Hero classes & talents guide


Hey guys,

now that Version 18 gone live i am allowed to share my guide with all of you.
A lot might have already seen it as i shared it on Line and our 7D-Discord already.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to tag me here, on discord or line if something is off.

#edit: updated swap of Kestrel and Kageburado

Added the pic ScndStar made from my guide!

#edit3: crossed out titans as emlblem loot source and added “in the future” for challange events as to Update by @Petri

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Thanks Rilf! Y’all did an amazing job! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks ! This is awesome


Thanks @Rilf. This was really useful and was great for giving my Alliance members the heads up on a major new part of Hero development.


Excellent!! Thank you Rilf!


Awesome work, @Rilf! Thank you so much for helping the community!


Fantastic info! Thank you for all your hard work and the rest of 7DD, et al


Thanks, that was really helpful


Only change from beta to live i know so far is kageburado rouge -> barbarian

Anyone got others?


Perhaps kestrel but i don t have him. I try to verify .


@Xero786 confirmed. Swaped Kestrel and Kage.
Krestel barbarian -> rogue


Thanks you Rilf :kissing_heart:
And thanks @Xero786


Thank you @Rilf!!


Thanks to @ScndStar i could add a really well made pic to my hero class guide!

It‘s also in the sheet but check it out:



Awesome work @Rilf, thank you! :slight_smile: I would recommend to upload the infograph here as well so it’s easier to view!


Thanks. Good idea. Added it to first post.


I didn’t noticed at first but Kelile and Scarlett are typed on “ice element”


I didn‘t saw it either. Thx


Thank you :sunglasses: