Having a hard time winning raids? Try this

There’s been ALOT of complaining on the forums recently especially about the RAID situation, so I’d like to offer a solution. I was one of the complainers until I actually formulated a strategy, out of 30 consecutive attacks I had a 75% WIN ratio. Here’s what I did:

  1. Save a TON of food for re-rolls

2)locate an opponent with about 300-ish lower defense rating than yours

3)survey their heroes and levels/powers before engaging

4)BLITZ their team healer from the jump

Viola. you will now have better odds than just randomly selecting an opponent based on CUPS
Let me ALSO say that there will be MUCH discussion about who you are taking to fight, board layout/luck and the opponents heroes. But this is only meant to be a BASIC strategy to help some of the less initiated players here.

I hope that this helps SOMEONE and I invite feedback.


I would also add (from someone who is 90% of the time in Diamond) - look for 5* at 3/70 - they artificially inflate team power beyond a 4/70 4* and I find MUCH easier to take out.


Hmmm that seems like a viable strategy, but is it still feasible if their team healer is sitting behind a tank?

What I’ve been trying lately is to double-up on heroes of the opposing colour of the enemy tank. This usually allows me to break through their center in a quick enough manner, after that it’s just a matter of prioritizing who’s the most dangerous and making sure that my healer(s) get gems to keep everyone healthy.

I agree with your point though - raids can surely be frustrating, which is why strategy adjustments are needed.


I also bring in fast mana snipers and jackal (very fast) and a healer (Ares) and usually I can get two of them to fire their specials which almost always take out the target.


Good initiative to make a guide @scro and some solid tips.

Dont listen to the haters. Keep sharing.


I disagree with a lot of this :slight_smile:

  1. Saving ham for rerolls certainly - you should know what your team is capable of and what you can handle.

  2. This is one I really don’t agree with. I actually never look at power level, pay attention to the heroes and skills. Think about what counters them, like bringing something that lowers attack or dispels against an attack buffer like Ares.

  3. If your goal is to climb higher in cups, ALWAYS look at the win/loss ratio of cups. Aim for lower risks with higher rewards. Chance losing 15ish cups to pick up 50, you can rematch.

  4. Having deep benches really helps - instead of trying for the healer right away try doubling strong colors against the tank and other pain in the butt heroes. Example: @JimMe team has a center Guin and two panthers. I always bring panther, Sartana, jackal, Musashi, and Zeline against him. So long as the board isn’t utter crap Zel cleans up all the buffs he has for me while the others hit hard and take things out.


I agree with viv a lot more then the OP, sorry. The power number is really a useless number and it took many months for this point to sink in to my stubborn head. I do agree with having food to reroll since I reroll
Against certain tanks. Not looking at cup win/loss ratio is a sure fire way to get revenged and lose a lot more cups (if cup collecting isn’t something you care about then just drop cups to bronze tier and fill chests easily then). Blitzing their healer from the jump a lot of the time isn’t feasible since alby in a flank or wing seems to be on a lot of teams now and you need to clear the tank first to ghost tiles to fire off at alby. Hopefully not taken as being a hater, just don’t think these ideas are ones to move you up in cups.


I stopped looking at the power score weeks ago, it’s saved me a lot of ham and frustration. Now I look at team color composition, what the specials are and how fast they fire. For example, my team is red heavy so blue dominant teams get a pass. Also, I lack 4*/5* fast hitters so I skip sniper heavy teams and focus on teams with double healers and slow AoE heroes. Once I deepen my bench my range will widen, but right now I understand my team’s capabilities and work within them.


I generally look at the individual heroes and their specials and how fast they can use them as well. I also avoid teams with multiple healers, and I’ll almost always avoid a team with Gunnar or Kreshrek.

I have Zeline, so I sometimes will plan to take on a team with a hero who buffs the opposing team with the plan to counter the buffs with Zeline’s special, but that doesn’t always work.

Likewise, individual hero health is important. At my level, 3-star heroes are a lot easier to destroy simply because their health is relatively low (compared to my team of three 4-star and 2 5-star heroes).

I generally always try to take out the lead-position hero first simply because it’s impossible to avoid hitting it anyway, so the sooner the better. I also have Chao, whose special will lower a hero’s mana, and I’ll purposefully hit a hero that is about to get enough mana to use their special to keep them from using it – especially if that hero is a healer.

I still lose a lot. I do look at team power but, again, I will avoid a low-team-power team that has a Gunnar or Kreshek and attack a higher-power team that doesn’t.

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I often just hit whoever especially if they are above rank with me, and I shop freely in revenges if needed. I don’t waste foods on trying to find an opponent because:

  1. psychologically it stings more when you lose (yeah, YOU picked that SOMEWHAT EASY team and LOST, suck it up!) :slight_smile:

  2. I prefer to spend food on something else like levelling troops

  3. I like to test one attack team versus various teams and see how it holds, so I like the randomness

I don’t see the raid chest filling faster or slower by doing the above. I don’t feel the pressure to fill it up. If nothing else, trying to revenge WHILE needing to fill the chest with 40 kills makes the raid experience way worse because a loss stings more (see 1)

Good luck!


I’m no expert at raiding, but my enjoyment with this part of the game changed dramatically once I learned a few things about special attacks:

The more you hit a target, the faster they strike you back with their special. You therefore want to kill them before they do so.

How do you do that? You kill the guy in the middle first.
This wasn’t obvious to me, but when you see the defense target team, you can then edit your team.

