Offensive team positioning

So I’ve always been under the impression that positioning for an offensive (attacking) team isn’t necessary, this is said whilst ignoring heroes that buff adjacent heroes.

As the computer presumably attacks randomly (yet still hits my Proteus 5 times in a row), I don’t feel like placing the appropriate heroes in the tank, flank and wing positions improve/reduce your success rate.

Am I missing something?

It is better to place your two most key heroes in the corners (unless there is Jabberwock on the other team). This is because heroes who hit 3 (GM, Hel, Drake) will be less likely to attack them (and they won’t be able to hit two of your most important heroes at the same time).


What if we there are only single target damage enemy heroes?

If all 5 are snipers (e.g. Sartana-Joon-Marjana-Magni-Lianna or something similar), then positioning doesn’t really matter.


Cheers mate, I thought as much

I only worry if it’s a hero that help neighboring heroes. Sif, Boril, Brynhild or Cyprian on the wing is a wasted hero.

I tend to keep healer / support apart, so both will not be taken out by a single attack.

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