Gormek or Azlar?

I have a balanced team of 5 and 4 star level 70s. I have been using Gormek 4/70 as my tank but would Aslar 3/70 be a better option for raids generally speaking? Others are Gregorian 4/70, Zoon 3/70, Thorne 3/70 and Rigard 4/70

Hormel of Asparagus! Haha! I want this hero!

Seriously though, Hormel = Horghall?
If you have him at 4.70 max him to 4.80 and use him as tank, he’s not great but he’s you best bet with those heros and levels.

Gormek and aslar as tanks is not good, because they have low defense. Aslar is great on the sides

I fixed the title to match the text. Autocorrect in action, I’m guessing.