Which Nature Hero to Ascend

Need help everyone I can only ascend 1 hero and it’s my first 5 star green so should I ascend Kingston or kaliden? I see all the top players use kingston but I like kaliden fast mana for damage to all enemies so just need some more experienced players opinion I’m level 44 so I’m not a noob but still trying to grasp the game and its heroes , thanks

For sure Kingston. I have kadilen - she was my only 5 star green for a long time so gave her tonics. I don’t regret it, and she’s great for farming, but would trade her for kingston in a heartbeat

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@SaintsandLsu. Welcome to the forum. I moved your post to the Gameplay Help and Tactics page where it will be seen and get more help.

Also, I’ll give my two cents. I haven’t played much with Kadilen. I am currently leveling her and think she’s an okay hero. When I gave her, I don’t work around her. Her special is nice but short lived.

Kingston I do have. He is a fast sniper that lowers attack. I feel he’s a beast. I’d probably recommend Kingston.

What other heroes do you have though? If you have all snipers, maybe I’d think differently. But I’m pretty sure Kingston would be my recommendation regardless.

Remember, you can bring both to 3.70 to see who you like best before ascending. Another option for you. Good luck.


Just look at the top defenses and you can see the heroes that many of the veteran players like on their defense teams.

Some are rare and you’ll need luck to pull but doubtful you’ll see any nice a$$ kadis but plenty of Kingstons.

Any chance you have Zeline? Best of both worlds for ya…Everyone is high on Kingston because he is shiny and new, but Zeline still makes me more nervous than Special K.

What 4s do you have maxed already?

… leaning towards Kingston, but you may wanna wait to see if you pull zel.

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Kingston Is better without hesitation

@Math4lyfe ahhh shoot now you have me doubting my next green. Was leaning LotL but maybe I should wait to see if I can get Zeline even with panties.


I hear ya. Poor Locke has be craving those tonics for a while. Lol.


@Math4lyfe Just like Jack Sparrow with his rum. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Thank you all for your response, very great input . I always wanted kadilen and just got her last week and I’ve been having kingston for awhile and i played against zaline and thought kaliden was a better version of her so I figured kadilen could do some good damage for me.

She doesnt have the attack buff but she does have the 75 percent defense against specials for all alies so I thought that’s really big help but it seems like everyone likes a good sniper that also minus attacks on 3 enemies but like I said thanks again everyone.

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Definitely Kingston! No question

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