Forgive me I couldn’t find my original post that this follow should be attached to, but I need more ascension advice LOL

So I had a full 5 star team with materials to ascend a couple of them to tier 3 or either attempt to max out a 4 star team…

So I followed the advice and have since been able to ascend Boldtusk, Cyprian, Grimm, Li Xiu, and Caedmon to their final tier and they are almost maxed (YAY)! Now the original 5 star team is Joon, Seshat, Mitsuko, Isarnia and Lianna…Joon and Lianna were ready to ascend to 3rd tier before I was advised to level up 4 star heroes to top tier, now that I have done that since then everyone is on 3rd tier except for Lianna…should I ascend her or save the materials for Melendor or Hansel? Keep in mind that all of the other 5 star heroes on that team are already on 3rd tier and halfway towards final ascension, and my next round of 4 star heroes to level and max include Wilbur who is currently 3/34, Melendor who is at 3/53, Hansel who is at 3/36, Proteus Rigard and Kiril who all have some leveling done to them…

So it’s not if I won’t max them all in the end, it’s just wondering who I should give the ascension to first in the case of the green heroes on the list


My goal is to get that team to 3/70 since they are already at 3rd ascension or already on it, then continuing to max out 4 star heroes while I gradually collect what’s needed for final ascension for 5 star heroes.

Hansel at 4.80 is better than Lianna at 3.70. The single shot damage isn’t as high, but combination of higher tile damage and mana control makes up for it.

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i would 4th Hansel then get Proteus to 4th asap next then 3/70 Lianna

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How far are you with the 4* AMs?

If you have around 5/6 of them then you can right ahead with the 5* heroes since all 5 of your heroes are excellent or good.

If not, Hansel / Proteus / Kiril / Wilbur / Rigard are all excellent 4* that will go far even when you have many more 5* heroes ahead.

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So currently Grimm/Li Xu/Boldtusk/Cyprian/Caedmon are all fully ascended they are 3/4 of the way on final tier to max power. All of the 5 star heroes mentioned are on tier 3 about halfway to 70.

Wilbur/Melendor/Hansel are on tier 3 about a 3rd of the way to be ready for final ascension, Kiril and Proteus were just recently ascended to tier 2, and Rigard has not been leveled at all yet he’s on my list, I kinda detoured when I got Kageburado and leveled him first so that I could use him now since I already have several healers and cyprian.

So they are all next along the next batch of heroes to level, I just really want to maximize the heroes I’ve already put so much leveling into already in the meantime.

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I did not see KAGE before???

Your 5s at 3/70 will win you a BUNCH of wars and raids BUT leveled up 4th tier 4s will also and are easier to max an cheaper for emblems

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