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Level 51, 1.25 years playing.

And now Barbie’s dressup…


You are correct and I think the most overlooked benefit is the 5% mana generation boost from the costume improvements even if you do not equip the costume. Someone in beta calculated that these slow hero costumes (Vivica, Quintus, Horghall, Elena & Isarnia) will be able to charge up in 10 tiles instead of 12 on offense if they have the costume + level 29 mana troops or have the costume + emblem mana bonus + level 23 mana troops.



Thanks for letting me know. I like costumes even more now :slight_smile:.


I’m sorry but I don’t agree with that line of reasoning, especially on mats. Game is heading in direction where it’s ok to monetize “old” hero rebalances. After all would SG have motivation to adjust outclassed heroes? They can just release costumes for Perseus for same cost of buying a hero right?


Exhibit A - Player slowly adjusting to newest release - costumes


FYI, Kerridoc retired from the game

I’d say it’s just a function of the enemies having high Defense values. This is new content, meant to be a bit more challenging than older content.

But if you think there may be a bug, I’d suggest contacting Support and asking them to investigate their logs and whether the damage amounts are as expected. How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

As monster/boss Defense stats aren’t visible in the game, there’s no way for us to calculate what we’d expect the damage to be based on Damage Calculation


The classic uncostumed Isarnia is better with that massive -44%. But I guess you get the stat bonus with the costume. I’d up the costume for the stat boost but still use OG Isarnia.

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Tyrum is now the only 3* cleanser with that costume. Pretty good for tourneys.

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I like it. In normal circumstances if I fire Boldtusk Wilbur Khagan the mob is obliterated and it’s on to the next stage with no mana. Here there’s plenty of time to recharge.

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@Rduke77 I am happy that he is a cleanser in the 3 star bracket. And he also gets rogue evade which is even better since he is a tankier rogue like Vlad but with a much better skill lol.

lianna is improved to a measurable level in my opinion

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After being hugely disappointed with my 5 costume pulls (2x Hawkmoon, 2x Bane and 1x Brienne), I came back to discover I had 5 free keys been given to me in my inbox. I used them, and finally got someone half decent: Rigard.

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He’s not only half decent. Rigard is a great hero (also in his non-costumed version), probably one of the best 4* heroes in PvP offence. No matter if you use the costumed or the ‘vanilla’ version, with his stat boost he is an awesome supporting hero.

More generally, I am super happy that there are considerably more cleansers now. In particular those, who have no 5* cleansers, can be more than glad if they draw Sonya or Melendor’s costume and now have cleansers in other colours than purple. I’m looking forward to seeing the costumes for the rest of the TC20 heroes and still have a small spark of hope that there will be more ways to get costumes or keys than those 6 in the event every month…

So now I have to dress my heroes in the morning, this game is becoming The Sims 5. What next romance options and baby making?


Really? Wow! I’m speechless. It seems you know everything and better than everyone here. Still, think harder… We have a 3* cleanser for a long time.

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I really don’t get why you think this costume is so good? Can you explain (as a serious question)? The attack goes from plain Isarnia (2.35 * 797= 1,873) to costumed Isarnia (2.55 * 869 = 2216) … which is nice, but that still isn’t that much damage. The real reason to use Isarnia, is her defense down. However, plain Isarnia has -44% defense down. New Isarnia has -34% defense down. That is much worse.

If I got the costume, I would definitely max it to get the stat increases, but I would never wear it since the altered special seems worse.

Edit: altered numbers. I was confused.

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Gimme a skin for Jack, he’s a barbarian!! :grin:
Red hood won’t share hers!

Isatnias mana speed is not increased as a result of the costume. No costume thus far does that

Well, I usually help the people here on forum to understand better this game, but I won’t even bother with you :man_facepalming:

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You got it wrong.
Plain Isarnia: 235 % damage -44 % defense
Costumed Isarnia: 255 % damage - 34 % defense.

Both plain and costumed Isarnia will have an attack stat in the mid-800s with a fully ascended costume.

In case of Isarnia, I personally prefer the ‘plain’ version and just take the stat boost. An alliance mate, however, thinks that the special of the costumed version can be more useful in some of the cases, also due to her class.

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