How long do you wait on mats?

I have one maxed 4* and 9 4* waiting at 3.60. I have enough elemental materials to ascend one of each color, but no compasses. Is this how it always is? What’s the idea? I stopped doing pulls because I’ll just get another heroes who will be sitting on the bench for a year before I ever get to him.
So what’s the strategy? Do you just collect gems until you have enough mats to ascend a hero and then you pull for them?

And no, Titans are hardly dropping anything. I don’t want their eyeballs and other body parts dropping, I got enough spare parts to put together a titan of my own. Give me some mats!!
Why is so much in this game based on luck of the draw? Every conversation on this forum is one side who can’t catch a break, and the other side who gets decent boards, decent pulls, and decent loot telling them to stop whining. I like the quest and challenges where they tell you exactly what you’re getting, they need more of those. This whole attack the titan and hope he got a compass somewhere up his @$$ is just waste of time when you’re not getting jack.

I look at the bright side, I haven’t been compelled to spend any money unless I know what I’m getting, and I’m questioning why I need a VIP next month. What, so I can build a TC20 and get heroes I cannot ascend? I’m good on heroes, I have BT, Rigard, Grimm, Kiril, Brynhild, Tiburtus, Sonya, Caedmon, and Kelile, all just waiting on compasses. I don’t need gems because I don’t need any pulls for the same reason. But I find myself less and less engaged in the game, not much incentive if I’ll be stuck in the same place for months waiting for a lucky RNG drop.

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Yaaay!! New Quests: Gather Food and Find Battle Items!! How exciting!! I have 8 lvl 15 farms and 3 forges. Why would I waste WE to get arrows when I can make them in 5 mins? I have so much food, I’m upgrading level 2 troops, just to do something with it. Is it just me or do those quests seem pointless?

Well, it really depends on the heroes you are ascending and if you are talking from start to finish. If you are waiting for mats for a few 3* heroes to fill your Challenge Event Rare Tier and Raid Tournament teams, it’ll probably happen before Summer. If you are thinking a group of 4* heroes, then maybe by Christmas…of next year. If you are hoping for a group of 5*, be prepared to hear trumpets in the sky before that happens.

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That is priceless :slight_smile:


Well, 3* don’t need mats, so I have several of those guys. I’m just not very excited about building an army of 3* just because my 4* are just sitting there.

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Concentrate on what you have, not what you want.
You will need maxxed 3* and maxxed 4*.
Work with what you have, take the time, and you will progress.

Actually I don’t know I how I did it till date, earlier in the game when I realised I was not getting anywhere in mats, I just decided to keep grinding knowing one day they will drop, before I knew it, I had handful of mats but still lacking some especially Tome. Today I can simply ascend any 4* hero I get, for 5* I have mats for most of them except tome that’s keeps eluding me. So I just continue to grind and hope they will come in time. My 2cent

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I have several maxed 3* and I can’t max 4*. I’m just saying at this rate, I’ll have an army of 3* maxed, while my 4* are at 3.60. It’s good to see your roster getting deeper, but you want to see your heroes progress, as well. I want to see my team getting stronger, but it’s at about the same place it’s been for weeks.

@Balltaser titans of what level you are currently slaying?

Cool, I’ll do that. It just changes the dynamic of the game for me. If I’m just gonna grind, I can do it F2P, unless mats show up in offers.

But really, the only reason I got the game is to kill time, and a time killer it is not. I wish they would at least have a practice arena where you can set up the opposition and practice against them.

It is what it is. I am basically F2P and a bit C2P, so I don’t mind waiting on things. Like you said it’s just to kill time, yea it can be frustrating not getting mats to ascend heroes, however it is also frustrating not getting heroes to use the mats on… Like I have 15scopes currently and I don’t have a blue 5* hero to work on. Just keep working on your 3* and 4* heroes for the time being. Eventually when you get the mats for 5*, you can power level them.

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We just moved up to 8*. Killed one, but I don’t know if we can handle this next one. Most of my heroes get one-shotted, so I just chuck arrows and axes at it hoping I survive enough to do some damage. I’m always ranking in the top 10 for damage, usually 7-8. I get B rating most of the time, unless we go balls out and I break out some flasks. From the last 10 or so titans, I got a warm cape and a sturdy shield. I don’t know if that’s considered a good loot rate, but if titans are the best way to find mats and it’s a 1 out of 5 drop, doesn’t sound that great to me.

This highly depends on what level of the game are you. First year or two is just never ending story to get 3&4* mats.

After this period 3* mats are no longer a problem you have abundance of them and 4* come every week depends also if you buy them on special offers.

You are killing the wrong titans. At titan 10* to 12*, I averaged 1 unfarmable AM per day from all different ways.

  1. Hasten the mission chests for elemental chests

  2. Kill 9*+ titans or find an alliance doing it. Check out PW nighthawk if you need a starter alliance doing that

  3. Work on a rainbow 4* team. Must haves:
    Rigard, or other healer
    One of the ramming pulverizers
    One of the counterattack buddies
    Rest snipers

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I just feel it would be better served if they had hard grinding challenges with a known reward. Kinda how they have those missions that you get gems for. For example:

  • Kill 10 green titans, you get sturdy shield.
  • Kill 10 green titans over certain star level, you get tonics.
  • Finish this quest, you get fine gloves (more of those)
  • Win 100 raids, get a compass

Things like that, where you grind, but you know what you’re getting.


All of it. All of the time is spent waiting. I’ve gotten 1 tome in almost six months, at this rate I’ll have my first maxed 5* team around November 2022. It will only ruin your appetite for the game if you dwell on it.


We are killing 8* too, and I get one unfarmable mat 3 times per week average)

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If this were in the Ideas section I’d make a 1000 forum accounts just to vote for it 1000 times.
(ok, not really, but that’s how much I like this idea :+1:)

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We kill 8 & 9* and I’m lucky to get 1 a week. :man_shrugging:

I have Wu King, I have Rigard, I have Grimm and Burt, I have Sonya, Caedmon, Kelile, BT, Kiril etc. They get one-two shotted by an 8* titan. If I go against 10* titan with my 4* at 3.60, I will hardly do any damage.

I’m good in my alliance right now. I’m not gonna join somewhere where I can’t even pull my own weight. Plus, it’s a good bunch of people. I just think the drop rate should be adjusted to the average level of the game required. A titan that requires 3.60 4* to kill should drop some mats to ready the players for the next level titan, and let it build that way. If I can’t get any 3* mats from a 7* titan, how am I supposed to do anything to a 9*?

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