Class Team Builder

I took the information generously gathered by so many posters to come up with a spreadsheet featuring all of the 3* and above heroes, their elements, and classes (minus stats, power, etc.) to help me figure out what classes I was lacking in order to gain the most emblems from the special events. So I wanted to share it in case anyone else would like to make use of it, and I have included a screenshot for reference of my current sheet (some teams have 2 of the same hero, but that is because I have 2 of them and filled an empty spot on the team).

The event names and appearance order garnered from others’ guides are also on the sheet.


Thanks for this. I find a simple spreadsheet is easier to work with than looking back and forth at charts, lovely as they may be. Being able to customize with my heroes makes this a valuable tool I will use frequently.

Updated with the new Wonderland Heroes and Kuchen (*the x’s above the trial events mark the ones that have passed. I also changed it to anyone can view, so if you want to edit it you will need to download a copy)

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