25 Heroes at 3/70... & NO elemental mats available... Are new pulls worth it...?!

I have 25 Five stars at 3/70 & 3 more will join the “Waiting-List” soon.
Frustrating to be NOT able to use them as per their strengths…

Ascension mats from all Chests, Loots is VERY BAD AFTER MONITORING FOR 4-5 months NOW… Never thought, I would write this : The game is becoming slowly boring !!

Even SG sales offers give one elemental mat per $100 offer which contributes NOTHING despite high spending !!


I have a FEELING that SG doesn’t care !!

FYI, @Petri : Are you / SG monitoring the mats we get in chests, loots at all ?!
I get a feeling = NO !!
Bcoz, I play a lot and none of the chests give anything…!!

Wouldn’t having ascension mats available enable more HERO pulls… which is the MAIN cash cow for this game… Strategy Re-THINK needed !!


The only way to max some of these Heroes is you have to start buying 4* Mats offers even more .

@DeckardPain … NO need to buy, bcoz just one elemental mat per 100$ is absurd… and still it doesn’t work, bcoz, these paid elemental mat offers are once in a while… = collecting them still takes time…
to pull only when one has mats for each colour… is the best way forward…

Will make SG think, bcoz they have access to our account details.

Pulling heroes is useless… unless SG rethinks this miser approach towards mats…

Giving loads of farmable mats is another joke…


If you play as a F2P or C2P player, others have already confirmed that in a short while it results in having more mats than worthy heroes to ascend.

If you indend on spending on pulls, be prepared to spend way more on ascension mat deals. Because the one bonus ascension chest per 10 pulls is a joke.

Alternatively you can stick to 4* which are easier to ascend overall and emblem them. At least when you get an gems emblem deal in the shop it’s exactly what you get for your gems - not some moronic % chance like it’s with ascension gem deals.


Sorry about your mats luck.

No, I don’t think it is worth summoning with such a backlog of heroes.

Hopefully your mats will drop soon in clumps. It’s my experience that nothing will drop for a while, and then all of a sudden I get two, three even four 4* mats in a week.


I’m in a similar boat, still summon occasionally, but waaaay less than before. Huge pile of 5* heros waiting to be leveled is definitely one of the main reasons for being reluctant about new pulls. Yes, I still don’t have the best heros in the game, but chasing them and ingoring those I’ve already got just feels wrong. So, relax, sit back and play with what you have. Patiently. :slight_smile:


@Saros @SamMe : Been doing the 4* thing you have mentioned.

Also, apart from these 3/70, I have got a bench of still to start 5s… imagine, I am still to start Krampus… LoL :sweat_smile:
recent additions of DarkLord & Crystalis. … not to mention 4 & 3

I am going c2p for a while now, as I collect mats… Thanks :sweat_smile:


Very sensible comments above. Dont feed SG more money. I hope they learn that without Mats, whats the point.


It’s only logical. What’s the point of clogging your roster with premium 1/1 5* heroes which you cannot ascend for 3 years…

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One of the more annoying aspects of the power creep is 3/70 heroes lost their niche —

The other is even with the mats —the line where you really can’t do much with them until they have some emblems is often more pronounced — 4/80 has a very wide band and includes what by all measures are 6* heroes.

Idk —my friend gave up on Diamond in favor of a regular 3* team and is having a lot of fun. Guess there is No reason we all need to be clumped at the top beating our heads against the wall for things we aren’t going to be given


@Vixx : I stay in diamond, though don’t chase the high cups / ranking… and mostly complete 2-3 raid chests everyday, with most hams I win are spent back on reroll to ensure I hit teams that I can win with = complete the chest quickly…

Hence, despite DAILY : completing 3 raid & 2 hero chests, killing a 14* titan & many more chests, missions during the week = still NOT sensible quantity of 4* elemental mats is a hilarious situation.

Over that, I get these 100$ offers giving ONE elemental mat = even more comical… :grinning: coz, even if I were to buy that ONE elemental mat offer, I still need to collect / wait for the balance 5 mats…!!

I rest my case = Its now in SG’s court to sanely solve…!!

As an F2P player I can confirm this is not always the case. I have a chronic shortage of Tomes and as soon as I get one it is consumed straight away, usually after evaluating which of the available heroes I have at 3-70 would be best for me to max.

I went through a dry spell of some months with nothing from chests. Now in the last two weeks I have gained 4 from chests (two in one day) and one from MV. No tome though … I only ever get them from Farholme.


An old German saying goes: you do not keep more goats than you can feed.
You should distribute your pocket money better.

Currently there are 5 boxes in the shop with the possibility of a tabard for 600 diamonds each

@CertainHeredity : OMG, preachy uncle started speaking… Well, I don’t care about sayings, coz they aren’t the truth… & the one you’ve mentioned is flawed… guess how ?!

About the shop, you can feel free to go for it & share how many did you pull… :grinning:

Read the context of the post… and participate constructively…

@nevarmaor : My experience is a bit different.

While I regularly get DB & ToT … the 5 elemental 4* mats are very slow to come & sometimes suddenly stop coming for long time…
We need 6 of these elemental mats to ascent one hero… hence we need these to become available more frequently…

I do have lots of DB, scopes, and tabards. Some rings, tonics, and darts. Zero Tomes.

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Tomes are my nightmare as well! :slight_smile:

Since the beginning… Very rarely I get them from random sources. It’s all quests, even 2-3 offers because I was so bored of waiting. Maybe it’s not a coincidence. :joy:

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There are also posts here of people swimming in tomes but missing blades.


I guess it depends on how many 5* heroes people have maxed… I have 24 maxed, and have 11 DB, and 14 Tomes. I can still ascend a pair of red and purple, 1 each of blue and green, but only have 3 poison darts.

Edit: basically, I had the potential of maxing a total of 6-7 heroes of each color.


I have 23 maxed (and almost maxed) 5* for just shy (by a couple weeks) of 3 years. That would be 7-8 tomes per year for me. I think Farholme gets you six per year. In contrast I’m averaging 11-12 blades per year.

So I am gaining 1-2 extra tomes per year and 5-6 extra blades per year from other sources.

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