My raid strategies

I know bringing 3 strong colors has been discussed, but the other 2 colors you bring are up to you. I haven’t read in-depth, so maybe this has been covered sufficiently.

Personally, for the remaining 2, I almost always bring ones that are strong against the 2 that are beside the tank.
So for a team that’s green/blue/red/yellow/purple,
I would bring 3 blue + green & purple.

I always try to bring 1 healer & 1 debuffer.

It really depends on what heroes you have available, though.

I am short on green (4/5*) heroes, so if I come across a blue tank & want to push my luck, occasionally, I will bring 3 strong against one of the flanks; or I will bring 2 green + 2 strong against a flank & 1 strong against the other flank.

I’ll try posting a video or 2 later, if needed.

As for who I attack, their team doesn’t matter, but I only attack those that offer 45+ trophies, so no worries if it takes 3 tries :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone!


Figured I would record this raid as it appeared to be a certain skip for many.


Nice win… ^.^ But you did get extremely lucky with the tiles on that one! 2 strong coloured heroes on the middle hero still works best for me. 3 on the mid hero is too much of a risk imho.

Yes, definitely lucky. That’s the name of the game, though :grin:

I asked this on another raid thread but I’m going to post it here, too. Those little numbers under the opponents, what do they signify and how do I use them strategically?

The number is the number of turns before they make a normal attack. When their special is charged, it will change to an S, and after they use their special, the countdown will pick up where it left off.

You can use this to decide who to target next. If you have a special charged that will kill an enemy hero, you have 1 on 4 and 1 on 1, you might target the hero with a 1, to try to kill them before they can attack.

That’s what I figured, target the one about to attack. Alzar said to attack the one with four because you have more time to hit it. I’d rather get your advice than his :rofl:

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Sometimes it depends. For example, if it’s a healer, sometimes you want to let them fire their heal, then unload your debuffer and hitters afterwards rather than having them undo your damage. For example, if I’m fighting against someone using Alberich-■■■■-him, I’ll charge up my dispeller and hitters first, spreading out the tile damage without killing anyone for him to resurrect, let him fire, dispel his buff, and unload all my hitters into him at once to kill him before he can do any more damage.


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