[Hoarder Corner] how many AM you collect a month 😍?

I did it for a couple specific times when I went looking for someone specific.


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Mine isn’t as fancy, lol, but I started tracking various things to prove to myself I was wrong about never getting ascension items. Here are a couple of examples:

^^ Just started tracking in October…there is a running total of items received at the top.

and here is a little bit of my elemental chest tracking:


Yes, actually that’s the post I think that made me start tracking my summons. :slight_smile:

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Tracked starting 2020 (actually a little earlier but just graphed 2020), inspired by others… I am a near-F2P btw:

Inspired by @Guvnor’s post, at some point I also plan on graphing:

  • TC Summon results (All jumbled on my phone rn… but it’s there!)
  • AMs by source (there’s a column for it in the spreadsheet, but needs a little work on grouping events together, etc)
  • Elemental chest tracking/time between chests (also there on the sheet- just needs graphing)- this will be biased tho based on when I was most/least busy with work
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Summon? I have complete list of 3* to 5* from both camp and summon. Data recorded since the first time I play this game.

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So, my data is not as detailed as @robin102’s (which is fantastic btw), but after about 4 months from the last post here is an update to my AM list. My AM acquisition rate has risen quite significantly over the last few months, which is awesome. Once again, I am 100% F2P, so none of these were bought. :slight_smile:


Not sure where you are getting them from. Have been playing solid daily for 11 months, farming, all chests and killing Titans and have received only two Damascus Blades. Not going to pay $99 for 4* AM. So I do not see a way to play for free and enjoy game. Have only 5 Damascus Blades after a year of solid play on second account. No real way to enjoy and play this game without spending a fortune in my opinion.
Not sure if drop rates have changed but it sure seems that way. No sense in trying to get any more 5 star heroes as it would take well over 4 years to get the AM for the current 5 stars in my rooster.

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Unreal to find Orb… for months now…

True story.

I didn’t get a scope for 12 months but got a tip from my boss that a quest had one on offer, obviously I picked it up (to make 6) but the weird thing is if I complain in the forum, I get the item 2 days later, so 2 scopes in two days.

I’m like, whut???

I haven’t been getting any gloves at all is there something I should be doing because for the passed year I haven’t been getting any

There are 10 gloves per year guaranteed from just finishing the monthly events.

There are around 6 gloves guaranteed from playing the rare quest.

There are some guaranteed in the seasonal event loot although I don’t know how much and I can’t bother to look it up, but you can find the loot for seasonal events easy in the forum.

So there are 20 guaranteed gloves per year and if you play tournaments, kill titans, play war and just fill chest at least some more if you aren’t the unluckiest person in the game.

But none in one year is just impossible if you play the parts of the game with guaranteed loot at least a little bit…


Probably “none” is what is left in the inventory after all of them are used to ascend heroes.

Hi, welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

A few weeks ago. I had a run of gloves, followed by compasses, then sturdy shields and now it is trap tools and hidden blades. I put that down to randomness, they came from war wins, war chest loot and Titans predominantly and the occasional Raid chest. The current event has gloves as part of the Epic tier completion loot (there is a thread with tips for completion regarding the type of teams used for completion; I went mono green for Epic)

Always hit the titans so you can at least get titan chest loot. Winning wars and getting 100% participation loot is also useful and of course, elemental chests.

I don’t have some kind of magic voodoo however; I wish I did though.

Good luck

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It’s exactly 2 years since I keep tracking the drop of AM. The image counts 4* AM only.

Total 268 (4* AM) over 24 months: avg 11 (4* AM) per month.

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