📘 Puss in Boots: Fables of Grimforest – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

What @Df105 said. There wouldn’t be much unique chemistry as with QoH since BK doesn’t yield minions…

Got Puss long time ago, was very happy with the pull but would have never- ever thought he is so amazing. He is on tank spot for me. This means when he is hit multiple times, summons 3x blind mice and starts healing. Hot helps the whole team regain life while mice poke at enemies and shield him. Will avoid some sniper damage through rogue ability - very useful. Rest of the team is Rump, Drake F, Evelyn and Kingston. Usually around 2550 cups, often above 2600.

He is my favorite character. Mice are often underestimated, but several times blind mouses killed enemy, won battles for me.

Also take him to Titan fights - heals + buffs the whole team. Very useful.

No summoner paired with him yet, spent over 200+ pulls in Avalon but got no (none) Avalon cards. Hope will be able to pair him with others, so when he fires as tank a minion army will revenge the attacker!

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ja, I am also surprised with his performance. in last class trial he did really really well. Mine is now around 4.30 or so. still a little weak for raiding, but I already see more use for him as for my red good. What would be good a blue aggressive attack hero that spawns minions to pair also with him. Actually, there is no blue minion spawner, as I remember, and most others are also healers or so.
So, curious to have him at max and play more around with him…

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just now seeing this @Wormwood, you should have made this its own thread in Player Guides…have you done more like this?

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I have actually. There’s one on Cheshire Cat
and hero chemistry between Hansel & Merlin. Will look for link for ya…

Working on one for Sif and Heimdall atm. Hoping to release by the end of the week.


Puss in Boots in times of minions. Where do a put him?

I’ve been seeing a lot more Puss in Boots in raids, defenses. With Freya, Telluria and others.

I finally got a summoner (Telluria), and Puss in Boots was my tank.

Do I put him in the wings with Telluria as a tank?

I do the same - Puss as tank, Telluria flank. But you can swap and see if win/loss ratio changes. I think more and more players will find the cure to kill Telluria tanks.

puss should not be in wings, I think, flank or tank depending on the options and emblems…

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I have PiB in my alt account.

Unfortunaltey I don’t have other summoners (he was actually my first red 5* in that account), however he is great.

He replaced BT in my red attack team, no regrets on giving him the rings.


So my baby allt pulled PiB today with coins. Baby has also maxed Telluria. Am I correct to think they work nicely together? I run Marjana in defense there, other fire alternatives being JF 3/70 and Tyr (not started yet).

PiB seems to be very interesting, but I haven’t seen him much. Is he underachiever or is there just so many good fire heroes and he is quite new?


He is quite new. It’s only his second appearance in this event.

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I was lucky enough to just get PIB. I’m gonna max him once I have the rings no doubt. Telly seshat PIB Freya should be spitting out minions non stop

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The synergy is great with them.

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I just got a PiB with one single coin pull! Although I don’t have any other 5* minion summoner I wonder if PIB would be a good aquisition for a offensive team in war raids due to his healing and dmg bonus. Would he worth the investment or should I stay with Boldtusk and others 4* healers?

I think than BT+19 is better, if you have a costume) But if not, you can use PiB.

And he is a rogue! healer, which is very helpful on class trials. 3/70 definitely, rings - maybe not the first.

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It’s all about synergies with Puss.

Freya and Puss go together really well… Between them you get heal over time, attack buff, defence buff, Puss gets even higher minion damage (two mice and a raven) and Freya gets her first raven buffed by the second (which Puss summons).

Puss and QoH go together great too - QoH minion is where she gets her taunt… Puss gives her another one - so taunt lasts longer :slight_smile:

I pair PiB with everyone…red stack, yep…minion team, yep…he is much stronger then BT, has high tile damage and the rogue skill is great…a chance for your healer to survive an attack…yes please

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For Telly/Vela/GM(JF) meta monk ability is much better than rogue’s. So, BT(+C)+19 is better.

Guess we’ll see how rebalance shakes out…I never use BT…but I wouldn’t be able to emblem him where as PiB has all of my rogue emblems

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