Purple hero who's next

Hi i have:
1 maxed Khiona,
1 2/60 Khiona
1 maxed Tuburtus
1 maxed Rigard
1 Tiburtus, Sabina, Cashire Cat and Rigard to start lvling.
I have 4 Tabards and 10 trap tools
I was thinking about lvling Khiona to 3/60 and then start feeding Sabina. What u guys thinkin?

Cheshire Cat. He has fast mana I believe and is a royal when he moves everything around. Sabina is sweet but Cheshire Cat is uniques and very disruptful.

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Would say that too, but we don´t know if he needs one for offense or defense, that would influence my decision.

Agreed. Sabina is beastly defensively and Cheshire is really about setting the opposing team for an atttack so he would b offensive. Ugh. Sabina has ruined my day a few times. Not looking forward to facing the Mad Hatter leveled up for the first time too. That’s not gonna b fun. He’s like 1 notch behind the QoH in shear power all around.

I would do Rigard. You have a purple defense down hero and a healer/cleanser is invaluable. Then, I’d only take khiona to 3/70 if you’re going to max the second one to 80.

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How is your hero class depth for emblem quests? Do you need a sorcerer? (i.e. Sabina or Cheshire)

Yeah agreed, my sorcerer team is weak and emblems are one of the most important commodities in the game, worth getting the cat and sabina to 3-60 at least. Amd consider maxing either for the sake of emblems.

Thx for the response. I don’t have lvled sorcerers. The plan was to lvl up cat but i have had second thoughts. For a long time i used Melendor as a healer and Sabina is like him but purple. And then i have Rigard but different skill. So in the end i couldn’t decide alone ;-). Thats why i created this topic.

Kitty is coolest…

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