November 2022 Balance Update - Details & Release Notes

Welcome to the November 2022 Balance Update!

We’re happy to report that the September 2022 Balance Update was fairly successful in bringing the power of the Kingdom Family to a reasonable level. They are no longer so excessively strong as to render obsolete all other team compositions at the top level of play, but they are still performing very well overall and remain a force to be reckoned with.

This month, we’re shipping some changes to the Styx Family so they have a slightly better chance to plunge their enemies into the underworld. Their Family Bonus and Passives are being replaced with new ones, and their Special Skills will now pack a bit more of a punch.

Family Bonus for 1/2/3 Styx Heroes

  • OLD: When this Hero receives a defense status ailment, 40%/60%/80% chance to cast the received ailment to all enemies.

  • NEW: When this Hero casts their Special Skill, 40%/60%/80% chance to cast -30% mana generation for 2 turns to all enemies.

Styx Passive

  • OLD: The duration of defense status ailments this Hero receives from Special Skills is decreased by 2 turns.
  • NEW: This Hero has innate resistance against defense status ailments and elemental defense status ailments.

Tweaks to individual Styx Heroes

  • Erebus
    • x1 Charge
      • Direct damage: 470% → 520%
    • x2 Charge
      • Direct damage: 580% → 610%
      • Damage per Minion summon attempt: 150 → 200
    • x3 Charge
      • Direct damage: 645% → 675%
      • Damage per Minion summon attempt: 150 → 200
  • Nemesis
    • x1 Charge
      • Direct damage: 470% → 500%
      • Damage per direct mana boost: 200 → 250
    • x2 Charge
      • Direct damage: 610% → 640%
    • x3 Charge
      • Direct damage: 650% → 680%
      • Damage per direct mana boost: 200 → 250
  • Hypnos
    • x1 Charge
      • Direct damage: 170% → 220%
    • x2 Charge
      • Direct damage: 270% → 320%
    • x3 Charge
      • Direct damage: 335% → 385%
  • Nyx
    • x1 Charge
      • Direct damage: 170% → 220%
    • x2 Charge
      • Direct damage: 300% → 360%
    • x3 Charge
      • Direct damage: 335% → 395%

And now, for this month’s round of buffs to older Heroes!

As always, we took some time to read through our players’ varied opinions here on our forums. A big thanks to everyone who chipped in with their two cents — if you haven’t made yourself heard there yet, please join in on the fun.

Of course, we also noticed and appreciated all the warm responses to our September round of buffs. We’ll do our best to keep these coming in future balance updates!


  • HP regeneration duration: 3 turns → 5 turns
  • Status ailment immunity duration: 3 turns → 5 turns


  • Direct damage: 280% → 330%

Santa Claus

  • Direct damage: 150% → 200%

We hope the adjustments above will help you field these particular fan favorites in a wider range of situations! If your favorite Hero missed the cut this time, please remember to let us know here on our Community Forum.

As always, we will continue to keep an eye on all Heroes affected by this update in case further adjustments become necessary. Please refer to our Hero Balancing FAQ for why we occasionally make post-release balance adjustments. If you wish to share your feedback and discuss this update with fellow players, please feel free to join the discussion here.

The November 2022 Balance Update will go live on 2022-11-14T09:00:00Z.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. Best of luck in the battles!


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