Kashrek? No problem, bring three red heroes and match the red tiles until he’s dead.

Three red heroes makes your red tiles hit three times harder. Of course, your other colors will hit for 1, but you just avoid matching those colors.

Ok, so you killed kashrek, but now you have to kill their blue heroes with the red tiles. You keep passing tiles through the gap in the center. This will help you charge up your heroes without giving the defenders mana. Now just fire your special attacks at the other heroes and use your strong color to good advantage.


As Viv and others have said, you want to double or triple up on the tank if you can. If it’s a center red, take in two or three blues. If it’s a center yellow, take in two or three purples… You’ll need a deep bench, but it’s necessary if you want to have success raiding or in the alliance wars.

Avoid hitting defenders with tiles whose specials you don’t want to see go off (particularly healers and defense-buffers)—you’ll only charge their mana faster. Hit the most troublesome defenders with specials and with your double and triple-strong tiles whenever possible.

Send tiles as often as you can up through gaps in the enemy’s defense. This charges your own mana twice as fast as tiles that hit the enemy. If you clear a good gap on the board, you can easily charge your heroes without fear of reprisals.

Yes, be sure to have a little ham in reserve so that you can reroll and find a favorable matchup.

If you’re concerned with gaining cups, then pay attention to the risk/reward should you win or lose. Try to find favorable matchups (teams with colored tanks you’re strong against) that offer you 40+ cups if you win. If you’re doubling and tripling up on the tank, then the odds are in your favor. Should you lose, you can always try again and still win cups.

I wouldn’t worry much about a team’s overall combat power. As long as they’re within 300-400 of yours, they’re easily beatable with a decent board and double or triple-strength against the tank.

Hope that helps.


Well, I didn’t expect anything when I formulated it, however I used all of my raid energy plus four flasks and lost 4 battles.
I MIGHT have been lucky, but the odds are against that. Alot DOES rest on WHOM you chose to engage. For example, I haven’t had success with this formula on opponents with Multiple healers.

I like that you are looking for answers and trying to help others out. :wink:


Thanks! knowledge is power. There is alot of power in this forum


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If I may add a few more points. Raids are still one of my favorite areas of this game, mainly because they are unfair and they challenge you. Even though I still hate those crappy boards where you get forced into a single move that will just mark your demise, but anyway, not too many of those so I can get past it…

I’ve been playing since last Dec and I don’t know how many raids I’ve done but my profile show me as just shy of 1,000 wins. And here’s what I’ve learned (my personal experience):

  1. Always study your opponents heroes and adjust your offense accordingly and whenever possible. You MUST understand heroes specialties and weaknesses. You’re doomed if you’re going in there without this knowledge and then wonder why you’re not making any damage or can’t heal, etc…

  2. Practice setting up future moves. It’s so easy to go for any gems that line up easily, but I must caution you. You may be giving a sequence of epic combos for a quick 3 gem match. Always look at what heroes you want to max (mana) first and try to move those gems closer together to achieve this. You may be able to max two of your heroes at the same time if you play your gems right…

  3. DO NOT go willy-nilly throwing gem combos all over the place just because they’re available. All you’ll accomplish is charging all of the opposition and getting your butt handed to you when they all light up like a Xmas tree and annihilate you…

  4. I personally always kill Elberich first or second if I ever see him. Otherwise, he’ll just come back and revive every single hero you’ve already dispose of. Next are any attackers that might do continued damage, i.e. Natalya, Colen, Aztar, etc…)

  5. I almost always go in with a healer (removes status ailments like Rigard or Vivica) and a hero to remove buffs like Caedmon or Sonya. It’s sooo nice to be able to cure you when you’ve been hit by someone like Colen, etc and to be able to remove any of their offense buffs, i.e. nullify Wu’s buff.

  6. Try saving your special until you have two specials (two heros) and shoot a single opponent with full blood with both specials. I do this all the time, it doesn’t matter if they have full blood I’ll take them out right off the bat.

  7. Don’t be afraid of hitting that tank right away. Even if they execute their special. Many times their blood level will drop low enough to where you can come back an counter (IF you were able to power up your special(s) with those hits) with your own and eliminate them right away. I specially do this with Ares, he’s so dumb.

  8. Don’t get stressed out. We can’t all be winners all the time, where’s the fun in that…Practice practice practice. It’s just a game, but you can get really good at it if you just take it with a grain of salt and put yourself out there. Remember, luck is half the battle but strategy is the other half…

  9. Empty space is your best friend. Stop trying to hit hit hit all the time. Use the empty space (where their heroes are dead and gone) to your advantage. Keep throwing gems through that open space if you can and build up your specials before you continue attacking, this is part of the strategy side of the game.

  10. DON’T hit that diamond (Or dragons for that matter), at least not before assessing your board. Why in the world would you hit the green diamond when you have have your green hero special maxed and ready to go already. It’s just a waste. Or, don’t use your diamond to charge up your mana when all you need is one or two tiles, etc…Don’t jump the gun…


Excellent write up! This goes much more in depth than my initial post!


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It is as I would have written it down myself and better :clap:. This is exactly what I do, plus the Ares bit. I also find him dumb and easy to take out :joy:.

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Thank you for all the tips and info, I enjoy raids but also get very nervous when I am repeatedly matched up to someone that is 300-400 TP stronger than me. I am learning to “work” my heroes, though. I still love the Titan hits, then raids, and last war (lol). I cannot wait until I have a full-strength roster of heroes leveled up and ready to mix and match. It will be even more fun, I’m sure!

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