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Was wondering if I could impose upon the wisdom of those before me on how to apply sorcerer emblems to the Cheshire Cat? I have no better sorcerers not already advanced, and a ton of emblems. I normally go attack>defense>health, but I heard his poison is based off of the heather stat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Kinda depends on his role in your list. Mine is only used for yellow titans, and as we are pretty much always hitting 13/14* titans, survivability is key. So I maxed out its def and health as priorities

Here it is

It can take a hit usually from a 14 and just survive, and the yellow only def down at fast speed is good

If you want to use him raiding or wars then there could be an argument for attack up to increase his undispellable dot, but I don’t use it for anything but titans

But I generally think for a support hero, survivability is the superior path


I’m mixing it a little bit… Also using him for titans, and bloody battle 4* tourneys. I might experiment a little bit for more usability overall. :slight_smile:


Well you’re kind of mixing it, but still maximising survivability as the two paths where you’ve chosen an attack node you had no choice but to include one. Sorcerer path is a bit annoying that way, can’t go pure def/hp

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True… The only difference is critical chance/attack. I just don’t see much point in that healing bonus. :man_shrugging:t2:

Also true, especially if you’re using it for bloody battle :+1:

I think it will be something like that:

Mine survive a hit from a 14* titan without emblem, with a low level crit troop (+5) and just the attack debuff from the axes (no turtle banner).

Fair enough. I don’t tend to use axes, which may explain the heavy emblems - I’m generally using offensive items, or none at all

Maybe! Although, not still 100% sure about health+defence, down close to the end. :slight_smile:

Same here: 14* titans and HP/Def path :wink:

I went the other way and took Att where I could so that I increased the fast DoT that’s undispellable. He’s also great for wars when you need to rearrange a strong enemy lineup. Especially good on Guin that way. Titan use is nice, too, but once you have strong purples he likely drops off there.

I use him in wars for mixing up the tanks as well. When the other team has matching tanks in my weakest colour, the Cat can be a great help if you can get him firing early.

He is also part of my titan team so get quite a bit of use from me.

I have not fully emblemed him yet - he is at 7 talents so far - because of his class being high competition in my roster. Sabina (my go-to healer) took most of them and other heroes keep pushing the Cat down in the pecking order. So far he has gone the two routes with the defence in and I will probably be sticking with defence and health to keep him alive longer when he finally reaches the top of the pile for emblems again.

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