Kerridoc retires

Hey everyone,

I have been giving a lot of thought to where my time disappears–why am I getting less work done than I need to? Why have I stopped reading voraciously? Why have I gained weight? The root cause is clear–I’m spending too much time staring at screens in non-productive ways and getting too little joy from doing so.

I’ve also been asked by the new Climate Council to help plot a course for Maine to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 and 100% renewable energy by 2050. These goals are tremendously challenging and will require my focused attention.

Consequently, I am cutting way back on my screen time–and with that, I’m going to stop playing E&P and wind down my participation on the forums in an orderly way. It’s been a fun 2+ years, but it’s time to move on. My best wishes to all, especially the many forum regulars who make these forums such an interesting and informative place.

SGG is working to on-board a couple of new moderators, so @Rook and @zephyr1 should have some help soon. In the meanwhile I’ll keep half an eye over here–so don’t think that madness will reign!



Thank you Kerridoc.
And good luck with your new challenges


Thanks for everything Kerridoc, you have been a voice of reason

I will join you in retiring from the game, been playing for over a year but it has become a grind, and I also think my work has suffered, and with all the pressure there I really don’t have the time or inclination to keep going.

Thanks for being part of the inspiration for me to see that clearly. Good luck to you in your future endeavours


Hey man

Sorry to hear your going but real life does come first.

You have always been a positive unbiased voice of reason here. You always took the time out to explain why you felt the way you did about the hero or the topic. That is much appreciated.

Good luck with you new exciting venture. It does sound like quite the task. Maybe it’ll get slightly easier when the orange man is gone.

Take care and best wishes.



Another legend is leaving, but I’ll think of you every time I’ll field my Wilbur :frowning:

I’ll miss you…


All the very best and many thanks for all your hard work



@Kerridoc. Your efforts here are very appreciated. I hope all goes well with your new ventures. And who knows, rumor has it you have a family member here so maybe he’ll pull you back in. Or you can be like @JonahTheBard who took a break but then came back in a different fashion. Either way, you’ll always be welcome here in whatever capacity. If I don’t hear from you much more, thanks again.


For an Ohio State guy… you’re alright.

Thank you for bringing knowledge, level headedness, responsibility, and humor to the forum.

Best of luck in your future pursuits!

Just confirm with us this, though, before you go… did you not get a 2nd Kingston? :vulcan_salute:


Kerdidoc thank you very much for your time, effort and all the fun you provided.
I always liked your honoust opinion and your ability to keep thinking clear, not getting lost in the hectic if the day.
I truly hope you can make your dreams come true and know you will be missed here.
All the best fish for you and thanks!!!


I’ll of course miss your contributions, and I’m quite certain I wouldn’t have ended up enjoying the Forum so much, nor spent so much time here without you having been part of it — but I also completely understand and support that decision.

Your many insightful posts will continue to be a valued resource for all of us.

I know you already have quite a lot going on in both your business and singing pursuits, but joining the Climate Council is a tremendously worthwhile focal point for your time and attention. Living nearby, I particularly appreciate your efforts there as part of the larger work happening on that front around New England. I look forward to seeing your critical goals come to fruition.

When I first downloaded E&P, I thought it would be a fun diversion on that quiet weekend. I never anticipated the major component of my life that the community would become over the 15 months since. Thanks for being part of that community, and for helping keep it a welcoming, fun, and productive place to be through your efforts as moderator.



Thank you for all you have done here @Kerridoc!! Thank you for all the advice given. I wish you luck wherever you end up. You will be missed!!


Taking the liberty to butt in, as an occasional poster but avid reader of this forum. You’ve added a huge amount to my understanding and therefore enjoyment of this game. Sounds like you’ve made the right decision, but maybe, just maybe you might find the time to stop by on the forum to say hi to all, if there’s not too much danger you’d be sucked in again?


Good luck and thanks for everything:-)


Thank you for the time spent helping us all.
That project is similar, helping others on a grander scale. Thank you from NY, for past, present and future contributions to our betterment.
Have a fun and interesting life (no curse involved):grin:.


Sorry to see you go, but your RL work sounds interesting and fulfilling, which is a blessing to be grateful for. Best of luck to you!


@Kerridoc I completely understand! I’ve noticed over the past few months that I ‘check in’ a little too much throughout the day. While I haven’t stepped away totally, I’ve been restricting myself on game and forum time. Your new project sounds amazing and very time consuming. If my life was taking that turn, I’d likely take the same path as you.

Good luck with your project and we will definitely miss you here :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks and best of luck with your next interests.

Will always associate you with Wilbur


Thank you for everything you do! Best of luck in your future endeavors


Tons of blessings and good fortune for your new exciting endeavour. Sounds absolutely life changing for generations to come.

I’ve gained so much from the knowledge and insight you have shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you :cry:.


Glad to have you for the time you shared with us. I think anyone in your life is glad to have you, and I’m grateful for the time and effort you gave this community.



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