Cheshire Cat & Sorcerer Emblems

Hi clever people, I was looking at running Cheshire Cat in some raid teams as an experiment, and I was about to apply emblems to it when I ran into a conundrum.

The Cat’s Special damage special is ‘All enemies receive 272 poison damage over 4 turns’.

The Delay emblem special is ‘+X% chance to drop the mana generation of the enemy by 50% for two turns after dealing damage. The effect is applied at the end of the turn.’

My question is:

  1. Does the emblem special work at all?
  2. If it does, does it fire each time the poison damage fires’, or only the first time?

Thank you!

Delay comes in from TILE hits (or slash attacks for defence teams). Definitely works! I love it when my Morgan comes thru as clutch with the mana control

Poison damage doesn’t trigger the Delay talent.

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Ahh, brilliant.

Thanks Guvnor. Greatly appreciated.


Health will increase its DoT.
Go hearts/attack on talent path.

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i was thinking of stoping lvling my 3rd rigard to go for cheshire cat , is she worth it if i don’t have blackpanther for titan ? should i lvl her for titan ?

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Yes, Chesh is a cheap def downie against holy. Tibs will set a longer, but lighter def down. Unfortunately Chesh isn’t elemental def down like the mighty Panther, that can be combined with Chesh/Tibs.

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Here’s mine for reference:

One of my favourite heroes.


I have it +18, but i don’t know if its skill ever does anything for me.

I mostly use it against titans for its -44% defense down to holy enemies. To let it survive a hit from 14*, i emblemed with mainly defense and then attack.

It has proven useful in war teams unexpectedly, i use it in my blue-purple stack.


Well, I’m two for two on my Telluria with a yellow flank raid tactic.

In the current climate, that level of data is enough to suggest that everyone in the world should adopt it as a tactic.

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All very interesting. Mitsuko is at +18 and that’s as far as she is going I think, even though the mana node looks pretty attractive

So who is my next sorcerer project. Cat does get used on Titans but at 13 stars and over is one shotted easily. Do we think that might change with a def/hp emblem route? I do like the holy def down combined with my panther

Honestly… Worth it for titans? Yes.

Did mine get stripped? Yep.

Are those emblems much better value (for me) on Locke? Hell yes.

Yeah, it does but no need for def/hp route, def/att is better. I would advise you to keep in mind that +18 def ALWAYS works better than +36 health. If the issue is just 13* titans, leave it at where it where it constantly stays alive and doesn’t burn a hole in your emblem pocket. i would suggest +8 is fine. you can emblem it further if you promote to 14* titans

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