Hello :) Newbie with a question! – How does the raid feature select opponents?

How does the raid feature select opponents? It seems some days I am lucky, and don’t need to spend much time before I have gotten all of my raids for the day in, and other days (like today. . .) I’ll spend 80K+ in food (I’m at 1,000 per refresh at the moment) without getting anyone who appears beatable.

Hi, this is just a suggestion only, but what you could do is just wait to do revenge , that way you don’t use as much food on rerolls, just a thought, but remember you win some and lose some

I should probably start doing that, to be honest. I was just wondering if there was some sort of logic behind it.

Thank you!

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You are matched based on your number of cups plus or minus 300. And, like everything else it’s random within that limit.


Besides using revenges, do not focus only in team power difference, check opponent setup, sometimes you can beat an stronger team if team setup has some ‘issues’… (too many slow heroes - mainly in tank and flank positions -, two or more heroes of same color next to each other, teams with no attack power, heroes with low defense in tank position… This also allows you to start understanding the heroes strengths and weaknesses (from your opponents and the ones you have in your roster) and more important the sinergy they could have as a team…Sinergy is your best ally when you are raiding…

Since it is based on cup numbers, would it really hurt anything if I was to purposely lose so I could get some better ones to fight against?

And KaptainGanya, that is unfortunately still a bit over my head. I’ve only been playing a couple of weeks now, so I am still getting used to the game before I really start to dig into how teams work, I think! Thank you, though.

Another suggestion - first check to see what you have available for revenges, but then roll for a raid opponent. If the random opponent is beatable, or at least easier than your revenges, give it a try. If you would re-roll on that opponent, then go do one of your revenges. After you beat that opponent, go back and roll for a new opponent again.

The more raids you win in a row, the tougher your random rolls will be (on average), so this strategy helps you save your known opponents (revenges) for later.


Something people do at times is “cup-dropping.” They set a weak defense so that they will be beaten easily. You lose trophies and get easier matchups, and you also tend to get easier revenge targets. If you are just starting out, this may be a good approach to take, since you are not worried about maintaining a higher cup status (i.e. gold or higher).

edit: if you have a Heroes chest that you are filling, don’t waste your raid energy losing on purpose. But if you’re waiting for the cooldown, then yes, sometimes it can be beneficial to lose on purpose.


If you set a weaker defense than you can, you will lose more when others attack you and drop cups to get easier opponents when you attack. That’s probably a good idea until you develop a good bench of varied heroes that you can use depending on your opponent. It is harder to do that early on and is a big source of raid frustration.

Hadn’t thought about making a crummy team to keep down in trophies. I’ve got 5 Sharans at level one. That should do the trick.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Can I ask along the same topic, is it better to hit a team that won’t revenge or just attack any team you can win against?

I would recommend raiding against any team that you can win against. As your skill improves and your team roster advances, you’ll be able to take down teams much stronger than yours. But when you’re starting out, don’t waste your time attacking a team that is 1000 points stronger than you. You’ll just get frustrated.

Cup dropping helps a lot with that. Every time you win, your odds of facing a stronger team increase. Eventually you will reach a point where it is very expensive to keep rolling to find a team that you can beat. By cup dropping, you’ll go back down in trophies while you’re not playing so that you can face easier targets when you are playing.

Once you get the hang of it, you can decide how strong of a defense you want to set. For instance, once you get to gold, you might want to set a stronger defense to keep yourself in gold. Or you might be happy just beating easier teams to fill your heroes chest. It’s a trade off - you get better loot from your hero chest the higher you are ranked, but the more often you fill your hero chest, the more often you will get a rare chest. Does that make sense?

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Yes thank you got that!

How can you tell that a team won’t revenge?

You don’t know that and should not be a problem. He will only take some resources and cups or even fail and leave some free cups at home.

If I see 5 Sharans, I won’t attack; that’s definitely a cup drop team…but a slightly varied team of 1* and 2*? Sure.

There are a couple of routes to take when you are new to the game and new to raiding:

  1. Attack everything. Make notes. Expect to lose a lot. This saves you food from re-rolls, teaches you about your opponents (and heroes you are able to get yourself later in the game), yet runs the risk of frustrating the hell out of you if you are not a patient person.

  2. Attack only teams you think you can win. You will lose some. Not as instructive, but less annoying.

  3. Cup drop. Fun on the front end, with an unhappy surprise on the back when (a) you drop like a stone in the ratings, and (b) you get revenged by the much stronger who are also cup dropping you. This is not a “wrong” method. Try it and see the pros and cons.

  4. Don’t raid at all. If you get so frustrated with raiding because of constant losses, ignore raiding for a bit and focus on strengthening your heroes. You can always come back to it later. Note: you cannot get raiding chests if you don’t raid. Some folks are willing to make that trade.

I’m not worried about ratings, so dropping like a stone in them isn’t any sort of a problem for me. Plus, since you only lose food/iron from the watch tower and not the farms/your stores, I don’t have any problems on that front either.

I think more of my frustration was going through so much food while trying to find a team to raid which was within 500 points of mine, or didn’t have a number of 5* heroes which were levelled pretty high (I’ve got two half leveled 3s and three fully levelled 2s)

I’ll replace some of the Sharans as I grab other heroes from training. Thanks!

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