⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Miriam & Midnight

mind you khufu is slow, and Anne is fast


I really feel sorry. I can’t imagine what it must feel like for a person who has spent a lot of money to get the M&M card to be sneered like this to their face. It’s already typical of @EmpiresPuzzles . he keeps doing it. to make a Nerf it takes days to make a buff in some heroes you have to wait months or even years.

there is no point in wasting my money on this game to be mocked like this to my face.

First let me say that it’s not okay how they sell Heroes and then change them because it’s like false advertisement. It’s like buying a car with a big V8 and then they come in a month later and switch it out to a V6 and you’re like ummmmm WTF.

With that being said, most gamers who chase have been playing this game for long enough to know what happens when you see an OP hero which is exactly why I wanted nothing to do with it. Unfortunately SG keeping it the same and not nerfing Heroes makes them compete with themselves for the release of new Heroes to entice people to spend. To make people chase C Hel they had to dumb down Xnolphod because who’s going to chase a tank hero when you already have the best one. And now so they can make sure that blue heroes are still wanted and needed, they have to do the same thing to M&M.

I feel a pain of people who have these Heroes but most of them know better and sometimes it’s just best to understand it’s too good to be true.

What nerf are you referring to?

This wont take much luster off of her. Just a little bit and the only thing I would have done is something with the passives. I feel for those who chased her but this isnt even close to the biggest problem in this game. She will still be the choice of tanks…those who dont have bongpipe

Has anyone noticed a constant lack of tiles when fighting Miriam? Maybe I’ll record it but I lose “all” the time due to lack of tiles.

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They keep nerfing every hero I max. Don’t know why I still bother… last three heros I maxed where Francine, C.Victor and M&M… it’s very frustrating.

It takes me Longer than whales to max heroes so I never get to enjoy the good ones in time. by the time I max them they are nerfed.

This sucks.


I love how they upgrade the Morlovia family right before the event, get a ton of $ spent on pulls then nerf them the very next event. This is garbage this is even allowed


I totally agree. Im not spending anymore. If many follow, maybe they will understand the feeling of pain.

I got into top 50 worldwide just by doing mono green vs exclusively m&m tanks. So no, no lack of tiles

It may suck a little bit but you still have an amazing offense and defense hero that most in the game dont have. Id still call that a win

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What’s wrong with ladies?

Alternative question: What’s good about misogyny?


I would have to see it. I can’t take your word for it. Something is not right. I can’t power up any of my hero’s. Lost 13 straight due to no tiles.

You bring a recording of you winning 3 in a row with an all green team against Miriam and I’ll change my tune. The trust me bro system doesn’t work here.


I personally think she does too many things, that’s the problem. All her abilities should be attached to either her, or her minions, not both. That way you can either bring anti minion heroes or anti buff heroes. Not both and have to have them both charged at the same time. Or you can gamble and just go mono and call yourself a “skilled” player. If you get a slow board it’s hard to recover from. Making all these heroes which forces you to be lucky and get 3 matches in the first 5 moves is very frustrating and what will be the cause to the collapse of the game.

The nerf did not work. This hero is still super tough to beat.

THe point is that M&M does too many things: beefy minions, remove ailment, atk up, heal up. If it fires is game over.
Why not also add dodge, decrease heal, and all the other buff?

Better, why not just add instakill counter? As soon as M&M is hit, all your heroes die. It would be quicker!

The only counter I found is to bring many fast green heroes and hope for many green tiles at round 1 (or it will be too late).

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What the hell are you doing with Miriam and Midnight!!! She is destroying everyone’s fun at wars…… just another war with annoyed people in my alliance… what are you doing???do you ever listen…

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