Hero Help please

Can ascend two 5* hero’s and need help on if I should ascend to final level or hold out for something better. I have thee costume for Lianna almost ascended. Thank you

Purple hero: Quintus, Grimble

Red hero: Santa, Queen of Hearts

Blue hero: Perseus, Isarnia

Yellow hero: Joon, Gazelle

Green: Lianna (costume almost ready)

Looking for building an all around team, thank you

Nice roster.

It looks like your in need of a Tank. I think Santa is a good option.
Grimble and quintis I would lean towards waiting on.
Joon or gazelle is hard, I want both. Jackal and Joon make a great 1-2 punch.
Lianna with costume is a priority.
Your blue choices can wait. I would only give Isarnia scopes if you pull the costume.

Assuming you have rings and tonics I would ascend Santa and Lianna. But Queen would be a good choice too. Definitely max one of those jackals, proteus,rigard, and Wilbur. They should come first if you want a good all around team.



Purple: wait, while wait… level 1st Rigard, 2nd Proteus, 2nd Rigard.
Red: QoH, Santa, but after Wilbur and Falcon 1st of course.
Blue: wait, while wait level 1st Kiril, Grimm, Valeria, 2nd Kiril
Yellow: Joon, Gazelle (but after Jackal 1st!), Joon without jackal is not so fun IMO :smiley:.
Green: Lianna, other great 4* are Buddy, Peter and Caedmon.

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Dark: Quintus hits like a train if you can get him to fire… But that’s it. Damage only. And he’s squishy.
I’d echo the suggestion of doing a second Proteus and Rigard and see what else comes up.

Holy: Joon+Jackal has real bite, Gazelle looks like an excellent attacking support…
Maybe do Jackal first and come back to holy ascension later? Besides, Neith already done.

Fire: QoH is a very annoying defender, very useful attacking too. Santa is a decent tank, but QoH can tank or flank usefully (ie: she can tank now, flank later if you get a tank you like better), I think you’d enjoy her more offensively too.
I’d do QoH, but Wilbur and Falcon are really useful hero’s too, there’s definitely an argument for doing both of those before a 5* red.

Ice: Isarnia gives great tiles and AoE with defence drop, but slow. Perseus is among the most useless 5* of any colour, unless he gets a major buff he shouldn’t get another feeder.
I get a lot of mileage out of Isarnia - Triton, Grimm and Kiril are all essentials in my book and you don’t have any of them maxed yet.

Nature: Lianna costume is great, but vanilla Lianna is pretty damned good too… Buddy will help titan scores, Peters can be really useful in events etc too.
You do already have a maxed nature though…

You’ve got loads of great 4* still to work on… So you can be choosy about your 5* picks and still develop depth with colour-feeding.

I wouldn’t pick based on defence alone, pick based on attacking capabilities - raid/war attack, titan attack, event attack… These help you get mats for your other hero’s ascensions.

Ordinarily I’d consider skipping nature and holy because you’ve already maxed one of each…
Dark your options are pretty average and you’ve got 4* dupes that will help more.

Which leaves fire and ice.
QoH is an excellent hero, I’d do her.
Isarnia is a beast if she fires, and with both QoH and Neith stalling opponents you’d have every chance of getting her going - plus not having Grimm done, she’ll massively boost your titan performance (she’s a totally different prospect at 4.80 than 3.70 - if you like her now, you’d LOVE her maxed!)


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