Is this a new strategy starting to be used for raids and such?

I just started seeing this in raids the last couple of days. When looking for a opponents to raid, I find a lot of ones now that have a higher experience level than me and they have a monocolor defense made up of low level 3stars maybe one or two low level 4stars that produce a fairly low team power rank and the trophy ratio says I can only win a few vs losing a lot.

I attack, easily win the few trophies, but then of course they revenge on me beat my (what I think is ) most powerful defense team and get a bunch of my trophies.

I always wondered was it viable strategy to have a low power defense team to get others to attack you so you could revenge with a powerful attack team win a lot of trophies do to the win/loss ratio.

I think I worded that right.

It’s not a new strategy and is, what’s commonly found in the forums here, called Cup Dropping.

And yes, you are correct in your thinking - they find it easoer to fill their raid chests and/or increase their raid win streak.

I personally don’t do this as I enjoy raiding :slightly_smiling_face:


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