Help for my raid team defense. Who would you choose? What position? Why?

I have fairly good heroes. Mostly leveled up. What position would you put them in and why.

I’ll be changing my defense team since I got a few 5* my new one would be
Center/ Tank
Joon | Rigard | Jean Francois | caedmon (or little John) | Vela

Any thoughts or opinions?
Here are my current heroes. Who would you put where and why? Should Vela be swapped with JF?

Current defense team:

Sometimes I swap out it used to be:

Guardian jackal | tiburtus | BT | little John | Sonya

The rest of my heroes

Any help and reasoning would be appreciated. Thanks

Also who would you upgrade next?

Try tibs Sonya bt li LJ

Cool. Thought process and reasoning why that order if you don’t mind? Like learning new things. Also any input on the 5* set up or just leave it as is with the 4*?

BT as always tank health and attack increase, Sonya debuffs, li removes 20% mana, tiburtus -34 def down and LJ -64% mana generation.

Trying to understand best way to fire them and how to maximize each of them
Should I swap out Li with guardian jackal or someone else on my roster? Joon I should be getting to level 3.70 soon hopefully.

No, Jackal is not good in defense.

You can try with:
Caedmon - Rigard - JF/Original BT - Vela - Joon
If we choose BT, switch Rigard with costume Tibs.

Vela actually very good defense if we use green tank.
Original BT is better then with costume, because original has more defense and also a Fighter revive for healer has very good impact to allies.

So remove BT costume. Keep original. I have horghall but he isn’t maxed.

So caedmon rigard JF Vela joon once maxed

Or caedmon tibs bt vela joon?

Thanks bro!

I prefer this 1st… but you can try both version each for a week and see the result.
I’m not sure about JF as tank… but for me original BT with emblem can make me in low diamond arena.

I will do that. Hopefully next week once I max out caed and rigard :grin: thanks bro

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I have caedmon but i have to level him up
Is It better at 4/70 by itself than a heavily emblemed Little John ? Or than an emblemed costume Melendor

My druid emblems are disputed between Mel and Vela i dont know if caedmon is going to receive more than few emblems
This is my team right now

Mine with 18 emblems. Went the route of attack.

The reason I chose caed was because it’s a multi colour team for defense.

Rigard is an ailment remover for your heroes and healer. Caed removes buffs from the opposite team. Having both makes it in a way better I feel. I could be wrong though. This again is based on my heroes.

Since I want to utilize my 5* I see this as an option for a good rainbow team.

Caed (remove buffs) rigard (remove ailments and heal) JF (308 DOT and defense) vela (hard hitter for reds and other stuff) joon (hard hitter 40% miss chance)

Even my druid is distributed but between brienne and vela.

It all depends on your supporting team. And trying to make a new one with 5* swapping out here and there

Also forgot to mention 3 of them are fast on my team and two average. So im hoping that makes a difference too you know?

I wanted to ask you beause you are in the same situation, with a heavy emlemed Little john but you dont hesitate in swaping him for caed

So, in a few words, you are telling me that once a level caed up i should consider him despite not being emblemed him at all right? if that is an option i will be pleased because there is high versatility in some 4* but i cannot give emblem to all , and some came late when i already had other emblemed 4* heroes.

Thanks for answering!

I love LJ he is brilliant especially for offense IF you can get him off in time. But on defense he is very slow which is why I want to swap him hence the reason for using caedmon.

He has good health although his def isn’t that great. He does hit pretty hard. My thought process was you sometimes need a debuffer on your team. I use sonya She’s great as is but embled up she is even more amazing and strong. But Vela is incredibly strong as well with benefits.

You have melendor maxed out. That makes him pretty strong.

I am trying to see what options there are as well :rofl: so we are indeed in the same boat.

I’ve had JF and Vela maxed for 2 weeks but I haven’t used them on defense yet because I’m not sure how to. But now that I have rigard he will help as a healer instead of using bold tusk freeing up space for JF. Hopefully next week with caed I’ll try him for a week and see how they perform.

Melendor is a beast. I have used him today with little john and mel keept my team alive.
His defense up and heal is a thing that nobody should understimate. So, if you could level him up and pull the costume then you will have kind of a 5* healer.

regarding JF i have beaten him a few times in raids and he doesnt do anything parciularly strong or game changing… however in the last match i was close to die due his burn damage because i didnt bring Rigard.
If you start using JF id like to hear your feedback soon!

Caedmon | JF | Rigard | Joon | Vela

Rigard with Costume and talents is an absolute BEAST, comparable to 5’s easily.

Caedmon because he’s fast and dispells.

JF and Vela are amazing together! DOT heaven.

Joon flank to compliment the Purple tank.

Also, I positioned direct damage dealers to the RIGHT of Rigard, so they get his costumed attack bonus.

I would actually run double blue, and swap out Caedmon for Sonya. You already have talents on her, and running 2 blues on wings won’t open you up much to green stacks.

I have melendor but no costume :frowning: But without his costume and emblems he’s really weak compared to boldtusk and rigard. I have rigard and his costume and about 115 emblems that I could use on him. Since I’ll be utilizing my druids emblems for Vela.

He isn’t gravemaker but I think he’s pretty good. +94 defence against blues. An additional 42% def for allies is really good. Throw in Vela makes him fairly strong I feel as well. I think they go well together. Should be interesting to see I do want to utilize my 5* and the only way would be to swap out. I could reset my brienne but I use her for 3* and she’s a winner. Which totally sucks hahaha. But let’s see!!! Thanks for your input I’ll let you know how things go :slight_smile:

That is a sweet sweet answer with explanation. Could you elaborate on rigard costume bonus? I thought everyone gets health increase and attack together?

JF DOT his attack won’t go up. Vela would with her 150% slash across the enemy.

Why won’t it open me up to more greens? Because they will be trying to attack the purple in the centre? So more yellows?

If your opponent brought a green stack, it wouldn’t benefit them until after they’d gotten through the tank and flanks. People who depend on stacking (most people) will likely be addressing your front 3 with their hero choices.

Attack bonuses do not increase DOT performance, you’re correct. The order I was talking about is the order that they’ll fire specials if they happen to charge together. Better to have Rigard fire, then Joon, instead of the other way around.

Another benefit to Costumed Rigard as tank - if he fires, even if he dies the next turn, the rest of the team still gets his HOT and attack bonus.

Only reason for leaving 5* out is need a healer and dispel can be important.
Sonya fast so good next to bt li mana stop and tibs n LJ in the corner for damage if they go off.
That’s what I’d do with them 5 heros and they heavy emblemed :woman_shrugging:

Awesome that sounds great. I will definitely try that once I have finished my my rigard costume as well. I have gone up against rigard with wu and jackal. If I get the right set of yellows they do some heavy damage. But with these fast hitters everywhere they will do more damage hopefully :rofl: thanks bro great thinking process :+1:

So better for now stick with the original until my 5* get stronger? I have been thinking that. But I really really wanted to start using the 5* :rofl: thanks bro

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