Current Fated summon best pick

So I still don’t have a 5* dark hero yet. And the fated summon seemed like my best chance for me to get one while I wait on luck for future summons. I kind of liked Sargasso from the current list, but I read reviews here about him. People don’t seem to like him much, is he that terrible?

And who would you recommend to pick instead? Even if it’s any other color than purple, just any good hero from that list in your own opinion

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This is what i currently have by the way…

I think if you max Cheshire Cat and Merlin, you wont need Sagasso. C2 Rigard, Tiburtus, Cat, Merlin and Fura can be good team.
I think i am the biggest hater of Sargasso, so i dont advise you to pick it. TC20 will give you Sartana, Domitia or Obakan. All of these old heroes are better than Sargasso.

For me, best hero is Frida. Defence down is a good effect. Besides that, Frigg (again defense down), Norns, Anzogh and Margaret can be very useful.

I played 2 years without red 5*, it is not big deal. You will face the opponents who are more or less same power.


Cheshire cat really? I actually almost fed him away. Is he any good at all?:confused:

On Sargasso, i think I’m also having second thoughts after all the reviews on him.
I will consider the others🙏

Cat is very good against yellow titans. If you hit harder, you will get more mats.
Keep one copy from each hero at least. You will find some place to use them anyway.


Mhm I see.
Guess he will be a future project as soon as I’m done with my war team then

Well Sargasso decrease healing 90%, I’ll pick him at some point. Probably good against Hathor and the green ninja and other healers, I like C Rana a lot too. My top two picks are Frida and Frigg tho :blush::+1:


Hi another fun way is Norns, and then you can use all your holy vs. enemies holy :clown_face:
(instead of dark vs. holy), or even mix between dark+holy

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Playing devil’s advocate here, but Sargasso has been buffed 3 times since he came out. I don’t think he’s a bad pick for someone who lacks a 5* dark hero.


Frigg looks decent…
I already have Archie as a green 5*, but perhaps our wouldn’t be so bad having her as my second😅

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So Norns would be your best pick huh? :thinking:
She does look good though

I kinda liked his healing decrease😅

Yeah I needs dark as much as you as I am C2P, I mainly lacks good attack-buff dark, but I couldn’t bring myself to choose Khiona, since she is too plain …
Therefore, I decide to use some of attack-buff from my holy instead (CB WuKong , CKailani )

Also, I just found out that Norns got her buff longer from 4 turns to 5 turns

(This page still say 4, but the current card say 5


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If sargasso’s healing down is up now to 90%, they might as well just put it to 100% at this point

Maybe a fourth buff?


You should take Frida no doubt. Elemental defense down is one of the greatest abitilities in game and most likely you wont get another chance to Frida. Frida will suit your titan team vs reds and boost greatly all damage you make to opposing heroes with other blue heroes such as Grimm or other hitters.


Healing down is very unnecessary ability for me. Instead of that, i prefer defence down, attack up etc My priority is to kill enemies, so i will pick fast snipers. If Sargasso would be the first 5* purple, it wont be easy to beat opponents. His stats are also not good enough, he hits only 1 enemy (giggling the adjacents) at acerage speed. To pick a hero against Hathor, i dont know it is quite luxury.

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If you want a purple, Salmon Loki isn´t nearly as bad as everybody makes him. He is a joke of course, just like Dawa, but unlike Dawa he is much better than his name :smiley: Better than his name, still doesn´t make him good. But he is less bad than the alternatives.

Frida (offense) and Frigg (defense) are of course the best heroes in this selection if you don´t have a big roster.


I find him just missing out on one skill which is crit up. Crit up because it ties into his RNG theme.
FWIW he really is not that bad of a hero nowadays but gets a bad rep because of how different he works as compared to other heroes

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Also, because he got a few buffs over the years, so when he came out he was even worse than he is now :slight_smile:

It’s a bonus if you have super elemental heroes and you want to create some unconventional chaos. The Kalevala heroes also have some really good combos with salmon as well