Hero allignment – is there a secret to attack/offense team placement?

Ive asked this numerous of times and on every possible alliance that Ive come accross with. Is there a secret as to allign one’s heroes when attacking?

Now a lot said forum this and forum that, tank in this colour or flanks in that colour, but nothing works. As soon as you go against say in a raid and the opponents tank is red, the choice would be to get 2 blue heroes in your team, but where do you put them? As flanks, as tank and flank, as whatever? Ive tried numerous positions and nothing towards advantage and for some reason, always, as in always, when one hero is missing, that colour pops up the whole time in the decks, no matter what. Or even your colour combo with more blue heroes, youll rearly get that particular colour cards when fighting, as if you get punished for having more blue heroes or if you dont have a particular colour in your group.

And what Ive also noticed, for some reason, everyone is set up with a certain amount of decks,say everytime you log on to play. You think you have a winning bunch, but its all according to ones deck. Ive noticed say every 87-94th time you play, you get a good deck which is awesome,but then your cycle starts over,as if you have to time it, how many fights per lap. I know it sounds silly, but look for yourself and wright it down if you forget how many times you fight. As soon as you see all your cards fall in perfect order or place with no hastle to move them, count how many times after that particular fight when you’ll get another awesome deck. Its almost like a slot machine, every 1 945 800th player wins “something” (just an example). Have noticed it particularly with Titan fights and what gets one under is when you raid or in a war, always. Its as if you get 5 fights with awesome decks right after each “lap”, so as soon as you get it, use it wisely.

Either for raids or war, doesnt matter, its your choice.

The position of your heroes on offense is not nearly as important as it is in defense. Here are some things to think about in putting together the order:

  1. Do any of the heroes affect only the nearby allies? If so, make sure those heroes are towards the middle and have nearby allies that can benefit from the buff.
  • Example: Kashhrek heals and protects nearby allies so he typically sits center.
  1. Do any of the opponents have specials that attack nearby heroes? If so, try to create a gap between important heroes that could be hit by those opponents.
  • Example: Gravemaker hits three adjacent heroes and does extra damage against nature heroes, so if you are bringing two nature heroes against GM, try to put them on opposite sides of the lineup.

Other than that, it’s pretty much setting them up in a way that is useful for you to play. For example, against the Titans, I will order the heroes left to right in the order that I would want to fire them if all of their specials were activated. I might break that rule with, say Ares, to position him next to two strong hitters.


Here’s a practical example for some of wise @Kerridoc 's points.

Note - this isn’t necessarily a team that I’d pick, it just includes interesting elements

So e.g. facing a purple tank:

Proteus - low defence so on the outside as less likely to get hit on the wings by attacks that hit three

Boril - risposte covers himself and either side, so should never be put on the outside. Also, the reflected damage is higher from low defence heroes, so Boril goes next to Proteus

Justice is tough, so goes in the middle

Gadeirus heals and buffs himself and two others, so should not be on the outside. He will increase the attack of my two yellow heroes.

Chao - second yellow but placement is low priority


Tiles are 100% randomly drawn. There’s no cycle, and no algorithm controlling them. This has been demonstrated experimentally, and explicitly confirmed by the developers. Good boards and bad boards happen with no predictable pattern.

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Another very common example that I think is easy to overlook:

Let’s say I feel I need to strongly counter something in my opponent’s offense, such that I bring two heroes with a given (similar) skill. This could be two healers, or two dispellers. Separate those heroes, such that they can’t both be simultaneously affected by mana control skills.


In addiction on what it was already said, if you running stacking colors take a look which troops your heroes have (so, pick the hero that you want the best troop as first).

Seems trivial, but it can make some difference.


Good advice — always check your heroes. If you rearrange your team, you might find that your primary red troop got cleared away; or you might have a crit troop on a hero,where you want the mana troop.


Thnx for all the info. Have tried it these few days and failed miserably. Lost 400 trophies with raidi g,but trophies aint important. Think it also has to do with all the extra talents that puts one down, if you dont have heroes with enough talents, you’re screwed. So will try different tactics and combos, but thanx again for everyones input, good luck to you all

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Hi Zephyr, have a off-topic question. Not sure if i can ask like this… but anyway… when you are attacking (wars, raids), why does it matter, who do you have in tank position etc.? Defence is attacking your team randomly or am I missing something? I constantly see in youtube that the players are building the attacking teams like defence teams… why? I know that for example placing Ares in the corner is nonsense…


Depends on defense. There are many heroes that hit 3 as their special (Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek and many others) and, exactly how you mentioned, defense hits random, the corner heroes have the least chance of being hit with such specials, and center hero has highest chance to be hit.


Hi @Zprdeledech, I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

@Jyzzy gave a helpful response, and there’s additional useful info up above in this thread. Take a look, and if you still have questions, ask away! :slight_smile:


Any of the center 3 heroes have equal chances to be hit by splash attacks. Left corner, left flank and center as targets will all do splash damage to left flank, for instance.

Probability of being hit by a randomly-targeted splash attack:
Corner: 40%
Flank: 60%
Center: 60%