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First, excited to be here and learn from the community!

I’ve only been playing about 4-5 months and well let’s face it I’m still learning on the job. I’d love some advice on team building now that I’ve picked up some 5* hero’s. I’ve been constantly playing with the team lineup to see what works so any advice it greatly appreciated.

5* are very expensive, good option is to make at least one 3* rainbow and 2-3 (best 5) 4* rainbiw teams.

You have Belith maxed, thats very good. Berden is high and he is one of best green 3*, finish him.

Hawkmoon (you should have 2 colored healers) and Namahage.

Gato, Valen (optional Gunnar)

Baltazzar, Chochin (optional Gill-Ra)

Melia, Gan-Ju

Melendor -> Caedmon -> Gadeirus (Kashrek is probably best 4* tank in game but I’m choosing most usefull heroes)

Grimm -> Triton -> Boril (hunt Kiril, he is very usefull)

Colen to 3^60 -> Gormek(for tanking) -> Colen max -> Sumitomo (hunt Boldtusk, Wilbur and Scarlett)

Rigard -> Proteus -> Tiburtus

Danza -> LiXiu(can tanking too) -> Chao/scnd Danza

Ranvir, QoH, Ursena, Alice (hunt for good green 5*)

I know it can be weird to upgrading weaker heroes but you can max them fast, use them in monthly events and class trials.
And 1 very Important thing, 4* needs much less resources and time than 5* and yoy can finish everything in game with only maxed 4*.


Whoa, thanks for the advice! Much appreciated. It’s a bit overwhelming when you get the 5*'s and instinct is to get those guys up and going fast.

When getting 5* up and going there is no ‘fast’ unless you have a whole load of recruits, ham and rugged clothes banked. Good advice from @Radar1


thanks. I was under the assumption i needed to get those 5* hero’s going but it seems that I may need to re-look at my strategy with the 3&4* hero’s.

I have been playing 7 months. I only have 2 maxed 5* heroes and about 80 % of all 4 stars, and most of them are maxed. I play in diamond level, and get ascension materials weekly from titans, chests and events. I even have matts to level three more of my 5 stars but I’m waiting for better ones. Meanwhile my four stars are able to do the job efficiently. I enjoy events, wars and titans with nice variety of heroes.

I think @Radar1 gave sound advice . I would follow him.


thanks @Aunty and @GelatinousPilot! @Radar1 really appreciate the info.


Great advice from @Radar1, as usual. A little input from me.

I usually advise 2 three-star rainbow teams. That way, you can switch out the reflected color for two of the strong color in challenge events. I still have lots of maxed three-stars (more than two rainbow teams, for sure) because some of them have really useful specials for three-star restricted events. In green, I recently drew Berden, Muggy, and Hisan, and I’m maxing all of them before I go back to four-stars (Little John is next up in green).

Also, don’t sleep on Brienne. Since my alliance only fights small titans, I still use her on my blue titan team, alongside Melendor, Skittleskull, Caedmon, and Tiburtus (no good fifth green; Tibs is neutral color with defense down). Set my personal titan record with 61K damage with that team. Brienne’s attack up is no joke. Also consider Muggy and Hisan at some point.

Agree with these; I still use them a lot. Also work in Jahangir at some point for fast, three-star raid tourneys. He’s brutal.

Gunnar isn’t really optional in some contexts. I’d max him, too, but not before Valen and Gato. Ulmer is useful for the same reason as Jahangir. Graymane is trash, though.

Also hunt Tyrum. Fast, three-star dispeller.

Where is Bane? Did you EAT BANE? (It’s kind of a joke on here that you don’t eat your first Bane. Seriously, he’s the best yellow three-star. Try to get another one and max him.)

100% agree

I think I see a Boldtusk in there. Straight to the head of the line for the King of Orcs. Massively useful (and I don’t have him! :cry:) I might put Gormek ahead of Colen, but I’m partial to Gormek because he’s still my best red.

Close call on Rigard/Proteus. Both are beasts. How are you doing in events and rare quests? Proteus can win them for you by himself. Taking nothing from Rigard, though. He’s a boss with that cleanse.

Love me some Danza. Don’t let the randomness put you off. Yellow four-stars aren’t that good as a whole; Danza looks great by comparison. Just annihilated a war opponent thanks to Danza’s blind.

Make sure and consider class needs when making priorities, too. If a trial is tough for you, consider who can help. Emblems + trainer hero makes it worth it to try and finish that last level.


Good point about Boldie, I didn’t saw him.
Colen 3^60 -> BT -> Gormek -> Colen -> Sumi


Thanks @Noble_Weasel! All this input is great. I didn’t get the reflecting color part of it and just attacked with what I had without that strategy that’s been laid out.

Well, it looks like I forgot to lock out my Bane. I had him but I must have used him on accident before I learned about locking hero’s. @Radar1 thanks again for the input.

One Q I have is it better to level up 4*'s with 1 or 2*'s? I’ve read some different ideas online and just curious if you show use them the same or lean more to one or the other. Meaning use the 1*'s on 5*'s level ups?

I’ve seen this advice about using 2-star feeders for higher level heroes and 1-stars for lower level heroes, but personally, I just always pick one hero of each color and use all my feeders of that color on that hero until I get them to the level I’m pushing them to. Right now, I am leveling 3-stars Gill-Ra and Muggy that way, and also leveling 5-star Thorne that way, so the type of hero doesn’t matter to me much. I don’t know that there is a real advantage to splitting feeders. It seems to me like it just makes it take longer before either hero is ready to use, but maybe there is reasoning that I’m not aware of.


@Noble_Weasel Thanks for the info. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I’ve been feeding like color to like to try to level multiple. Now with the earlier advice I’ll start to level up those 4*'s. Put together a team and tried a few raids over lunch with them and did really well.

Don’t worry about having fed your Bane away, lots of us did it - The Honorary Society of First Banefeeders


I knew there was a thread for that, but I couldn’t find it. Thanks, @GelatinousPilot. I did want OP to see that it really is a thing around here! (Also, for all my mistakes, I’m glad I am not a member of that society!)

@GelatinousPilot and @Noble_Weasel I’m ok being a member. Being new and making mistakes is ok with me. Just trying to learn the game better and better understand when I need to do what and how I need to go about doing other things in this world.


@Zoran, the best way to learn is by making mistakes. My very 1st ever Summons was a 5* (Musashi) it was the absolute WORST thing that could have happened. The time, recruits, feeders, food etc that I wasted…ugh
Course correction was made after I was completely useless in my 1st AW and hitting Titans. Now I have a good stable of 3-4* with the better ones being emblemed. The game isn’t a race, it’s a long marathon. You’re maxed 3-4* will help you get the AM’s and emblems you’ll need for the 5* eventually. Take @Radar1’s advice, add in @Noble_Weasel’s and you’ll be a much happier player

P.S I have Hel, Frida, Khagan, Anzogh, Yunan, Margaret all sitting at 1/1. Musashi BTW is still at 3/70. Once I’m done my current 4* projects I’ll start on them


To paraphrase @PapaHeavy,

they who never made a mistake never did anything

As my original post hinted at, I too am a member of that society and that is not the only mistake I have made along the way. Asking, learning and finding out is what this forum is about, and certainly feeling like you are not the only one who did something some might consider silly is also part of that learning process.


Amen to that!

20 Hallelujahs also?


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