Hero ascension Advice

As far as Nature heroes goes Ive pretty much made my mind up to max out Kingston vs Lianna, but beyond that i need some advice…

So i can either get Elkanen to 3^70 or bring one of my 4 stars to max…

Melendors Wizard Costume

Red heroes ive pretty much decided on maxing Queen of hearts vs Marjana. Then my situation is similar in that i could either bring Grazul to 3^70 or max one of a few 4 stars being…

Bold Tusk

Purple im either going to max Seshat or Boss wolf…

Blue im planning to Max king Arthur vs Aegir
Then i can bring one 4 star to max


Yellow i maxed Joon over Ranvir

Any advice or criticism on my decisions is welcomed. Thanks

Maxed 4* heroes are better than 5* at 3-70. Also, Elkanen is a pretty bad hero, you shouldn’t hurry to give him any mats.

Blue: Grimm, then Kiril
Red: Boldtusk and Wilbur
Green: Hansel, then Melendor
Purple: Seshat


Most of those 4* should get maxed and you can do it quicker than a 5*. Not sure where your at in the game but leaving good 4* behind your putting yourself in a bad position especially for wars.

Melandor (costume) Hansel Caedmon Wilbur Boldtusk Gormek Kiril Grimm Triton should all be maxed asap.

The second tier would be Gaderius Kashrek Kellile.

With that said if you can finish Kingston go for it but leave Elk alone (max 4*>5* 3/70). Max Hansel.

Finish Queen if your close. But Wilbur and BT need to be maxed asap.

Finish King A if your close then max Grimm imo

Go Seshat please.

Good call on Joon over Ranvir.

Overall, I would say leave some 5* and get those must have 4*'s maxed. Depth is a big part of this game.


So after the advice…

im going to max Kingston once i get another tonic from shrikewood in a few weeks…ill have mats left to max Hansel after doing that

I have the mats to Max QoH shes at lvl 50…ill have mats left to max Boldtusk or Wilbur

Waiting on one scope from frost march to max Arthur. Ill have mats left to max Grimm

Need one tabbard to max seshat…then ill have 8 trap tools left to max two 4 star purples…i guess itll be sabina and Tiburtus. Only other option is Cyperian, but ive already got Boril maxed

Other 4 stars maxed are…

Rigard at +17
Sonya at +13
HuTao (i know big mistake…first hero i got mats for and didnt realize how hard they were to come by)

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I would max Hansel and Grimm now. You seem to have it planned out pretty well for the 5*. You will be able to max those 2 4* before you get the last mat for the 5*'s.

I would start working on Tiburtus while you wait for the tabbard.

If you have other things to do don’t wait.

Leveling should be happening all of the time.

I am pulling at straws now though. Maxing Rigard #3


Yeah the current way im leveling is pretty effective…im getting probably the first 35 levels of the third tier for a 5 star in one day then it slows down to probably a day and a half to max them out. Its been a while but im sure its the same for 4 stars. Its just hard for me to takes mats away from 5 stars because of how hard they are to come by at my current state of gameplay (6 star titans mainly…100k alliance power) so personally im wanting to get that rainbow 5 star team mainly for war defense and obviously added depth, but then whats left over go toward some 4 stars and then from there out focus on my 4 stars, because ive basically got the majority of my 5 stars at 3^70 and theyve been pretty handy…currently my 6 wars teams are at…3700, 3200,3200, 3100,3000, and 2700 so im still getting decent depth for the level of play im at anyway

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Sounds like it is working out.

But some of the 4*'s you mentioned could really help and are staples in the game even now for me at level 63. I got quite the bench of heros to work with. It really comes in handy for wars to mix and match. I don’t think I ever use the same 6 teams very often.

Just threw my opinion out there. If this is working for you then keep going. Ultimately thats what we are all looking for. The best way to work with what we have.

Heres my roster now.

