 5 extra flags from raid tourney should suffice to fill the 3 chests. On weekends with no raid tourney you can use raid flasks that you pick up from the challenge events etc. Personally I am for 3 raid chests a day, and find that skipping to make that possible is worth it (increased raid chest loot, speeding up the elemental chest). For me the PVP is the most enjoyable aspect of the game anyway. I never skip monster chests as I don’t find it is worth it.

He means that if you skip with gems 2 hours ahead of it being ready then you can pre-fill it with 10 kills. Then at the time the raid chest would have naturally have become available you fill the other 30 kills and its kind of like you only needed to get the 30 kills in the first place

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Until PoV I hated cup droppers. I felt it was somehow poor”sportsmanship” for people to do this. It messes up raid match making and tends to hurt the new/lower level people who feel so frustrated by being matched to teams that have cup dropped. And yes, I did not allow it in my alliances.
I still basically feel this way, but now it’s considered just another loophole to get ahead and people are actually teacher new players to do it.
And with PoV making raids so important I do understand why people chose to do this, but really doesnt seem quite like the right thing to do even now…
I was taught to always do your best.
Maybe it’s an age thing​:rofl::rofl:
Good luck in the game! I am glad to see new people with such enthusiasm!!


I use raids to A) fill my chest.
I often have flags left as I do it sporadically throughout the day so I then, B) test out different heroes against enemies. I run rainbow, 3/2, and 2/2/1 offenses against them to get a better feel for my heroes and see what other heroes can do. My favorite aspect of E&P is war. I’m a little fish in a big pond, but learning how to use my non-primary heroes has helped me be a better cleaner. I’ve only been playing since June, so I’m still a low level player working towards middle. Keep up the grind!

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