Need help with Raids

Can someone please explain on lhow to pick an opponent to raid ? My hero total is 3549 and my defense is lv 4 to 8 . Ijust cannot win , i attack a 2700 power i lose i attack where if i win i only get 11 trophies i lose when i attack by hero strength i lose!!! I am about to give up on raids.

Do you have line? Easier to discuss there so that you can send pics of roster and videos of raids.


Are you refering to your Troops level?
Troops level are important at specific key levels, otherwise they are not going to tip the balance on your winning/lossing chances. Just for an easy example, Mana troops when they have the right level can bring down the amount of tiles needed for using ultimates. But Unless you have a Very Fast hero that you can use, there is no point in you worrying atm for troop levels. Because cutting down 1tile of any hero that doest have Very Fast speed is outside of your range, as of now.

It can happend, it should not be an everyday or everyweek occurrance thou.

Now as for your question, the number 1 factor to help you win many raids while cutting down on the “skip” is to have a big bench of heroes ready to use. The more you are able to adapt to a defense, the easier it’s. If you only have 1 strong team at 3549 you wont find many opponents that your team can have an advantage over. The moment you add 1, 2 more leveled 4* heroes to your roster (at the level you are, I’m guessing you are at low gold or high gold so you could also use 3* not heavely emblemed with good results).

Now, the number 2 factor to be able to win many raids and cut down on the “skip” option is to understand how much of a disadvantage you have if you do not find the gems you need to charge your heroes. For this, I often advice to follow this rule:

If the enemy defense has between 0 and 300 more power than your team, to fight it with chances of winning you have to use a 3/2 team (a 3 color hero combination that is STRONG vs the tank and a 2 color combination that adds sinergy to your 3 other heroes, if not possible, this 2 heroes need to have strong abilities able to counter some of the key enemies on that defense).

If the enemy defense has between 300 or more power than the best team you can make to fight it, then you should only fight it with a monocolor team that is STRONG against the tank (If you are comfortable knowing that a 3 stack gem of 4 heroes can K.O the tank, then you can argue and use a 4/1 combination I rather go all in, tbh but it’s a possibility).

If the Enemy defense is weaker than your team by 300 or more you can use a Raimbow team.

This are a generic guideline, there are factors that will inflate or decrease a Defense’s actual power. An easy example is a defense that has 2 or more heroes of the same color. Even if that defense is 400 points stronger than you, if you mirror it with a monocolor that is strong then winning will be fairly easier.
This point means, that you need to look out for defenses weaknesses and understand how much they impact the overall “strength of the defense team” (because at the end of the day, team power is not an absolute guideline as to what is easy or hard to beat).
Another example of a weakness is the creation of “safe zones”. This are places in the board that can let you charge gem combinations, with very little consequences. An extreme example will be having 4 healers and 1 attacker on the left flank: let’s dive deeper into this example and say the team is composed of:

GM+20 (with a lvl11 mana troop): this means that if you never touch him he will have 100% in 6 turns, Kiril 3/70, Kashrek 4/70, Rigard 4/70, Melendor 4/70. This should be a 3.450 team power. Gm alone will destroy you, that is a given but if you focus all your tiles on that teams safe spot, where Kashrek-Rigard-Melendor are. You can charge those 3 healers ults 10 times in 4 turns for all you care, the only downside to this is that they will nullify your tile dmg, get a fire buff and w/e buff you have will be dispel. 3 factors that you can time to your advantage to still manage to pump out maximum value out of whatever ults you charge. Now you have a strong advantage over this team, You ignore the left side of the board (GM and Kiril), because they do have ultimates that have bigger consequences and build up enough ults on your team to K.O GM in one go. This is an extreme example, but it should get the point of “safe zones”.

A lot of teams have some king of “Safe zone”, most likely to be seen is having multiple SLOW heroes. You can do tiles combination against them to charge your mana safely. Hope this can give you a new point of view, when hunting down teams.

Hi @Ragnar65, welcome to the forum. I would definitely take up the offer @Math4lyfe tendered.

In the mean time, there are many resources for how to improve your raiding. A good place to start is here:

Happy Raiding.


Thanks all but frustration has set in :wink: i was hoping it was something simple as i do not have the time to sit and match hero for hero.

these are the heros that are getting smoked by weaker teams.

In watching videos on YouTube I improved my Raid success rate. Flirting with 2400+ cups with no team more than 3800; stacking against the middle “tank” heroes weakness helps and if you get a decent board can remove the tank before it fires off!

I like the challenge and always try to find opponents with more cups so if they revenge what they take away from you is much less than what you received when you won the raid against them!

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If you are raiding with a rainbow team, that may explain why you aren’t seeing the results you want. Many folks prefer to raid with one color (mono) or some combination like 3-2 or 3-1-1. As @Murtis88 says, there are videos to show you how to do this.

I’m not sure what you mean by “match hero for hero,” but most of don’t have a single raiding team; rather we compose a team specific to the enemy we are facing.

Sorry you feel frustrated. I recall feeling that way, too, but when I watched some videos on how to raid 3-2 it changed everything for me.

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@Ragnar65 your team has Triton but can’t maximize his special if you don’t have another healer like a Melendor, Ricardo, Sabina, etc.

Also a strong green team will smoke your middle 3 heroes with a good board, try to place heroes apart so they are strong against one color but the other color is one they are weak against.

Better place this, if you use this team as defense team

Caedmon-Domitia-Kagan-Kitteskull-Triton or

Follow the general E&P law:


A healer is a must in this game for defense teams. Try to get one.

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