Hero Spotlight: Cheshire Cat [Vid]

So I finally got around to recording some raids with the oh so amazing Cheshire Chat or “the Cat”. Testing is not done yet as I still plan on pairing him up with several other heroes for maximum damage and just for the fun of it… I haven’t been excited about a new 4* since probably Hansel and with good reason. The cat is simply endless fun. Fast mana, elemental debuff on holy and undispellable DoT (damage over time) ? What’s not to like?

Currently, this is how I’m using the cat:

  • Paired with Panther & Sargasso for a 3-way fatal punch. Basically, the tank is usually the first hero to die on a defense leaving 2 heros standing on each side. Firing the cat will quite often rearrange the defense so that you end up with more than 2 heroes grouped together. Fire Panther + Sargasso for the chance at killing more heroes on the same turn. Or, at the very least kill 1-2 and cause severe damage to remaining heroes, enough so that the cats DoT or tiles can easily finish the job.

A secondary benefit to this trio is that Panther will remove any healing buffs and Sargasso will restrict further healing by 50% allowing the cat to cause further damage. I’m also using Khiona to boost Sargasso’s attack, sadly she’s level 70 and is often the first to leave the party.

  • Stacking DoTs is simply deadly on any hero and the cats DoT is no exception. Currently testing with Cat + Gravemaker + Yunan. However the differences in mana speed is proven to be somewhat of a challenge (Very Fast, Fast & Slow mana) Still, stacking 2/3 of those DoTs is often enough to get the job done. In this case, it’s important to buy yourself some time to get as many ticks in before continuing your onslaught. One thing to note is that whereas Gravemakers and Yunans DoT can be removed (cleansed) the cats DoT and Yunans healing restriction can’t be, this means that the defense will be severely restricted in their healing should they get healed and they will continue to receive damage through remainder of the cats special.

*Lasty (for now) another valuable effect is the ability to break the chemistry the defense was meant to have, i.e. moving the tank to a corner rendering them next to useless.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a few raids with the cat used in different ways.

PS. This isn’t meant to be an instructional video or how-to. It’s simply some examples of how the cat can interact within an offensive team. Highly recommend viewing in full screen mode and highest res possible.


Great video…


@Wormwood excellent use collection - appreciate you taking the time to put it together! The first battle is my Fav as CC is in true to Form - getting the early Mana activation (which is more common than not in my use experience). Clearly show’s CC has use value even with the TOP TIER raiding players… as well bringing to light the following that I’ve not seen mentioned yet:

Break the Chemistry the defense was meant to have



Thanks for posting this Wormword! First post but been playing for 7 months. Was lucky enough to get Cheshire during the Winderland adventure and was considering using him as a big meal. Your video has changed my mind. Thanks for showing the way! :heart:

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