Advice on my Optimal Defense Positioning

Hi all, I have the current heroes (as screen shot below)

Currently running in order for defence are
Caed - Grimm - BT - Rigard - Wukong

Is my raid def positioning correct as above?
I have all the mats to get my first 5 heroes to the last ascensions at one shot.

I do feel like my team has way too many snipers…the current setup feels very offensive.

Based on my full roster, who should I swap out in the near future? Thanks to all advice in advance :blush:

Your positioning looks good, squishy heroes on the wings.
If I were you I would level up Li Xiu put her in Caedmons spot and Caed in Wu’s spot.
Wu tends to not be a very good defensive hero, Especially with the AI playing.
Otherwise you are set up correctly, D down 1st, healing etc
I normally try to space out my healers also. So with Li leveled you could tank her with Boldy to the left and Rigard to the right.

Grimm, BT, Li, Rigard, Caedmon

Edit: this also helps mitigate tile damage. If the go after Grimm with green this only does half damage to BT, same with Li and Rigard. Some of the much better players than me may have more useful advice however. So I suggest you wait a bit. Good Luck!! And welcome to E&P!!

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Also wanted to mention. Wu is great for Titans and on offense against stronger teams in raids due to his massive tile damage, when he doesn’t miss. I see you have Tarlak (Lucky Duck) who, in my opinion, is a better Wu because he doesn’t MISS!! So if you want to have better Titan run, use Wu for now but start leveling Tarlak right after Li. Use same color feeders for the best results also.


Thanks man ! Yeah I was lucky to get Tarlek

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I can confirm that Li Xiu will do much better on your defense team than Wu Kong, because I only had Wu Kong for a long time, and now I have a maxed and emblemed Li Xiu in place on my defense team. There’s no way I’d stay in low diamond if I had Wu Kong in there instead.

@PapaHeavy, wouldn’t you want Caedmon to fire first to dispel enemy defense buffs? I would want him to the left of Grimm, for sure, to lessen the likelihood that Grimm would kill himself on a Riposte.

Personally, I’d go: Caed - Grimm - BT - Li Xiu - Rigard

Given that roster, I’d prefer to level up Cyprian to put in there somewhere in place of Rigard; but that’s just because I think that two healers on defense is a losing strategy.

Maybe Caed - Grimm - BT - Cyprian - Li Xiu ?

Good gaming!


But BT is also considered a healer?

Good point Fizban. I actually put Caed towards the right to dispell (hopefully) after the opposition specials go off, sorta a safety net for the AI.

Go with caedmon bt li xiu grimm rigard.

Li xiu is mini Guin and a pita in lower tiers.


After Looking at your roster I can make the following points.

You have a rainbow 4* team. Good heros mostly leveld to 3/60 with exception of Grimm in the 4th ascencion.

Then you have a dozen heroes leveled all over the place.

You have no maxed 3* heroes.

This makes you a lame duck in wars and gives you no choices for offence.

Get Li Xiu to 3/60 better 4/70 asap. She is a good tank for your level.

Bring Cademon to 3/60.

If you have Belith and/or Brienne Level them next……Belth first.
If you dont have the level Melendor.

Finish Gunnar.

If you have started “good” 3* heroes finish them first.

Then start finishing your 4*'s if you have the mats . If you dont do the good 3*'s until you have 2 3* rainbow teams.

After this finish ( Level to 3/60) the 4*'s you started with.

Grimm, Kiril



Cyprian, Gafar

This should give you the possibility to do a lot more class quests and finish a lot more other quests and give you some fire power for war.

You already have some very good heros assembled but it will take time and patience to level them.

Only feed the same color. This means you have always 5 heros in training but in the long run ( and that is what E&P is about :smile: ) it will be 20% more efficient and faster.

Wish you best of luck.

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