5* Level Color Emblems Costume
Khiona 4-80 Purple 11
Victor 4-80 Purple
Obakan 3-70 Purple
Quintus 3-70 Purple
Mok-Arr 4-80 Purple 4
Sartana 3-70 Purple
Seshat 4-80 Purple 7
Kunchen 4-80 Purple 9
Onatel 4-80 Yellow 10
Joon 4-80 Yellow
Vivica 4-80 Yellow
Drake 4-80 Yellow 11
Drake 3-70 Yellow
Isarnia 4-80 Blue
Richard 3-70 Blue
Athena 4-80 Blue 6
Lianna 4-80 Green
Lianna 4-80 Green
Kadlien 4-80 Green 4
Horghall 1-26 Green
Natalya 4-80 Red 8
Natalya 3-70 Red
Elena 3-70 Red
Anzogh 4-80 Red
4* Level Color
Tiburtus 4-70 Purple 4-70
Tiburtus 4-70 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Rigard 2-26 Purple
Merlin 4-70 Purple
Sabina 4-70 Purple
Proteus 4-70 Purple
Proteus 4-70 Purple
Ameonna 3-60 Purple
Boomer 3-60 Purple
Jabbar 3-60 Purple
Gretal 4-70 Yellow
Wu 4-70 Yellow
Wu 3-60 Yellow
Chao 4-70 Yellow
Danzaburo 4-70 Yellow
Li Xiu 4-70 Yellow
Kiril 4-70 Blue
Kiril 4-70 Blue
Kiril 3-60 Blue
Sonya 4-70 Blue 20
Sonya 4-70 Blue
Grimm 4-70 Blue 20
Grimm 4-70 Blue
Boril 4-70 Blue
Valeria 4-70 Blue
Captain of Diamonds 4-70 Blue
Triton 4-70 Blue
Triton 4-70 Blue
Jack O’hare 4-70 Green
Caedmon 4-70 Green 20
Caedmon 4-70 Green
Caedmon 3-60 Green
Melandor 4-70 Green
Melandor 4-70 Green
Melendor 4-70 Green
Gadeirus 4-70 Green
Buddy 4-70 Green
Buddy 2-2 Green
Gobbler 3-60 Green
Little John 3-60 Green
Kashhrek 4-70 Green
Hansel 4-70 Green
Scarlet 4-70 Red
Wilbur 4-70 Red
Wilbur 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 4-70 Red 20 4-70
Boldtusk 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 3-60 Red
G. Falcon 4-70 Red
Sir Lancelot 4-70 Red
Kellile 4-70 Red
Gormek 4-70 Red
Colen 3-60 Red
Sumitomo 4-70 Red
Tyrum 3-50 Purple 8 3-50
Balthazaar 3-50 Purple
Chocin 3-50 Purple 10
Melia 3-50 Yellow
Bane 3-50 Yellow 3-50
Gan Ju 3-50 Yellow
Pixie 3-50 Yellow
Valen 3-50 Blue
Vodnik 3-50 Blue 10
Gato 3-50 Blue
Muggy 3-50 Green 19
Belith 3-50 Green
Berden 3-50 Green
Shrubbear 3-50 Green
Rudolph 3-50 Red 9
Hawkmoon 3-50 Red
Azar 3-50 Red
Bauchan 3-50 Red

You misspelled one of you melendors :slight_smile: but dang thats impressive…thanks for the advice

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Confirmed! Good choice

Almost 2 years in

The emblems are making it a bit more difficult now within the power curve but I can usually hold my own with 4500+ TP teams.

I just like to share what I gained when starting out here in the forum.

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Yeah that roster is definitely something to be proud of. Does the game get dull for you at the point youre at? I mean for me its go go go, level up, upgrade, wait for food…rinse, repeat…just curious if when you get to the top is it still as enjoyable?

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This. So much this. :slight_smile:

It does occasionally. It is very tedious and I haven’t pulled anything lately so be excited for.

But with the above said they do keep a nice balance of things coming. Events, Atlantis, Rare Events, ect that it works out.

Farming is the only part for me that is getting a bit boring. Raiding is probably my favorite part of the game outside of being in a relaxed and cool alliance.

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I got a question, I got my cape in frostmarch quest so now I got 4 and could get Arthur or Isarnia to tier 3, I already have Sonya tier 4 and have a sniper in her and Chao, so I’m thinking maybe it would be good to go with Isarnia as she’s pretty hardcore with her hit, and I have costume for her…any thoughts Arthur or Isarnia to tier 3?

If you don’t have the mats to take your 5s to max… I wouldn’t work on them yet. (Few exceptions). Isarnia has low defense when maxed… so at 3/70 she’ll probably die before she charges. Do you have sonya’s Costume? I’d max another Sonya while waiting for mats for your 5s. (I say dupe Sonya without knowing your roster… triton, Kiril, Grimm would all be good options)

No Grimm have gormek but only 1 blade rn…I can upload my main 4&5 roster

No costume for Sonya now for mats I have 3 Scopes a Damascus blade a 2 tabbards 3 tonics 3 rings 2 poison darts

So def not ready yet for 5s I’d say… finish all those 4th tier 4*s you have going… then scarlet, rigard, Mel, proteus, and bold’s costume… not necessarily in that order. I’d only max gormek if you don’t regularly pull during Atlantis.

No I don’t spend a lot on this game, did do 4 pulls this last one with 300 coins and then one from saved gem’s to get the ascension mats chest, just seems there’s ppl w isarnia at 3-70 in platinum, ive gotten to 1781 cup’s with that team, even though kinda passive I’d packs a punch especially with Kong’s and BTs stacked special, can wipe a team pretty quickly just with regular attacks…just need it to be a bit more aggressive, Proteus is definitely on the bill to go to 4 next for darks as his attack is paralyzing … just yeah…want a hero that hits hard… Arthur at 3-1 is almost 1000hp…lol yeah just wondering asci have the mats needed for them to go to 3…and using 2tc11s and 1 tc2 to get 72 feeders a day my main team has jumped 280pts in less then a week…and I am grinding to get them maxed…but yeah…just wants a more aggressive hero to use…

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