Is Cat a good Guin/Onatel buster?

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So currently I’m waiting for a 6th tabard to ascend Seshat who is much better at this role, but I was hoping for advice from those WITH EXPERIENCE as to whether Cheshire Cat does well or at least adequately in this role compared to a more generic 4* dark in a yellow tankbuster squad, like Tiburtus or Gafar who are my other options.

I primarily use cat against yellow Titans where the shuffle doesn’t matter, but he’s a tad fragile at 3/60.

My other purples aren’t really an issue. I just wanted to know from those who have used the cat whether he does okay in his perceived role, or is he more of a Titan-only hero?

Thanks for reading!

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No, the Cheshire Cat is useful to regroup enemies and let your 3-target strikers deals a high amount of damage or to move around foes to have a chance to ghost some more tiles but his skill doesn’t pose a threat to yellow tanks.

He greatly lower the defense of holy heroes so you could keep it in your titan’s team but I wouldn’t put my hopes on him being a threat to yellow tanks.

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Just curious - is part of your thinking that you could shuffle the tank out of the tank position 80% of the time, and then deal with whoever else ends up in the front?

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Heck no. I know he has just as much chance as moving a Guin/Onatel out as moving a Kage/Hel/Kunchen into the center, which in a purple mono attack would suck, and that’s assuming he fires before either Guin or Onatel. I usually run mono purple when I see an emblemed Guin or Onatel in center and hope RNGesus has blessed my board.

And if that’s the case, the tank will die before cat ever does anything, rendering his anti-holy skill pretty much meaningless.

My anti-Guin team consists of Panther, +19 Rigard, +15 Sabina, +18 Merlin, and a 3/70 Seshat. I’m just wondering if Cat is even kinda useful outside of yellow Titans or if that’s pretty much all it’s good at, so I can make an informed decision on my trap tools.


Then try to put cat as 5th element in yellow mono team, and take gvin away, just idea

Panther +19 :face_with_hand_over_mouth::open_mouth:

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There is a comma there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That makes more sense :slight_smile:

Was gonna say, if you’ve got Panther at +19, surely the car isn’t of concern to you haha.

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