Talent Tree Evaluation Sheet


Below is a link to my talent evaluation spreadsheet that I am sharing with everyone on this forum. I decided to post it after reading @Gryphonknight 's guide to talent classes and wholeheartedly agree that the emblem and reset system is structured to consume gems and facilitate more spending. The spreadsheet will allow you to compare the benefits of choosing attack vs defense stats, and shows tile damage vs a dynamic defense team as well as tile damage vs your hero or your defense team. This is a continuation of @SolemnWolf 's damage calculation work (much appreciated). All base components are built in so that you can set your troops, add an attack team to assess stacked damage dealt, add also assess stacked damage vs your talented hero. My hope is that it will help all of you use the emblems with more overall knowledge and decrease the amount of resets you end up using, which hopefully helps you save time and money for more meaningful things.

OPEN IN GOOGLE SHEETS AND MAKE A COPY TO YOUR OWN DRIVE. You will not be able to edit the sheet using the link below. There are instructions on the main page for how to use the sheet. Also, be sure to update the “All Heroes” tab with new HotMs and buffed or nerfed heroes for updated stats. Most of the old heroes are linked to Anchor’s hero guide as well for more info. The new heroes will show up on the talent evaluation page as long as you enter the new hero’s name, attack, defense, health and talent class.

Have fun and best of luck all.



I will update this periodically with new heroes as they become available.

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Thank you for sharing. This is great work.

Hero List has been updated with new Atlantis heroes and HotMs

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